How to fix PS5 blinking blue light or Blue light of death(BLOD)-Detailed.

PS5 Blinking blue light or Blue light of death.

A lot of PS5 gamers are facing the issue of Blinking blue light which people also called as Blue light of death(BLOD), system failure, visual failure and etc.

Hence, we thought to figure out all the possible fixes that might work in most cases. let’s get straight in.

Blinking blue light or Blue light of death on the PS5 Happens majorly because of the corrupted files stored and to fix the issue of blinking blue light or Blue light of death(BLOD) on your ps5, boot in safe mode and select option number 6 That is Reset your PS5 and if that doesn’t work, Try option number 7 i.e, Reinstall system software(OS).

In most cases, this will definitely work. However, there are some other cases as well which we have got you covered with and underneath are those possible fixes. And before we proceed let’s discuss how to enter into a safe mode on the PS5 and get it done right. PS:- You can skip this part if you know it already.

  • Enter safe mode by first powering PS5 all the way OFF. Hold the power button for approx 15 sedconds and then let go. It should power off.
  • Hold the power button, you’ll hear one beep (don’t let go until you hear a second beep, roughly 7 seconds later.
  • Once you’ve successfully entered safe mode, Plug in the Dual sense controller and press the PlayStation button.
  • Select option 6 i.e Reset PS5. (Note:- Back up all your data on the cloud/PS plus in order to get your data back.
  • In addition to that, Turn off Automatic updates later to the system software until Sony forcing you for an update.

It is easy to get into safe mode. However, Some find it difficult and hence we covered this.

Reason why this blinking blue light appear on the PS5

Before we discuss the fixes, let us first find out why does this problem of Blinking blue light or Blue light of death(BLOD) appears on the PS5?

We’ll first know why such issues appear and then we’ll proceed towards how we can fix them. Also, we’ll let you know how we can prevent our PS5 from getting into such situations. Let’s dig in straight to the reasons why this happen.

Faulty GPU or HDMI chip on Board.

This one’s actually a technical fault that can cause you such a problem. Although, These are not in your hands. However, you can take the help of a technician.

GPU or HDMI chip on the board gets roasted or fired up at times because of the excessive heat going through the Motherboard which can often lead to such problems of no screen.

The one thing you can do in order to take precautions is that you can give some time to your console to cool down. Also, create better ventilation so that no such heating issues happen in the future.

If you face such an issue, It is always better to contact SONY’s customer care so that they can solve your problem.

Unnecessary or Corrupted files.

Never store unnecessary files i.e files that got stored somehow or files that you don’t need.

And in case you got the Blinking blue light already, Reset PS5(safe mode) will already fix this for you. PS:- If you have unnecessary or corrupted files stored in your PS5, Don’t create a backup of your device or the files that you think causing you such problems. Just let those files go away from your PS5.

Such files can often result in storing bad configurations to your console (i.e PS5) and can cause you such problems. So, it is always better to delete such files. Refer to the YouTube video underneath to know how to delete all those corrupted files.

Video resolution.

Not in every case, However, Video resolution is yet another reason why such an issue that might bother your console and cause such problems as the Blue light of death or Blinking blue light on the PS5.

In order to get rid of this, Select the right Resolution considering your console and your TV.

Make sure that you have selected the right resolution which your TV also supports. In case, you are facing the Blinking blue light of death, Go to safe mode and select option number 2 (i.e. change video output).

Change your video output wisely from the safe mode and it will fix the issue.

HDCP mode:- At times changing HDCP can also cause problems where the screen tends to show nothing. Avoid changing HDCP so that you don’t get any sort of issues.

Faulty HDMI port or HDMI cable.

A faulty HDMI port or a faulty HDMI cable can cause you such trouble just because it can cause a communication gap between the Console and the TV.

And that miscommunication can result in nothing on the Television and only the Blue light blinks. It is better to keep a check on your HDMI cable and HDMI ports.

Precaution:- Keep your HDMI ports clean by dry cleaning them and keep a check on your HDMI cable that there’s no pressure on it that can cause wreckage.

Rest Mode.

There’s no need to tell you that ‘Rest mode’ is problematic in a lot of cases. Yes, it also affects the PS5 in creating a problem of Blinking blue.

PS5 community on Reddit has stated the word ‘Rest mode’ quite a lot of times in various different PS5 issues. And in addition to that, Rest mode often leads to a black screen in other cases as well.

It is pretty much conclusive that the ‘Rest mode’ is problematic and PS5 needs to resolve the problem with Rest mode. Until then, try to avoid the rest mode as much as you can.

Instead of entering into the ‘Rest mode’, Always Shut down your PS5 instead. It will also Help your PS5 to rest and to cool down. Hence, No burning in the components due to excessive heat often results in issues like Blinking blue light or Blue light of Death.

If you put your PS5 to Rest mode, It will put some sort of load on the Motherboard as it is not turned off completely and also it is problematic. Hence, there’s no practical reason to put your PS5 on Rest mode.

Faulty Solder Joints under the APU on the Motherboard.

Yet another technical fault that you can’t do much about. Ask your trustworthy technician nearby your place or maybe far from your place that works with PS5 or other consoles and the one that has some good experience.

Otherwise, Customer care is always a safer option than any other. Also, you can get your PS5 replaced if your PS5 is still in a warranty period.

You can call them on 1-800-345-7669(For US citizens) in order to get a consultation from them.

FIXES for Blue light of death on PS5:-

Underneath is where I’ve mentioned all the possible fixes in various different cases. Although you will find that most fixes are within the ‘Safe mode and the rest are some other cases where the safe mode doesn’t work.

Safe Mode.

Most of the fixes to the Blinking blue light or Blue light of death(BLOD) on the PS5 are within this mode(i.e. Safe mode).

PS5 safe mode to FIX blinking blue light or blue light of death.
PS5 safe mode options you can use to fix the issue of blinking blue light or blue light of death(BLOD).

I’ve personally checked all the bits and made a conclusion that the below-mentioned options are useful in this case. Let’s find out how? I’ll only mention those which are useful in this case and you guys can try them as well if resetting your PS5(i.e. option number 6:- reset PS5) didn’t work in your case.

Useful options in safe mode to fix the issue of Blinking blue light on the PS5 are:-

Reset PS:-

Resetting your PS5 will delete all the corrupted files and data that causes such problems by storing bad configurations to the console(i.e. PS5).

Reset PS5(Reinstall system software):-

This option will delete all the corrupted files and data. In addition to that, it will install the system software from scratch to ensure that there’s nothing that affecting your PS5. Perform this only when Reset PS5(option number 6) doesn’t work.

PS:- Don’t forget to create a backup of your files before you Reinstall system software. Back up your files on PS plus/ ps cloud.

Change video Output:-

At times, Inappropriate resolution results in BLOD, and in order to reverse it select the video output wisely. For instance, If you have a TV that supports 1080p and you have selected the output to 4k which makes no sense right?

rebuild the database:-

As the name suggests, it rebuilds the data from the scratch. Rebuilding the database will again delete all the unnecessary files and corrupted data.

I’ve arranged them in a priority-wise manner so that reset PS5 works the most and then reinstall system software and so on. There isn’t any need to try other options just because these four options are appropriate to fix the issue still you can try.

Although, almost all the options available on the safe mode are useful. However, in this case of Blue light of death(BLOD), Only Option numbers 6 and 7 on the safe mode are the most useful ones.

Try other options only when option 6 and 7 doesn’t work for you.

Plug in a different HDMI cable.

As discussed above that the faulty HDMI cable can cause the issue of BLOD. Hence, You need to check the HDMI cable if it is working or not by plugging in a different one.

Also, make sure that you are not using the Third-party cables as they cause connection issues and BLOD.

If you plug in a different one you’ll know that if it has to do something with the cable or not.

If your cable is faulty, then I recommend Highwings HDMI cable from amazon, It’s really durable and 8K supported.

Try a different TV or a Monitor instead.

If Blinking blue light in your case is caused due to resolution then you should try a different TV or a monitor instead.

Faulty TV can also cause the issue. Hence, Try another TV if you have a spare one. However, If you use Monitor then the chance of getting this issue again will be reduced.

Also, Connecting a monitor instead of a TV will ensure some quality performance and reduces the chances of getting issues in comparison with TV.

The reasons why using a monitor is better than using a TV with PS5 are compatibility, performance, and No laggy input. Yes, it is true that Monitor can do wonders if you are someone who’s a Hardcore gamer and Loves playing PS5.

Unplug and replug all the cables(power cycle your PS5).

Power cycle your PS5 from scratch to ensure that there isn’t any faulty or a loose connection. As faulty and loose connections can lead to no display or no screen.

PS5 USB port
Unplug and replug all the cables from the USB port to power cycle your PS5 to fix the Blinking blue light.

In order to power cycle your PS5, first, Unplug all the wires and plug them back in this manner:- 1) Power cable, 2) HDMI and make sure that there aren’t any loose ends left and check for the wreckage as well.

Also, make sure that there isn’t any breakage in the ports where you’re plugging in. Check wreckage in the ports for both TV and PS5.

Plug HDMI cable into a different port

Faulty HDMI ports can also cause Blinking blue light in your PS5. Try using a different HDMI port in order to check if the port isn’t faulty.

At times, Using the Arc HDMI port cause such issues. Hence, try using the Non-arc HDMI ports to avoid such failures or issues.

Make sure to turn off your PS5 before you plug your HDMI cable into a different HDMI port just for the betterment of your PS5. Although, It’s completely fine to perform this while having your PS5 turned on. However, Doing it constantly can affect your PS5 over time.

Delete all the corrupted files

Deleting all the corrupted files will ensure that there aren’t any faulty/bad configurations installed.

And to delete all the corrupted files, Try using these three options from the safe mode out of which one will definitely work for you. Go to safe mode and try one of these:-
1) Reset PS5,
2) Reset PS5(Reinstall system software),
3) rebuild database.

These options work almost the same however slightly different from each other. Make sure you create a backup before you select one of them. Create back on PS plus/cloud to get the data back even after resetting your PS5.

Contact SONY.

Contact SONY when nothing works in your case. Also, If there’s a problem with the components or motherboard make sure you visit your nearby SONY service center to get it fixed.

If nothing works out of all the above-mentioned possible fixes, There are good chances that it is because of some components inside the PS5 that’s causing such an issue.

Although, there are fewer chances that your PS5 will face such an issue because of the hardware inside the motherboard if your PS5 is new. However, there are always some cases.

That’s that for this topic, I am hoping that all the above-mentioned possible fixes will work for you. If you know some fixes other than the ones mentioned above in this blog, make sure you comment down below.

Any sort of queries or topic suggestions? just feel free to comment it down for us. Also, visit the Playstation sectionOpens in a new tab. for more such topics covered. Peace out.

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