how to fix ps5 Camera related issues?

How to fix ps5 camera issues

Ps5 camera does not connect or laggy camera while streaming is a problem which a lot of people are facing these days and I’ve researched each every camera related issue which is surfaced underneath.

Why there is lag or why it is not connecting?:- It is happening majorly because of loss of power or ps5 is not recognising your camera due to less power output than the requirement we’ll get to that below but first let us know how how to fix the camera issue

The USB cable used for the Ps5 camera is 3.0 standard which requires a good amount of electricity and the port in the front isn’t capable to provide enough power. It is always better to use the USB port at the back as they support superspeed(i.e 10gbps) which is also mentioned at the Sony’s official site as well as the ps5 camera manual.

USB ports at the back side

There can be some other problems as well which we have stated below. But in general, if we discuss why the ps5 camera tends to lag or the ps5 fails to recognize the camera, This happens mainly because of the loss of power or there is an issue with the device.

What do we do if the ps5 Camera still doesn’t work?

Few things you need to take care of and few things you can check if the camera isn’t responding or causing you laggy stream quality even if you are using the USB ports placed at the back of the ps5:-

Problem with the Internet:-

Sometimes uncertain internet speed can make your ps5 go clueless about the connected camera but mainly the issue with the ps5 camera is because of the lack of electricity.

You can wait for the internet speed to get normal and once the internet speed is stable you can try reconnecting.

Problem with the USB Cable or other hardware devices:-

You can check if your USB cable is working properly or not.

There can be some issue with the hardware( such as USB port or some internal damages). Although, there are fewer chances as for now ps5 is a newly launched console.

In case there is something wrong with any of the hardware you can replace the damaged part.

if still doesn’t work then contact the customer support of Playstation or go to the nearest dealer.

Voltage issue:-

There are chances that your room is having a voltage issue sometimes which affects the overall device.

The uncertain voltage from ps5 to the camera can result in laggy camera output while streaming.

In the long run, this voltage issue can completely affect your device(your whole setup can get affected).

So, it is better to get it fixed asap otherwise the life of your ps5 will be affected.

Ask your electrician or the power distributor and they can help you with the appropriate solution.

Although Voltage issue sounds weird and unrealistic, it is true that the voltage issue affects the device completely.

Using ps4 camera in the ps5:-

Ps5 doesn’t support ps4 camera directly and for that use third party adapter.

Playstation is giving away the free adapter to anyone who owns a PSVR Headset.

That PSVR adapter can be used for the VR as well as the PlayStation camera(ps4 camera).

In order to claim the free adapter, you have to fill-up the required details. Click here to get your free PSVR adapter

If you don’t own a PSVR Headset then you can order it and can enjoy using ps4 camera in ps5.

What is PS5 error code CE-111161-1 or CE-108360-8 and how to fix it?

These errors are nothing to worry about and this is yet another camera not connecting problem.

Both of these errors point that there’s something wrong with the Camera you are using with the PS5.

If you come across this error, Troubleshoot it by following these given steps.

If you are using some other PS camera:-

This is one of the reasons why the error is showing up on your screen while connecting.

In order to get rid of this error code, Use a dedicated adapter to use it with the PS5.

You may be using a camera other than PS5 camera which PS5 does not recognize and using a third party adapter can help you solve this problem.

As mentioned above in this blog you can claim your free PSVR adapter which works with the camera as well at the PS% official site.

Review the settings of the camera on your PS5:-

Check all the camera settings. It is recommended to use the default camera setting in this case.

If you are not finding the issue then restore the camera settings to default.

Use it in a bright room as much as possible:-

This is another why the PS5 show up the error code CE- 111161-1 or CE- 108360-8

Make sure there is proper light in your room in which ps5 camera is placed as it is unable to detect you.

Also, there should not be any hindrance between you and the camera and give a clear view of what’s around.

Check the position by adjusting the distance to the camera or the camera’s angle:-

Probably there is something wrong with the angle the camera is placed which making the ps5 camera to recognise you.

Go to Adjust HD camera and get yourself clicked again by the ps5 and this can solve this error.

While adjusting the camera, Make sure that there isn’t any obstacle obstructing the view of what’s around.

If you can’t position yourself so that your face fits in the frame, try adjusting the angle of the camera.

Check the user manual for the ps5 camera:-

The user manual isn’t used usually for such issues but still manuals guide you in a formatted manner which makes it a little easier.

Manually check the connection:-

Make sure that each and every wire is connected appropriately.

Loose wires, broken pieces are often spotted sometimes in the blind spots which may affect the connection.

Manually check both the power ends to make sure that there is an end-to-end connection.

Try checking your camera in some other Console:-

Just to check that the camera you are using is working fine.

It becomes important sometimes to make sure that your camera is not having any problem.

Note:- The PS5 camera is only compatible with the PS5 and in order to check whether it is fine or not you can use it in your friend’s PS5 or you can visit the nearby store to check.

Customer care:-

When the above-given solutions don’t work for you then you can contact the customer support to get the best possible solution.

PS5 camera comes up with 1 year of warranty you can claim that as well if your device is in the warranty period.

You can also refer to ps5 manual so that you don’t miss anything to fix the ps5 camera.

That’s that for this particular topic. I hope that your problem will get resolved with the above-given solution.

If you still face some trouble with the ps5 camera, the Comment box is completely open for y’all.

Final Verdict:- I’ll conclude this by saying that most of your problem with the ps5 camera not responding properly will get resolved just by using the USB ports at the back.

As they are more powerful than the one in the front. Otherwise, there is something wrong with the device or some other factors which we have discussed above.

Also, a lot of people facing mic echo problem with the ps5 you can check the link if you are facing such problem.

Visit our PlayStation section where we have solved more PS related problems and for the upcoming ones.

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