The fastest way to get your destroyed car back in GTA 5

How to get your destroyed car back in GTA 5

GTA 5 cars can be destroyed and this is a sad fact but what if I tell you guys there is a way to save your fully maxed/modded dream car even it was destroyed or stolen by someone?

Well, there is a way to get your car back, and to be honest, this strategy works away better on GTA Online than GTA 5 Story mode but you still do need to take a few precautions and steps to get your car back with just a little fee. There are two different scenarios, first if you lost your car in GTA online and the second is if you lost your car offline.

To fix your destroyed car in GTA online you go to your contacts and call Mors Mutual. You need to have a tracker and insurance on your vehicle for this step. Then claim your car and drive to the white vehicle icon on the map. In the GTA story only abandoned and not destroyed cars can be retrieved from the impound lot.

The fastest way to get your destroyed car back in GTA 5

Before learning about the fastest way you need to understand what and how we get our car back?

To get your car back in GTA online you need to have insurance and a tracker installed into your car.  If you didn’t then I’m sorry you won’t get your car back.

 If you had insurance then the game will give you a message that your personal vehicle is destroyed you can get insurance from Mors Mutuals or you can simply call Mord Mutuals from your In-game phone.

If you insured your car before the incident then you will see the Make a claim page and your car’s name.  You might have to pay a little penalty but this will be way cheaper than the total price of buying a new car and upgrading it from the scratch

So the fastest way to get your destroyed car back is by first getting your car back my Mors Mutuals. After claiming your car back you now have to call the mechanic and wait for the mechanic to bring back your car. You don’t have to walk or drive to your car, just for the mechanic.

This is by far the most efficient and to be honest, the easiest way to get your car back.

Is it possible to lose my upgraded car?

Yes, it is possible to lose all your modified car in GTA V if it gets destroyed. That is if you are not careful enough, now the level of carefulness depends on what mode of GTA you are playing.

If you are playing GTA online and your car is destroyed then there is still a chance to get your car back but if you playing GTA story mode then even if you maedx out your car or save the car in the garage it doesn’t matter it won’t come back into your garage.

So be careful in GTA story mode now there are few scenarios where you can still get your car back in GTA story mode but we will talk about that later.

How do i get my Stolen car back in GTA online? and few tips to prevent it.

If your car got stolen in GTA online then don’t worry this is a very common thing to happen because everybody is so nice in GTA online community. So I am going to be even nicer and tell you how to get your car back and even a few tips that might prevent this from happening in the future.

So the procedure is the same you need to call Mors Mutuals and get your car back. This means even if he destroyed your car you will still get your car back so that’s nice,  but what if he comes back and waits for you and kills you and steals your car again, then what?

A simple way to prevent this is to go to the select menu And choose “Empty personal vehicle.”  This will kick the player out of your personal vehicle doesn’t matter how far is and now set your personal vehicle access to not everyone.  

 Now either you can go to the white car icon on your map you can ask a mechanic to bring your car to you.

 and even if he detonates your car, you still have your insurance and get your destroyed car back in GTA for you online.

Why do my cars disappear ?

 The answer to this question depends on what mode of GTA 5 you are playing.  if you are playing GTA story mode then the car might have despawned and if you are talking about GTA online then it might have been stolen.

If you are talking about GTA online then you can use the method above to get your car back but if you are talking about GTA story mode then it DEPENDS on your car’s condition. 

If you abandoned your car because you had to drive another vehicle for a mission or the AI took your car (which Can happen in GTA 5 by the way). And another reason is that the police destroyed your car during the chase.

These are the reasons why you cannot see your car in your garage.

Where is the car I bought in Story mode?

The simple answer to this question is,  your car might be in the impound lot.  the complicated version is that it depends on the condition of your car when you lost it.

If it was destroyed then you cannot get a car back but if your car simply disappeared/despawned or you abandoned your car because of a mission, then you can get your car back from the impound lot.

Just go to the Impound lot and pay the penalty and get your fully modified car back. I know it’s not as reliable as the one in GTA online, but hey you are getting your car back.  I guess they might add Mors Mutual insurance in GTA 5 story mode but till then you need to take care and drive your personal vehicle safely. 

By the way, this also means that you don’t have to go all the way back to your garage to save your car.  you can just park your car anywhere safe and keep doing your missions.  Just get your car back from the Impound lot after the mission. 

There is a Mors Mutuals Mod for story mode

We can only wait for Mors Mutuals in GTA story mode and beg  Rockstar games for insurance method in future updates or we can install a mod that works exactly like the online Mors Mutuals. 

This YouTube video explains a lot about this mod And a few steps you need to take to get your car insured in GTA 5 story mode. 

You can download this mod from his link in the description, this will take you to GTA forums. So go enjoy the safety of your car because now you can get your destroyed car back in GTA 5.


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