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If you are seeing an error log-in terminal when you start the game with the Valheim HarmonyX Mod is simply because of an outdated version.

Valheim HarmonyX Mod Error can be fixed by carefully reinstating the mod so that you don’t lose any server configuration and game data. Manually Backing up or Archiving a copy of the entire Plugins and Config folder is gonna help you recover previous data. And after that just install or update to the latest version of BepInEx and put all the copied files back into the BepIn folder.

If it’s difficult to catch it don’t worry down there all the steps are mentioned clearly.

But first.

What is HarmonyX mod?

A HarmonyX Mod aimed at improving the gameplay quality and quality of life of Valheim. The mod includes several different features including:

  • Modifiers to in-game stats,
  • Offers players the ability to build,
  • Place, and move objects with very high precision
  • An automation system for items and production buildings,
  • Allows them to craft from nearby chests.

Valheim is a brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players set in a procedurally-generated world inspired by Norse mythology. But playing it without a mod is like you are running the marathon without single stamina.

How to install BepInEx Valheim?

The Valheim Plus mod or you can say HarmonyX Mod is generally created by Valheim Plus team member @nXxyzOpens in a new tab. as per info available on the internet.

To install BepInEx Valheim just visit the Nexus Mods linkOpens in a new tab. or the Github LinkOpens in a new tab. to download it.

Nexus Mods file details( which file to select from Nexus Mods )

If you’re downloading it from the site of Nexus Mods then you need to log in there to start the download. On the download page, you have 4-5 options to select and download.

Based on your operating system and what you want to do like, if you want to just create a server then you need to download the ValheimPlus Unix Server this file.

And for the Windows client that just wants to install the mod locally on your pc, this package includes BepInEx needs to download the ValheimPlus Windows Client file.

You can use Vortex Mod Manager to install the mod by downloading and installing ValheimPlus Vortex, but before you install the Vortex version you need to install the VortexOpens in a new tab. by going through this link.

According to your need click on the Manual Download button to start the download and after the download is finished just

After your download is completed you just need to copy all the downloaded files into the Valheim folder. Just click on replace all button when a window pop appears, as many files have the same name.

How do I update my Valheim plus?

To update the Valheim Plus Follow these steps.

  1. Download the latest package called over this link(Scroll down and click “assets”)
  2. Locate your game folder manually or start the Steam client and right-click the Valheim game in your Steam library and select Manage -> browse local files for Steam to open your game folder.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip file into the game folder.
  4. Open valheim_plus.cfg under BepInEx\config with any text editor and configure the mod to your needs.
Valheim Game File Location From Steam

How do I update my BepInEx Valheim?

In short, just redo the same steps as mentioned above.

To update BepInEx Valheim it’s better to make a copy of all the config folders you previously configured to any location like Desktop then reinstall the BepInEx Valheim.

After installation is finished put back or replace the config file in the BepInEx folder.

How do I uninstall Valheim plus?

To remove or uninstall Valheim Plus Remove the ValheimPlus.dll from valheim folder\BepInEx\plugins\ folder to remove Valheim Plus.
Additionally, you can also remove the valheim_plus.cfg from \BepInEx\config\

Or you can disable it temporarily by doing this:

Rename the winhttp.dll to winhttp_.dll inside the valheim folder to disable Valheim Plus and all other installed mods.
You can find this file in your root game folder after you have installed Valheim Plus and/or BepInEx.

How to fix it after a new update Valheim Plus Mod?

After a new version is released Valheim Plus Mod can experience issues like crashes or not working partially or fully.

To fix this you just need to replace the Older Mod Data from Valheim\BepInEx to the place of the new one.

Weather you are installing new mod or update older mod make sure to bakup all data from BepInEx folder.

Do all players need Valheim plus?

Why this question! To answer it I have seen many players who can’t find the friend’s server and it because they haven’t installed ValheimPlus on their game client.

For players to join your Valheim Plus server, every player needs to have Valheim+ installed on their game client.

How do I configure ValheimPlus?

Shout out to @TroubleChute for making a dedicated video in-depth from installation to configuring it.

In this video, he has given in-depth guides on setting it up to configure the server to play with friends.

That’s all from my side and I believe I have addressed all the possible solutions regarding Valheim HarmonyX Mod Error. If you still face any issues feel free to connect through our social media sites and we will happy to help you.

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