The best way to fix Xbox Series x turning off by itself

Now Xbox series X is turning off by itself? What’s up with these new-gen consoles’ random switching off situation?

If you didn’t know PS5 is having the same issue but we dug deep and found the solution for that one so we are going to do the same thing for Xbox series X/S.

The problem and the solution is quite straight forward for Xbox actually.

Xbox series X/S is randomly turning off because of heating and power issues. To fix this problem keep the Xbox series X/S in a vertical position for better cooling. Connect Xbox directly to the wall power outlet then unplug the power cord from Xbox, flip it, and replug it because the wrong direction was reducing the power supply.

This will be the temporary solution for your temporary issue. Microsoft will definitely solve this bug but until then we can optimize the power settings even more to solve this issue.

Before solution 1, let’s talk about unplugging and plugging the power cord.

This might sound a little off that, how can a little flip changes the amount of power supply of Xbox?

But it’s true, in fact it’s the same with my phone!

My phone Samsung S8 has a C-type connector so on paper it should charge equally no matter which direction is connected and it did for 2 years. Now it fast charges from one side and slow charges from the other. I have to plug it in the right direction to get the fast charging.

It’s same with the Xbox series X/S, You have to connect the Power Cord the right direction to get full power supply and this helped a lot of Xbox users.

Solution 1: Reduce the resolution

Switching to 1080p will reduce the power consumption, not only that it will also reduce heating issues.

Playing on 4k is nice and I know that you chose to spend on a new gen console but for now try to stick with 1080p.

Latest games like Cold war or assassin’s creed Valhalla that needs more power are the one facing a lot of crashing, freezing and eventually shutting down comletely.

To Reduce Resolution on your Xbox series X/S –

source: MicrosoftOpens in a new tab.
  1. Go to General and then TV and Display Options.
  2. Then under Display choose resolutions and select 1080p.

Switching to 1080p is the best option for now because 1080p will keep the Xbox cool and the resolution is good enough to enjoy the game.

source: Xbox supportOpens in a new tab.

This is a temporary fix because Microsoft won’t like to face some backlash on their latest console.

Solution 2: Uncheck HDR10

Source: Windows CentralOpens in a new tab.

This is right where you change resolution so –

  1. Go under Advanced in Tv and display options.
  2. Open Video Modes and Uncheck Allow HDR10.

HDR10 allows High Definition Range(HDR10) in supported apps and games to enhance the graphic quality. This increases the heating and also takes more power so turning this off temporarily can fix your Xbox

This is On by default because the Xbox series X/S was made powerful enough to handle all the graphic enhancement but switching this off will be a better option.

Solution 3: Power mode > Energy saving

Next one is switching the power mode to Energy saving.

To change the power setting-

  1. Go to General and Power mode and startup
  2. Under Power mode, switch it to Energy-saving.

It comes with Instant-on by default and what it does is takes more power to make the Xbox quicker overall. Switching it to Energy-saving will reduce power consumption and according to Energy-saving consumption it Environmentally Friendly.

So some +pts for you to go to the The Good Place.

Solution 4: Turn Off “Ray Tracing”

I know this one hurts, especially when you bought this console for RAY TRACING.

But it does take more power and yes it looks good and should be a feature not a choice in the most powerful console in the market, switching it off will help it for now and turn it on when they fix this “Xbox shutting down by itself” issue.

My friend was having the same issue and also some small stutters when he was playing Cold war and he got frustrated with random shutdowns in between missions so he called Activision.

Even they suggested that reducing the resolution and turning off the ray tracing will help him play for a little longer. So he did and played for 20 hours non stop without any stutter and no shutdowns.

Tip: Keep an App or Game open in the background.

This is not a solution but a tip. WTFricemanOpens in a new tab. a YouTuber decided to keep an app open in the background.

His Xbox shuts down every 10 sec or less if he keeps his Xbox idle but when he rotates his analog stick or does any movement it stays ON.

So to fix that he keeps an app or game open to keep the Xbox running, this one is a bit different from the heating and power supply issue. His Xbox series X shuts down immediately without any high process so heating doesn’t seem to be the issue here.

His Xbox keeps running after opening a game in the background so it cannot be a power issue.

This is definitely a bug and will be fixed in the future and if you are having the same problem then do as he does and see if it solves your turning off situation.


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

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