How to fix Minecraft skin not loading

The skin-related problem is really common in the Minecraft community and, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are also facing it. But don’t worry, just keep reading and you will know how to fix the skin not loading issue in Minecraft

How to fix the skin not loading in Minecraft? The Skin not loading issue in Minecraft can be solved by uninstalling the PremierOpinion or the RevevantKnowledge program from the computer.

Although this method should work for most of you, sadly, there are many skin-related issues, and there is a chance that it might not work for you. Don’t worry, I got your back for that.

I cannot see my skin in Minecraft

Lately, there has been a really weird glitch in Minecraft, where you can’t see any of your custom skin and forced to play with either of the default skin – Steve or Alex. For me, that’s just not fun.

And recently, more and more peoples are facing this. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are also facing the same issue. And I can understand it is really frustrating. How? Because my friend faced the same issue. And from the voice chat, I could tell he was not enjoying it.

If you are wondering, does his issue fixed? Yes, after all, he was the one to find the fix.

Does these fixes need you to install something?

No, the fixes are really simple and don’t need you to install anything.

And if you are still worried, then don’t. Both of these methods are tested and worked for almost everyone. Even if they didn’t work, they are not going to affect your game.

There are mainly two fixes that can help you solve this problem, I would recommend trying Method 1 first.

Method 1: By using Control Panel

This is the method which my friend use to fix his issue. And not only that, I have read on Reddit that this method work for almost everyone who is facing the issue.

And if you facing the same issue then method can definitely help you.

As for how to fix this issue, it is really simple, you just have to uninstall PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge from your PC.

If you are wondering-What is PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge? or is it safe? Then don’t worry, I am going to answer all of these questions.

Is Uninstalling these files going to affect your game? Nope, Uninstalling PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge is not going to harm your game or PC. Both of these programs are actually Virus. And I see no reason to not uninstall these programs.

BTW, if one of your friends is the issue where he is unable to start the game, then it is most likely because of PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge. Ask him to search for any of these programs and if he finds any, then uninstall it. And should solve the issue.

As for how to these programs got install?

Both of these programs got downloaded when you download the mod for Minecraft and if you are not paying attention, it will get install.

Quite scary, right? In the future, make sure you keep an eye on any such programs when you install any mod.

How to uninstall them?

Most of the viruses are not easy to remove but thankfully PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge is not one of them. They are really easy to uninstall. You can uninstall them like any other normal program.

There are many ways to this but the way I do is:

Step 1: Go to the control panel and then go to Uninstall a program.
Step 2: Then search for either PremierOpinion or RevevantKnowledge program.
Step 3: Then double click on it to uninstall the program.

As you can see, you can uninstall them like any other normal programs. You don’t have to follow the same way I do it, you can do it however you like.

If you see only one program instead of both, then don’t worry, just uninstall that file and it should work.

But you can’t find any of these files then that means that you are facing a different issue. Try if method 2 works for you.

Method 2: End Task from Task Manager

This fix is really simple and you just need the Task manager,

But the thing is, it is only a temporary fix. You will need to do this every time you have to play Minecraft.

But if the first Method didn’t work then you can try this, it might work.

As for what to do?

Step 1: First open the game.
Step 2: Open the task manager.
Step 3: Once you open the task manager there you can see two Minecraft.exe programs.
Step 3: End task for the 2nd program.

And it should fix the problem. But again this is just a temporary fix. You will need to do it, every time you play Minecraft.

But even if this didn’t work then it is possible that you are facing a totally different issue.

I’ve all the other skin-related issues along with the fix, and I would suggest you give them a look. You might find a solution to your problem.

Some other skin related issues in Minecraft

There are many skin related issue in Minecraft and most of them have their own unique solution. So, I am going to list out some of the most common issue with fixes. I am sure that it will be helpful.

Everyone on the server is in the default skin

You are playing Minecraft with your friends.Everyone is in default skin and no one is able to change his skin. Then there is a chance that the skin server is offline.

This rarely happens in Minecraft. I personally don’t know anyone who had faced this issue. And if you were to face such a rare event, then I am not sure whether you are lucky or unlucky. Let me know in the comments.

You can go to Minecraft’s official website to know whether the server is offline or not.

I can’t see the skin even after buying

This is also one of the common issues in the Minecraft community, where you uploaded the skin but it is not showing in-game.

If you are playing Minecraft version 1.7.8 or an earlier version then there is no need for you to worry, because it usually takes about 1hour to see that skin in-game.

But in version Minecraft version 1.7.9 or higher, you will be able to see the skin almost immediately. And if you don’t see the skin then you should report the issue at MinecraftOpens in a new tab..

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