how to fix ps5 controller trigger

how to fix ps5 controller trigger

The Adaptive triggers on the new PS5 Dualsense have this issue where at least one of the controller’s triggers starts to feel loose and doesn’t feel right.

And surprisingly this issue is very common, I found almost 100+ comments in Reddit threads complaining about their loose controller trigger but don’t worry we found the reason and the solution to fix this

Controller triggers are loose because of the broken spring, To fix the ps5 controller trigger remove the controller’s back and look closely at the area of the loose trigger. Find and remove the broken spring if it’s still there and replace it with the new spring. Put the arms into their locks, one of the locks is down and the other will be in the trigger.

Why we never had the same problem in Dualshock?

The simplest answer to that is the difference between the angle of the arms of both springs.

The springs are more outward in the PS5 springs in comparison to Dualshock and because of that, the triggers are more rigid on ps5.

But because of less elasticity in the springs, the springs break and the trigger feels very floppy and doesn’t feel right.

That is why the loose R2 trigger is more to than L2. You shoot with R2 continuously in any shooting game. The triggers will still work and come back to their original position but it will shoot randomly in a game and you don’t want that to happen in a try-hard lobby.

You can still ask for a replacement but!

Since this loose PS5 controller trigger issue is happening to a lot of people (you can find at least hundreds of comments in Reddit posts related to this issue). Sony acknowledged this issue and created a program for this replacement program which is great.

You can check the replacement program on Sony’s website or you can call on this Customer service number:- 1-800-345-7669.

But the “but” part is that the replacement program for the controller is not free.

Usually, they ask you for your address and send a box in which you put your broken object, and then they will take it and send a replacement.

Not with the controller, you need to pay for boxing and shipping and if they think that this is because of them and not your fault, they will send a replacement.

So if you want to do and try that first you can and if doesn’t work then the next heading is for you.


Replacing a spring is easy, the only hard part is to disassemble the controller and you don’t even have to fully open the controller, we just need to remove the back panel of the controller.

There are a lot of YouTube videos about opening the controller but I found this the best.

Caution: Be careful with the front black cover of the controller and the triggers. You need to put pressure to pull them out. Take your time with these two because they are delicate pieces.

Step 1. Dissemble the controller

There are a lot of good YouTube videos on this I can explain step by step what to do but it would be better if you watch this video.

TronicsFix is a professional so I highly recommend watching his video while dissembling the controller.

Since you only need to remove the back for this fix, watch the video till 2:18.

There is another video recommendation below and he does explain everything from the dissembling to fixing the springs, so if you want to watch that video in one go, you can but I trust the guy above because his whole channel is about dissembling the console and controllers.

Step 2. Removing the spring

Shake the controller before replacing the trigger springs to remove the broken spring parts.

You can easily find these springs on eBay or Amazon, they will cost between $1 to $4.

I replaced mine with the Dualshock springs, they are more durable and cost less. The process is the same and yes because of the inverted arm, the trigger will feel a little more elastic than others, but to be honest, the difference is very little.

You won’t even notice the difference in a Try-Hard match and some cases, the Dualsense springs broke just after 1 month of use, replacing the springs with the old and trusty Dualshock springs is better in my opinion.


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