How to fix PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2?

Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2

After every patch release of Horizon Forbidden West, the first thing you or I can expect is to get high bugs and less new content from the game.

Just to be sure we are on the same version of the game patch 1.16, which I and you have updated over nigh or because of auto-updates enabled, then good to go because you already have faced fatal crashes.

The main two methods to rely on for fixes are, the First option: After updating the game, just clear the system cache and the Second Option is to re-install the game. Other than this you can check for available or pending updates in your store and also for your PS5.

That’s not the end guys if you still struggling with the broken Update, let’s just deep dive and go through major possible methods to solve the PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2.

What causing Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2?

The error 80072ee2 can be caused by many reasons but per my research, the mentioned reasons are the main culprit:

  • Update failed because of slow internet connection.
  • Update failed because of an unexpected power cut in-house or you’re not using UPS.
  • Low space issue.

Aside from these, there is one case in which many users have faced the Error (CE-34878-0) in the update patch on 1.14 and 1.15.

Ok, that’s enough let’s just move to the fixes so you can enjoy the game as it is amazing from its predecessor title Horizon Zero Dawn.

How to fix Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2?

To fix Horizon Forbidden West Update Error 80072ee2 just follow the mentioned steps in the same sequence and you’re good to go:

Clearing the Console Cache

To clear the cache on your PS5, you’ll need to start your console in Safe Mode. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Turn off your console by holding the power button for three seconds. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before turning off.
  • Once the console is off, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep
  • The first beep will sound when you first press, and the second one you’ll hear after seven seconds later.
  • Now connect the controller with the USB cable as wireless connectivity is off and press the PS button on the controller.
  • After your console has entered Safe Mode, you will be given several options to choose from.
  • You need to select option 5 – “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database” > then select “Clear System Software Cache“.

After selecting that option the cache will be deleted and your console will restart automatically.

Updating Your PS5

Just simply follow these steps to check for any updates pending there or not:

  1. Open the Settings Option of your PS5.
  2. Select the System option there.
  3. Inside the System Options, Navigate to ” System Software Update and Settings” and select it.
  4. Then just select Update Using Internet.

Once it is finished( remember not to interact with the console when updating and make sure your internet connection is stable ).

After doing these two steps try to run the game and check if your getting the same problem or not if the problem still exists then let’s just move to the next methods.

Re-installing the Game

This is for most main and last method for now as there is no technical fix available for now. Before deleting the game just Backup all the saved files to the Cloud or External Hard Drive.

Running the Backup Process

Before starting the backup process, just make sure you have an External Hard Drive with enough storage.

Just connect an external hard drive to your PS5 and head to Settings > System > System Software > Back Up and Restore > Back Up Your PS5. Here, select the type of data you want to back up. You can choose from the following:

  1. Games and apps (select the Pencil icon if you want to back up only certain games)
  2. Saved data for games
  3. Screenshots and video clips you’ve taken
  4. Console settings

This choice depends on your needs. If you have a fast internet connection and don’t mind redownloading digital games, you might choose to back up just your save data. Saved data and captures are important and can’t be recovered if lost, games and settings are less precious as they can be recovered.

On PS5 Backup Menu

Once you’ve selected the option to back up, you’ll see the size of the entire backup file, and just hit the Backup Option. During this process, your console will restart a few times. You’ll see Backup complete when it’s all done.

You can disconnect the USB drive now and keep it somewhere safe until you need it or at the time of recovery.

Restoring the Backup

To restore the backup data, just reconnect the same External drive to your PS5, then head back to Settings > System > System Software > Back Up and Restore.

After it, just select the option “Restore Your PS5“. Next, select the data you want to restore from the backup.

Restore process will wipes all data of your console, so make sure you have no important data left to backitup.

Now relax you don’t have to do anything, the PS5 will do all things just by itself.

Re-install the Game

After performing the backup and restoration just go to the store and download the game Horizon Forbidden West again.

At this point, your problem should have been resolved if not just play our trump card.

Report the Problem to Playstation.

The creators can fix their product at much ease you know that rights. So let’s just talk to the PlayStation Supports regarding the game as the main developer will contact you through them.

Visit Playstation’s official page and get in touch with their customer support team. And write in detail the issue you are facing.

If you facing any issues with upgrading your game from the PS4 version to the PS5 version of Disk or Digital Veriosn then stay tuned with us or subscribe to our newsletter. As we are gonna publishing it soon.

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