Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging

Suddenly my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller stopped charging on weekend, which sure gave me a heart attack. And force me to surf through the internet with all possible solutions to fix it.

To fix it “wake up” your controller with the sync button up top because this fix has solved my user issue. There is no main reason why Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has stopped charging? The reason could be outlet might need to be reset or the batteries are too much dried up. There might be something wrong with the outlet, like a burnt fuse. The contact points within the Nintendo Switch’s USB-C charging port might have gotten dirty or damaged.

To fix it with a possible solution based on the part that could be the culprit, we need to dig deep and go through all the checks list mentioned down there.

Why is my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller plugged in but not charging?

Any mentioned reason from the list down there could be the reason which your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller not charging.

  1. The outlet might need to be reset.
  2. There might be a burnt fuse of that outlet that you have plunged in.
  3. Might be the dirty or damaged Nintendo Switch’s USB-C charging port.
  4. The adapter might have gotten fried or dirty.
  5. If you mainly charge using the Nintendo Switch’s Dock, then the dock may have gotten damaged.
  6. Not to mention if you are using an incompatible third-party adapter. That can be the culprit here.
  7. Any modifications or hacks you have done to your Switch might cause your console not to be working properly. So better to undo the changes you made in your Switch to get it charging again.

Hold your heart and let’s fix these issues of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge.

When fully charged, the battery duration for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can last approximately 40 hours. This can be shorter depending on the software application and functions being used.

From official docs

Here is the all key name and position guide as it will going to help you in some solution to fix it.


How do I fix my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller not charging?

Based on the issue you most likely think that this could be the issue starts from there.

Waking up your controller with Syn Button

It’s kind of odd but trust me this solution just happens to have fixed my and many users’ problems of the controller not charging.

Just put the controller side when it is connected after it goes to sleep or in power-saving mode just press the button at the top near the charging port.

After doing this connect the controller back to the charger to see if the issue has been resolved or not. Moving next solution if the fix hasn’t solved your issue.

Check the port and for any damaged cable

The dust particles or dirt can be stopping your port to work properly. Make sure there is no dirt gathered at both ends of the ports.

Don’t hit the port with high-pressure mouth air to clean it as in the last it will cause more damage. Better to clean it with some cleaner. There are plenty of cleaners available that you can buy and use to clean your controller.

You can use the Jorest Repair Kit which affordable and simple kit but there is also the Strebito Tool Kit which kind comes with many tools that you can use to clean more complex areas of devices with it.

Moving to check whether a cable is damaged or not. To test the cable try that cable or you can use any other type-c cable to check it. If the problem is with the cable then you know what to do next just use a new cable or buy one if you don’t have one( I’ll prefer Samsung Galaxy USB-C Cable ).

Let’s move to the next fix if this also didn’t work for you.

Checking the outlet or resetting the outlet

The outlet you’re using to charge your Switch can be damaged or broken. To check the outlet if is working properly or not plug another device cord into that outlet and see if the device that uses it receives a charge.

If the outlet is the problem, you might have a burnt-out fuse or might need to call an electrician. If your outlet has a reset button, you’ll want to use it.

In case of a faulty outlet, change the outlet or use other outlets to give power to your Nintendo Switch to charge and back up running. If your outlet has a reset button, press it and see if that fixes the issue.

Steps to reset the outlet

  1. Unplug the charger from the outlet and also unplug the Switch from that outlet.
  2. Wait 30 seconds
  3. If the outlet has a reset button, push the reset button now.
  4. Now plug the adapter back into the Switch.
  5. Now plug the charger directly into an outlet.
  6. Now check the screen for the charging indicator to show up at the right top corner of the screen.

If the battery hasn’t completely dead yet then, the indicator will turn green on the screen’s upper-right side. If the battery is depleted, the charging indicator will show up on the upper-left side of a blank screen.

Hopefully, that fixed your charging issue. If resetting the charger and outlet didn’t solve the problem, continue to our next troubleshooting tip.

Or Just call the electrician to fix that outlet. Moving to the next solution if that is also not the main culprit.

Check the docs

Connect the Adapter to the dock and a wall outlet, then connect the included USB charging cable to the dock and the Pro Controller.

  • The Nintendo Switch console does not need to be docked to charge the Pro Controller.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller connected via USB cable to the Nintendo Switch Dock which is connected to an AC Adapter plugged into a wall outlet

Did the recharge LED on the Pro Controller power on after a few seconds? If not then try the following steps to resolve it:

  • Use a different USB port on the dock.
  • Use a different USB charging cable.
  • If possible, use a different dock.

Other than this if the issue is with the doc then you need to visit to the service center for the repair if it’s under warranty or you can visit local vendor shops for the repair service, only in the case of out-of-warranty or can’t visit the service center.

Moving onto the next method to fix this issue by resetting the console to factory settings.

Resetting the Nintendo Switch factory settings

Resetting the Nintendo Switch Console on only these cases, as jailbreaking or modifications that you have made to your console might giving this problem.

Undoing any hacking or jailbreaking to your console

In case you have done any kind of hacking or jailbreaking to your Nintendo Switch Console and because of that, your controller is not charging. Then you have to undo those all things.

If it’s a physical modification then undo it physically or in case of can’t be undone back to its previous state, then you can use a new or other console or you can just buy it from amazon.

Processes to Hard Reset the console

To reset the console just follow these steps to hard reset it to factory settings. But in case you don’t want to Factory Reste your console then simply visit this siteOpens in a new tab. for more ways to reset the console to reset it without losing any data. For now, follow these steps to just Hard Rest your device:

  1. You’ll first need to power off your console. To do this, long hold the power button for at least three seconds.
  2. Next, select Power Options.
  3. Then select Turn Off.
  4. Wait 10 seconds and then press the Power button again to wake the Switch up.

As moving to the next second last option is to check whether the adapter has any issue or not.

Checking the Power Adapter

Check the adaptor for any cuts or burnt marks there on it. If any friend has the same adapter they try their adapter on your console to check whether your Console Adapter is working properly or not.

In case of a defective adapter, you can buy a new one or use an older or spare one if you have one.

Use only original adapters as 3rd party adapters do not work properly or can do internal damage.

Moving to the last option, contact the service center as at this point nothing has worked for you.

Sending the Nintendo Switch to the Repair Center

After trying all the mentioned above solutions to fix the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Charging issue, is to take it to the repair shop or contacting to the service center for their assistance.

By submitting all the details to this official linkOpens in a new tab. to register for the service request. If your console is in under warranty then they will charge no fee or less fee compared to the out-of-warranty console repair charges they usually take.

Can you charge the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with the Switch charger or with any other charger?

Here ill give credit to this guy @queuebitt who tested and made the result publicly available and from that, we can see it ok to charge it from another charger.

Is it okay to charge Switch Pro Controller with a phone charger?

Yes, it’s okay to charge Switch Pro Controller with a phone charger but don’t expect any fast charging from it. Hate to break it but chargers themselves are getting smarter as they know the compatible devices that can use them to their full potential, and because of this they also save you from any damage that can be given to the controller.

That concludes my research and techniques which I used to fix my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller not Charging issue, I hope at this point your problem should have been gone. If you find any issues feel free to get connected through the social media handle so we have the help you with your queries.

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