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Warzone Input Device Locked? Here are some solutions.

Call of Duty Warzone is a competitive game and they don’t want to ruin the fun by allowing players to switch between controller mid-game. This Input device locking system prevents that which is a nice approach unless it creates a new nuisance and it did actually.

Warzone’s Input Device locking is basically locking players input device or keyboard and mouse to prevent players from switching it in-game. This created an issue, Genuine players cannot switch their controller to keyboard and mouse or vice versa if they have two input devices connected.

Warzone’s input device locked can be solved easily by first exiting the matchmaking screen and then changing the input devices under the General in settings”. Settings > General > Input Devices > Mouse and keyboard / Controller but the most important part is you should be out of the match. If Warzone’s input device is still locked then unplug and plug USB several times until it shows the option unlocked.

Even though this method works surprisingly well for most of the players but for some they still can’t change their input device so here are some different remedies that Warzone community uses to solve this issue.

Warzone’s Input Locking system For Better or Worse.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare tried implementing cross-play in their game. Now Console players can compete with Pc players in battle but their implementation had a drawback and players were quick to find that exploit.

That exploit was players could join in a lobby with a controller and change it to K&M in-game.

Now what Call of Duty did wrong was when you join a lobby with a controller almost 70% of players are controller players and sometimes pc players were only 10%.

Pc players connected with controller and later they switched it to K&M. Which is not good because Pc players have the advantage of High FPS, more Viewing Angles. On consoles, the Field Of View is limited to 80 but on Pc, it can go up to 120, which is a huge difference.

To stop this exploit Call of Duty added a system where you cannot change the Input Device inside the game. I will say this again this was for the better but somehow it created another issue, this time a Bug.

Now, this issue can be solved as I was facing same problems and found some solutions for Input device locked or greyed out from the huge community.


First Method

Before getting into the first method I want to make sure if you plugged and unplugged several times. Because sometimes it registered on a single try and sometimes you have to multiple times. Some of the players on discord tried to switch off Pc too and it worked so if you did then USB port/ Adapter might be the reason.

Believe it or not but USB ports do make a difference. One of my friends was facing the same problem and tried unplugging many times but it didn’t work, at last, he figured it out. The problem was in the USB adaptor. After switching the USB connectors of the Mouse and keyboard from the adaptor to the one on his Xbox the problem was solved.

His adaptor was working fine but was not giving enough power to the mouse and keyboard. He still uses his USB adaptor but switching USB ports helped him.

Try plugging into different USB ports and see which one works the best. If you want to play via Bluetooth then you have to plug it with USB because this is the only method for consoles.

Second Method

Players on Pc can also try the above method and if it works then you don’t have to do these extra steps but if it doesn’t then this definitely will solve the issue.


Step 1 :- First Download This file [ X360ce ]

Step 2 :- Download the 64bit version and then extract the zip file.

Step 3 :- After Extracting the downloaded file, Copy the x360ce_64.exe

Step 4 :- Open Battle.net > Go to options > Show in Folder Explorer.

Step 5 :- Open the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare folder and Paste the x360ce_64.exe inside the folder.

Step 6 :- Open x360ce_64.exe > Click on Create > Search Automatically.

Step 7 :- Now either click on auto or remap the buttons to your likings.

Step 8 :- Save the settings and Go to game settings on x360ce.

Step 9 :- Click on ➕ADD > Choose your game, not your launcher. (in this case your Modern Warfare application not Modern Warfare Launcher)

Step 10 :- Modern Warfare will pop up and then save and exit the x360ce.

Step 11:- Then on the same folder Find xinput1_3.dll and rename it to xinput9_1_0.dll.

This method will surely work as it worked for me too. This basically creates an Xbox extension in the folder.

You can connect any controller with this application and it will work the same. Just follow these simple steps and it will work.


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

4 thoughts on “Warzone Input Device Locked? Here are some solutions.

    1. If you are console player then sadly you have to wait for bug fix update but if you are on pc then try this method again. I personally fixed my friends input device locks.

      I’m guessing that you are not trying to change the input device in a matchmaking screen?

    1. Sorry for the late response, you can check the game folder in which the game file has been kept while installing the game. If you can’t find that file [ xinput1_3dll ] then just paste it and restart the game.

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