How to fix lag issues on PS5(easy ways).

Ps5 lag issues

Since a lot of PS5 users are facing lag related issues and they get stuck with what to do next.

No need to worry as we got your back and got you covered. Underneath is the appropriate ways you can fix this problem.

To fix the lag issue in the PS5, Go to settings> Network settings> set up internet connection> go-to options for advanced settings and then set the primary DNS to ‘’ and secondary DNS to ‘ either set the frequency band to 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz(Don’t select ‘automatic’).

If you select the frequency band to ‘automatic’, There are good chances that your internet speed might get fluctuated which eventually affect the online gameplay.

In most cases of online playing this thing will definitely improve the speed and will reduce the lag but this is one of the fix. Let’s discuss the others.

But before we move further..

Should you go for a high-frequency bandwidth or low?

When to use 2.4Ghz?:- If your PS5 is far from your wi-fi router go for 2.4Ghz just because it won’t be able to provide you 5Ghz when you are far from the router and might fluctuate with 5Ghz. So, it better that you use 2.4Ghz if your PS5 is placed far from the wi-fi.

When to use 5Ghz?:- Use 5Ghz only when your Ps5 is placed nearby your wi-fi router.

If you want to use 5Ghz and your router is placed a little far from the ps5, you should buy a repeater to get going.

Now, let’s have a look at what are the other ways we can fix the issue of Lag in the PS5.

Solution1:- Switch between various different gaming modes for better optimization

Choose between performance mode and resolution mode according to the game you want to play. Don’t select ‘automatic’ which is the default settings.

performance mode:- As the name suggests the performance mode is designed for the games Like COD, Apex legends and etc which are competitive.

Resolution mode:- Select resolution mode whenever you play games where you need aesthetics and detailed graphics.

In case you couldn’t figure out how to select gaming mode in PS5 here you go:-

Go to Setting> Saved Data and Game/App settings> Game presets> Now you can choose between performance mode or resolution keeping in mind what kind of game you are playing.

Solution 2:- Use a LAN Cable

Using a LAN cable ensure that you are getting internet at a frequent speed and there’s no fluctuation.

A great option to go for in case you play super competitive games where you can’t afford a single second.

If you don’t have a good Ethernet cable then you can go for the Celertec Ethernet cable, it’s durable and compatible with PS5.

For connecting LAN Cable to the PS5 go to settings> Network settings> Set up Internet connection> Set up wired LAN.

Solution 3:- Turn off Ray Tracing for performance

Turn off ray tracing in case you are playing a competitive game because there’s less role of graphics in such games and reducing the graphic intensity can lead to lag-free gameplay.

Ray tracing ON takes extra effort from the PS5 and it can heat up a little.

In order to disable ray tracing go to settings> Graphics> Ray tracing> Disable.

Also, Don’t let your PS5 heat much by checking the heat levels frequently.

Solution 4:- HDR-Off

In case you are facing lag issue and want to improve your online gaming experience then turn the HDR mode to ‘OFF’.

Because we don’t really need intensified graphics while playing online competitive games like warzone etc.

In order to change HDR and resolution settings:-

Go to Settings> Screen and video> Video Output and turn the HDR- Off.

Also set the resolution to 1080p which is preferable in most of the cases.

And if your TV is a little outdated then 720p is recommended.

Solution5:- Clear all the notifications and Delete all the games that you don’t need.

Do not add stuff to your PS5 that you don’t really need. Also, Delete all the notification stacked.

I’ve seen a lot of guys don’t bother much about the notification and it gets stacked-up resulting in slow processing at times.

This doesn’t affect much initially when you your new PS5 but later it can even more slow down your console.

You can also delete some saved data from the PS5 to make it a little more optimized.

Sometimes PS5 saves few stuff on its own which isn’t required.

Solution6:- DNS and Frequency bands

Selecting the right DNS and Frequency band can literally sky rocket your internet performance and this is very basic that people usually miss out on.

So, Unlike others, Select the right pair of DNS codes and switch between frequency bands accordingly.

Primary DNS:- (, (, and (
Secondary DNS:- (, (,and (

These are some set of DNS codes which work absolutely fine in the US(not sure about the others).

Go to settings> Network settings> set up internet connection> go-to options for advanced settings and then set the primary DNS to ‘’ and secondary DNS to ‘’ and either set the frequency band to 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz.

Do not set the Frequency band to Automatic as it doesn’t work appropriately at times leads to more fluctuations in the internet.

Solution7 :- Restore Default setting or Rebuild database

In case, the above given solutions doesn’t work out on you. Try Restoring the default settings or maybe rebuild the database again.

This will take you back to the original state where everything’s sorted.

You’ll get to see some good changes in terms of performance in your PS5.

Solution 8:- Try restarting

If you are playing games non-stop for hours then later you face some lag issues, Just because it gets heated up and you might face some lag issues.

Try restarting your PS5 to get it fixed.

Bonus tip:- Invest in a monitor to eliminate input lag.

Those who have PS5 installed with the TV always encounter some sort of input lag but if your compare it with the monitor it is a lot better.

If you are a hardcore gamer than playing PS5 on TV is not recommended much.

1ms refresh rate and at least 120HZ is what you need to consider while buying a new monitor for the PS5. The lower the number the faster the input,

PC monitors are way more responsive than a TV when gaming is concerned.

And for the time, Use gaming mode on your TV for better performance and FPS mode on your PS5 for better frame rates.

You’ll get to see some serious performance improvement after switching to monitor for sure.

In case, Nothing really works out of all the above-given information probably you are facing some serious issues and you should get it checked by SONY.

That’s that for now and I hope that all the above information works for you and if you have any sort of queries just head to the comment section down below.

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