How to fix DNS Error NW-102307-3 or ‘DNS can’t be used’ error.

PS5 DNS error or DNS cant be used error

A lot of gamers on Reddit have stated that they have been facing the issue of DNS error or ‘DNS can’t be used’ on the PS5 while updating the games.

Do you have to worry about it? No, Leave that part for us as we got your back with all the possible fixes. What to do when we face such an issue? Let’s dig in straight.

DNS error 102307 is a DNS not responding error. To fix DNS error 102307, Delete all the errors caused while updating the game and to do that go to the Games menu and press the Menu button once you’re hovering over Astro: Playroom, and chose the option for Updates errors from where you will be able to delete them.

After deleting all the updates errors, Re-try Updating the games. In most cases, this will work for sure and in some cases, this might not work. However, we have got you covered with all the other possible fixes.

If the above-mentioned fix doesn’t work in your case then refer to the fixes mentioned underneath. It will fix all your DNS issues for sure.

Check your internet connection properly

  • Make sure you are connected to te internet:- Check your internet connection from head to toe and look for the faults if any. Remember that DNS error is linked with the internet connection hence, it is important to go through your internet connection.
  • Set DNS toAutomatic‘:- At times, Custom DNS may lead to such errors and Automatic DNS can also cause such problems at times. So, it is better to choose the DNS wisely to get maximum out of it.

    Try ‘Automatic’ first then go for the custom DNS. Mainly because custom DNS cause such errors more often than the default one.

    In case you wanna go with the Custom DNS:-
    Primary DNS:-,
    Secondary DNS:- 1.0.01,
    (These are the trusted sets of DNS as they are owned by cloudflare and google respectively).

    Once done with the DNS settings and found the best set of DNS for yourself, Connect your internet back again to see the results.

Turn off your PS5 and start it again.

Restarting your PS5 will reset the device completely and DNS settings too. There are good chances that this will fix the DNS error in most cases.

Note:- Never ever underestimate the power of ‘restarting’.

Restarting is like giving some rest to your device so that it can recover the same way we humans sleep in order to refresh ourselves.

Restart Modem or Router.

In the same manner, restarting the modem or router can refresh the internet and if there is an issue it will fix it on its own.

Turn off your modem or router and wait for 5 seconds and more and then try restarting it.

Also, Try bringing your device closer to the router and make sure there’s no Disturbance in between. Disturbance can be caused by a wall or a device connected to the router which is closer than your ps5 or a smart TV connected to the router.

So, either bring it closer to the router or bring the router closer to the ps5. Whatever is feasible in your case.

Rebuild database(safe mode).

rebuilding the database from the safe mode will build the database from scratch and the device will automatically delete all the corrupted files from the database.

This is the most effective way to fix all the bugs and errors in almost all the cases/problems.

For those who want their device to be as good as new, consider rebuilding the database quite frequently. It is actually a good way you can maintain your device.

Select wifi frequency bands wisely.

Either select it to ‘Automatic’ or choose between 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Selecting the wifi frequency band to ‘Automatic’ might fluctuate the internet speed as it doesn’t work appropriately at times. And fluctuations can cause DNS to cause such errors.

So it is better to select between 2.4GHz and 5GHz wisely. If you are not sure which one is a good option for you? here’s how to select:-

2.4GHz:- Go for 2.4GHz when you are a little far from your wifi as your wifi will only be able to serve you with 2.4GHz.

5GHz:- Select 5GHz when your PC is pretty close to your wifi as your wifi will be able to provide you with high frequency when you are nearby.

My suggestion:- In my personal opinion, it is always better to use a LAN cable to get direct access to the internet which is more reliable and consistent.

Try these ports.

Try opening the ports mentioned below by contacting your Internet service provider(ISP). Your ISP can also help you out with the router settings.

TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 and UDP: 3478, 3479, 49152 to 65535.

Ask your ISP or the router vendor to update the firmware of your router. The router which is not updated can also create such connection issues. So, it is always better to

Also, check the PSN status page to confirm there’s no server failure or take the help of your ISP.

Delete all the ‘updates error’.

DNS error is an Update error and in order to delete this go to Settings> Games menu and after hovering over the Astro: Playroom and there you’ll be able to delete all the updates errors.

After deleting all the updates errors, try updating the games once again.

There are good chances that this particular fix will work for almost everyone.

Also, you can delete all the corrupted data to make sure that no one is bothering your PS5 in any form(errors, bugs).

Refer to the YouTube link to delete all the corrupted data or files.

Use Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cable brings in a lot of stability in the internet and DNS error is caused mainly because of the disconnection on the internet either it is from your side or a problem with the DNS server.

If you don’t have one then I recommend the Ethernet cable from Celertec, it’s durable and compatible with PS5.

Ethernet cable is more reliable than using the wifi as it is a little inconsistent when it comes to stable internet speed.

Almost everyone suggests you use a wired connection while using any console just because it gives you a sense of stability when the internet speed is concerned.

Fill up the static IP Address manually to improve or stabilize the connection. To do that go to Network settings and then you’ll get the option to set up the IP address.

Contact SONY

If all the above-mentioned fixes didn’t work in your case, It is better to contact SONY for a safer side. Although DNS error isn’t a serious issue. However, it might be a connection problem with your device as well which can go serious a little.

SONY might also help you out with the replacement if there’s something really wrong with your device. So, It is always better to contact sony at the end when nothing really works out for you.

That’s that for the DNS not responding issue, I really hope that there’s nothing serious with your Console and it’s just a connection problem with the DNS.

In case, you have any sort of Doubt regarding DNS or Connectivity issues, Feel free to write down a comment. We will definitely reply to you.

Any other PS5 related issues? Refer to our PlayStation sectionOpens in a new tab. where we have covered more such fixes in detail.

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