Will Nintendo Switch price Drop?

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Nintendo is not good with the price drop, Wii U for instance, Wii U was least sold console out of the competition and still there is little to no price drop.

Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is a fastest-selling console and is a huge success, even if the “Rumored Switch Pro” releases (which has no credibility that it is on the way) it will release at least after 2-3 years.

So will Nintendo switch price drop? The answer is NO, there won’t be a price drop. Furukawa, President of Nintendo said, ” We want to maintain the values of our products and will continue to sell the Nintendo Switch at the current price for as long as possible, we have No plans of Nintendo Switch price drop”.

But Nintendo does have its fair share of the price drops

Nintendo does have its fair share of price drops but they are not reliable. For example- We talked about Wii U and how bad it did with the sales, Nintendo maintained the price for a long time even after those bad sales.

After more than a year Wii U Deluxe got a $50 price drop but that price drop was not because of the low sales but to keep up with latest Xbox One and PS4.

Nintendo switch on other hand is great in terms of sales, it is almost impossible to see Nintendo Switch in stock.

It is doing way better than the Nintendo DS and it took more than five years to price drop 30$. There was no competition for Nintendo DS at that time and on top of that, the “VALUE” of Nintendo Ds was very high.

But then again the Wii model was a fan favorite and never got a price drop. The price drop was after the life cycle of Wii ended. Nintendo switch might have the same fate.

Nintendo Knows how to increase the “Value” at the time of low sales.

By ” Nintendo knows how to increase value” I mean the bundle deals. We just saw the history of price drops and how they only consider price drops when their value is less than it should be.

They reduced the price of Wii U because of the low value against the competition at that time. With Nintendo Switch, they are completely dominating the price to value mark.

They have multiple deals and bundles in their inventory, like Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition or the Mario Kart Edition. They have a lot of value in it, A free game and sometimes they include membership in the pack which sometimes can add up to 60$ worth of free stuff.

There are games like Zelda and Pokemon in their arsenal, anytime now, they are on the way.

Newer Version / Models that are like Price drops.

Recently the released a newer version of Nintendo Switch, I’m not talking about the Switch Lite. It was an “updated version” of Nintendo switch with new packaging to make it easy to differentiate between the older model.

There were complaints about the battery life and other stuff so they updated the model to maintain the peak in the market and dodged the price drop.

Source: GamesRadarOpens in a new tab.

If you didn’t know, the refreshed Model of Nintendo Switch has Full red Background while the old one has white, it’s easy to differentiate.

We are talking so much about this new refresh model because again they “Increased The Value” of Nintendo switch, New and improved battery life, new processor and more quality of life changes.

By doing that they managed to cope up with the competition and didn’t have to price cut. The newer model of Nintendo switch is sold at the same price as before.

We don’t have to talk so much about the Nintendo Switch lite, it is a total bang for buck console to consider. It was during this time when President of Nintendo stated: ” prices of Nintendo switch will stay the same and have NO Price Drop plans.”

Fan base satisfied with the games and genres.

The Dock system and Portability feature is not the only reason why Nintendo Switch is so popular, they are also popular because of the fan base.

The Nintendo Switch customers love the Nintendo genre which is why we got over the top with Nintendo switch sales.

A Nintendo Console which is a Hybrid console and can play other genres like Warframe too? are you kidding me? ” was my reaction when I heard about this Nintendo Switch. All of us were happy and this is how they have always fulfilled the value bar in their customers.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox were released in November and they both got a price drop of 50$ in 2 years. Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 and the closest we got a price cut was the Lite version of the switch.

Nintendo is like a niche now, people buy and will continue to buy Nintendo products because they like Mario kart race-style, Pokemon’s Rng, and Zelda’s Adventure.

Nintendo Switch Games are expensive.

They have a fan base, their cartridges are is one of those fan service. Retro feelings are linked to Nintendo niche but that come with a price.

Cartridges are expensive to manufacture. But what about the digital-only games? why are they sold at the same price as the physical one?

The simple answer to that is- they don’t want to harm the cartridge games sale.

There are a lot of reasons why are they doing this, WHY ARE NINTENDO SWITCH GAMES SO EXPENSIVE?Opens in a new tab. This is the best answer to that question.

Wait and Buy the Best Bundles or Deals.

The best thing to do is to wait for a good sale. The best time to buy Nintendo switch is around Christmas, Boxing day sale, Black Friday or Cyber Monday and buying the best bundle deals to save money.

Best Nintendo Switch bundles on Amazon

This Black Friday(2020) they sold the Mario Kart Bundle which is a very good value deal to pick up.

It has a download code of Mario Kart and 3-month membership which as of today is 60$ worth of items for the same price.

Now it is like a Nintendo Switch price drop to you if you love Mario Kart but what if you don’t want Mario kart or still don’t want to spend 300 bucks.

Another what if is that the Mario kart bundle is a old bundle pack. You don’t know if its the old model or the newer refresh model inside so keep that in mind.

Popular games like Zelda or Mario Odyssey are selling in millions on their own. They don’t need a bundle and that probably might be the reason why we won’t see any popular games bundle.

But that was a possibility so do keep an eye for it because they might drop some overpowering deals.


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