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Easy Fix | World of Warcraft Error 108

Getting World of Warcraft error 108 (0x8510006c) rarely occurs if you have recently swapped your system or user.

To fix World of Warcraft error 108 (0x8510006c), you just need to update the client and game or you by deleting the cache folder if you’re a window user, and the Mac users just check for any pending updates for the or for the game and another way to fix it by deleting ” cacsrepair.mrk ” file from World of Warcraft > Data > Data > cacsrepair.mrk.

If the problem still exists buckle up we just have to go a little deep in folders to solve it.

What is error 108 World of Warcraft?

Error 108 in World of Warcraft appears When players attempt to log in to their account through a different system, like switching it from a personal computer to a friend’s computer to play it.

Surprisingly, the issue occurs often when an account switch is registered on different computers ( like from windows to mac os ) and attempts to connect to their WoW account on that machine with low bandwidth connection speed as a result game failed to synchronize properly.

But sometimes the 3rd party antivirus software can also be the culprit by blocking any game file from execution.

How do I fix Error 108?

There are main 4 methods through which the error 108 in World of Warcraft can be resolved.

It’s mainly occurring with mac users so ill first mentions all the possible ways to fix World of Warcraft Error 108 for mac users but down there I have also mentioned the fix for Windows users.

For Mac OS X users

The first thing you should have done after getting the error is that your Mac is to check that is your mac os is updated to the latest version or not.

If you haven’t done it yet then simply open App Store > Updates. If you see any update regarding the os or game client you have downloaded from the app store, please download or update it to the latest version.

Checking for any available updates for your Mac computer:

  1. Open the App Store app -> select Updates in the App Store toolbar
  2.  Download and install the updates by clicking on the Update button.
  3. If you are running OS X Snow Leopard or Lion, click on the Apple icon and select Software Update.

But if you are running your mac on macOS 10.13( or lower than this ) then you have to update to a minimum of 2 versions up to 10.13 like 10.15 or 11 to able to play the game.

Installing the app and World of Warcraft on the same drive

If you have installed World of Warcraft on an external drive and Launcher on the internal drive, then, that explains why you’re getting error 108 (0x8510006c). There could be 2 main reasons to trigger these issues first can be the permission issue while fetching data from secondary storage when the app tries to run the game from another drive with saved config files.

And one more important thing,

As FileVault option and case-sensitive formatted volumes are not supported for the installation of Blizzard games.

So make sure not to use the external drive to install the game or if you are using an external drive then install both and Wow game files in the same drive.

Wow installed on the correct machine as per the required specification

Mentioned below is the recommended hardware and software specification to install and run World of Warcraft.

Delete the file cacsrepair.mrk

After investigating Reddit and many gaming forms I discovered that deleting the cacsrepair.mrk file from your World of Warcraft > Data > Data folder has resolved the issue, so give it a go.

Delete the file cacsrepair.mrk | Nerfgamer

Resolve any file corruption problems.

It will take some time to repair files but if the notice “ Scanning game files ” also accompany it. The best option is to restore damaged game files to solve the scanning game prompt and problem 108.

Follow these steps exactly and you’re good to go:

1. Delete the files and folders listed below from and World of Warcraft:

/Users/Shared/ /Users/Shared/Blizzard/ (if existing)

/World of Warcraft/WoW.mfil (if present) /World of Warcraft/Data/config

2. Make the following changes to the World of Warcraft folder permissions:

Launch the Finder > go to the WoW main folder > Get Info Click the padlock icon > enter your password Go to the Everyone group > set Read and Write Select Apply > click on OK > closer the Get Info window.

3. Now repeat steps 3 through 4 on the /Users/Shared/ folder.

4. Launch the app > select World of Warcraft

5. Press Update and wait for the program to rebuild WoW’s CASC index files.

Be aware that this procedure may take up to 60 minutes, so be patient. Do not click anything until the whole procedure is finished. It’s possible that clicking Play before the upgrade and patching procedure is finished may result in additional file corruption problems.

6. When the progress bar has vanished, click Play to start the game.

Re-installing the game and Launcher

If nothing worked, first try to uninstall and reinstall the game, but if the problem still exists then reinstall the app.

Download it from the official site of Battle.netOpens in a new tab.. After downloading and installing the launcher just check for any updates and update it if available.

If it keeps updating over and over from 0 to 100% or starts again and then removes its residual app data which is left after uninstalling the game.

To remove it completely I’ll suggest you install AppzapperOpens in a new tab. and drag the from the Application folder or from launchpad to the AppZapper.

It will show you all the files associated with it then simply check all the files and click on Zap! and just reinstall and again check for any updates and install the game.

For Windows users

Windows users haven’t faced any issues regarding it but if you caught unlucky then just try these steps and wallah.

Running the in Administrator mode

Simply running in Administrator mode has solved the issue of many players. Just Right click on and select to run as Administrator.

Done and also just to keep that problem off from your system just go through all these steps mentioned down there.

Checking for updates

To check for any available updates on your Windows computer just, go to Start > type system updates > double click on Windows Update Settings > click on the Check for updates button and install the updates available for your computer.

Also, check for any updates from launcher settings.

Performing the repair

Corrupted and damaged game files can cause a wide variety of problems and errors.

Updating the game can often resolve these issues, please check for game updates before using the repair tool.

  1. Open the desktop app.
  2. Click the icon of the game you are trying to repair.
  3. Click the cogwheel next to the Play button and select Check for Updates.

If your game is up-to-date and the problem persists, use the repair tool:

  1. Click the cogwheel next to the Play button and select Scan and Repair.
  2. Click Begin Scan.
  3. Wait for the repair to finish.

Aside from these game developers have already fixed this issue but if the problem still exists then you can contact or create a support ticket from by using this linkOpens in a new tab..

From the official support, your problem should have been resolved, if not feel free to contact us we are happy to help you.

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