How to fix Valorant crashing?

Valorant is crashing a lot after the latest update and Riot games are aware of this situation.

So we searched all the forums and asked several people and found a solution.

Most of the time valorant crashes because of bottleneck CPU, software interference, or because of server error with vanguard. To completely fix everything make sure your video settings are at low and reset the GPU software profile. If the valorant still crashes then reinstall Valorant that will fix server issues with vanguard.

There will be a permanent fix in the future but for now, we have to follow these steps and if you are still crashing out of Valorant then follow these steps and there are few tips that might help you with valorant crashes.

How to fix Software Interference with valorant?

This fix is easy and might the main culprit of your problems. Valorant’s Anti-cheat software vanguard is very serious about its rules and integrations.

Well, there are not many software responsible for crashing valorant but security software like windows firewall or antivirus and GPU’s control panel software tend to block valorant’s software sometimes.

Add Valorant in Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall might be blocking a part of the software and to make sure it doesn’t we need to add Valorant in the firewall to bypass it.

  1. To do this Press start and search Firewall and network protection
  2. This will open a tab, then go to allow an app through firewall and right click
  3. Another tab will open, from there go to change settings and allow another app
  4. Then click on browse and file explorer will open up
  5. Now you need to find the game in the drive you installed Valorant- program files > Riot games > Valorant > live > and the select Valorant and select open.

This will ensure that firewall doesn’t block valorant and vanguard and might fix issues for most of you readers.

Graphics card software might interfere with Valorant

This was also posted by Riot in which they stated that graphics card software has different graphic profiles which may interfere and override the graphic settings of the game. Nvidia control panel in NVIDIA and Catalyst control panel on AMD.

This is how you can reset the profiles to default settings.

Nvidia Control panel

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel and Go to Manage 3D settings.
  2. Under manage 3D settings, click on restore defaults.

Catalyst Control panel

  1. Open Catalyst control panel.
  2. Under catalyst control panel, click on Preferences.

Resetting the settings will remove any interference and give back the graphic control to the game.

Update Display Drivers

Since we are already in GPU drivers let’s check if they are up to date. Open GEFORCE Experience if you are using Nvidia GPU and AMD driver suit if you are using AMG GPU.

Then just check for updates and if any updates are pending then thank me later because this might be the biggest tweak that will fix the valorant crash.

I got valorant’s frames to win games banner during my update, so this might be a valorant fix so make sure to update the drivers even if you don’t see any valorant related update.

Give more resources to Valorant.

This is to make sure that all the power is going into playing Valorant smoothly. For this, we need to give priority to the game by opening the taskbar.

  1. Keep the game open and open the taskbar (Alt + Cntl + Del)
  2. Go to details and Valorant should be at the top, if not then find valorant and right-click it
  3. Then click on set priorities and set it to high.

This will allocate more resources to Valorant. While in the taskbar, here is a great tip: check background apps and take up any resources.

I did check mine and discord and chrome were taking way too many unnecessary resources.

Tip: Check your background apps like discord, chrome, etc.

this is a screenshot of my discord performance

As you can see my discord is using 50% of my GPU usage and not only that apps like chrome in the background can also reach very high memory usage.

We can easily close chrome or use different browsers like opera gaming browser Opera GX but to fix discord you need to turn off hardware acceleration.

To turn off hardware acceleration

  1. Go to your discord settings and scroll down to APP SETTINGS.
  2. Under APP SETTINGS, click on Advanced.
  3. Then turn off the Hardware Acceleration
  4. /ima

What hardware acceleration does is it uses GPU to make discord smoother. After turning off the hardware acceleration, it will restart.

Now you can open your game and enjoy a 10-15 fps boost.

Minimum requirements for Valorant

Valorant is a CPU-heavy game which means it needs very low requirements if we compare it to other games.

But there is still a minimum requirement to run this game.

Required specs

The minimum requirement to play Valorant will give you 30fps, but you just need an integrated GPU from 2012.

PCgameBenchmark talked about this in a very detailed format, you can even test your pc against Valorant system requirements with their tool.

Adjusting Video Settings

I know this is like the first step of every competitive gamer, but this is still an important thing to consider. Especially if you are playing with a minimum requirement pc and you are getting fps below 60fps.

Anything below 60fps is a disadvantage in games like Valorant, CSGO.

  • Multithreaded Rendering: Off
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Texture Quality: Low
  • Detail Quality: Low
  • UI Quality: Low
  • Vignette: Off
  • VSync: Off
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 1x
  • Improve Quality: Off
  • Bloom: Off
  • Distortion: Off
  • First Person Shadows: Off

These are the setting that riot games recommended.

Fps are usually given more priority over graphics in competitive games like these first-person shooters better fps usually mean advantage over other players. The game feels much smoother and you will notice someone peeking out of the corner quicker. All the pros have a similar video setting just because of the same reason

These fixes will help your valorant to stop crashing, there might be a permanent fix in the next update but it’s better to fix it right now unless you want to lose rank points due to some random crash,


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

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