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In the middle of the night, you were scolded by your parents because your PS5 Media Remote Keeps Turning On you PS5 by itself.

To fix it, simply replace the Sony batteries that came with the remote with Duracell ProCell 1.5V AA batteries, or any other AA 1.5V batteries that are non-rechargeable and have a voltage capacity of not less than 1.5v or more than 1.5v.

This Should have already fixed your problem, but if the problem still exists then let’s deep dive into other methods to stop the PS5 Media Remote Keeps Turning On By Itself.

Why does my PS5 turn on by itself Media Remote?

PS5 Media Remote comes with 2 AA batteries which are not rechargeable and after the batteries die, you think of a better solution so that you don’t have to change the batteries again and again after 2-3 months.

Replacing the batteries with rechargeable batteries is not a bad idea. And this is where the problem arises.

Rechargeable batteries are actually only 1.2v on full charge whereas alkaline is 1.5v. In fact, the main culprit is the weak batteries.

Because of weak batteries, In the PS5 Media Remote Circuit, low voltage triggers a slight vibration from the surrounding.

Wow! sorry for that’s too much technical, let’s just move to the solution to solve the PS5 Media Remote Keeps Turning issue.

How do I stop my PS5 controller from automatically turning on?

There are various reasons that can cause this problem to the media remote so that it fires an “On” signal to turn on the PS5.

Changing the batteries

Just swap both batteries to any AA 1.5V batteries or you can go with Duracell ProCell 1.5V AA or Kirkland AA batteries.

Do not use rechargeable batteries as they can trigger the remote due to low voltage, the same problem can occur if you choose high voltage batteries.

Rember to dispose of the removed batteries properly, as they can be dangerous.

Loosing the screws

loosening the two Philips screws under the back cover to release the pressure a bit, can also help.

To slightly loose the screws just open the back part of the remote by sliding down from the top side.

There you can clearly see the 2 Philips screws just use a screwdriver and slightly lose those screws.


But do it at your own risk, in some cases, I have seen losing those 2 screws has solved the issue so you can try it also.

Cleaning the remote

Cleaning the remote sensor can be a worthy shot if you are still here. Do not clean the remote with water as it can damage it permanently.

PS5 Media Remote Sensor area

Use screen cleaners and a soft brush to clean its sensor area and dirt between the key gaps. IF you have any laptop and desktop cleaning kits you can use them also.

Removing Leaking Batteries

Leaking batteries are very dangerous for any living being. Disposing of those batteries properly is the only option you have left.

Leaking batteries look like fungs or algae grown on the batteries or they can look like swelling batteries.

Be sure to wear gloves and don’t come in direct contact with these batteries. The leaking batteries should be removed from the device and placed in a plastic bag for disposal in the trash.

Checking for damaged buttons

A half-eaten button or remote, you know where I’m pointing this. Well there is no solution for those remote and the only option is left are:

  1. Buy a new media remote
  2. Protect it from your pet’s bites.

Keeping away media remote from your pets is not only gonna help you face different problems related to media remote but also to their health.

As batteries are dangerous for any living being.

Removing any signal interference devices

A high infrared signal device can be the culprit, so make sure you are keeping it away from your PS5 and Media Remote.

Checking for the damaged remote or PS5 console

You can check if for broken remote by using it on your friend’s or neighbor’s console. After you have performed all the above-mentioned fixes.

By doing this you know for sure the problem of PS5 Media Remote Keeps Turning On is still occurring on different consoles or it’s just for your console.

If the problem continues then simply buy a new PS5 Media Remote or if it’s under warranty simply contact the supportOpens in a new tab. for further instruction.

Temporary fix by removing batteries

If you already order new remote or batteries and want to just get rid of the problem temporarily then simply, remove the back panel of the remote by sliding it down from the top side.

And removing one or both batteries and attaching the back panel again, can solve the issue.

But it’s just a temporary fix, in order to use the remote again to have to the batteries, again and again, every time you remove the batteries.

Mentioned above solution should have fixed your PS5 Media Remote Keeps Turning On By Itself if not feel free to get connected through our social media handles to get support there.

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