How To Fix COD Cold War Loading Screen In 60 Seconds.

60 seconds is the highest score I achieved fixing Cold War Loading Screen but this will take you 2 min max.

Cold War Infinite Black screen is a connectivity issue, This happens because Activision account and Blizzard accounts are not linked properly. To fix cold war Loading screen just open Activision Website > Login with Activision Account and Link your Blizzard account.

Call of duty is not new to the glitches and bugs, it’s like a hidden monthly mission they drop for community. We recently went over this issue:-

This one was a game update to prevent keyboard players from switching from Controller to keyboard and mouse mid game. But then again call of duty created one while fixing one. Same was with this one, you have to connect Blizzard account to your Activision account.

Here are the steps by step fix

>Open Activision Account from here.

>Login to your Activition Account

>You will be directed to the Account Management page, if not then click on the Profile on the top right.

>Unlink and Link your again.

>If your blizzard account is not linked then simply click on the whole box and then sign in with your blizzard account.

This one is a connectivity bug, you have to connect Activision account and Blizzard account properly. This will definitely fix the Cold War Loading Screen.

If the Loading screen still bugs out?

Try changing the server and then back again. This is a good old technique, Most probably you don’t even need this step but if you are still in the black screen then try this.

Check the Activision and Blizzard again, If Cold war is still stuck then try reinstalling.

Just Like the loading screen bug in Valorant, this might be an issue from your COD files. Reinstalling or replacing file folder from Hard disk to SSD will help. This will not only fix the file issue but also boost the cold war.

Black Ops Cold war should be running perfectly by now, with no stuck loading bug or as the COD community likes to call The Balck Screen.

If you are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War then you must have realized that the default settings are not really optimized multiplayer.

In any multiplayer game, you would want to get as much of an advantage as you can. This is even more true for a game like COD: Black Ops Cold War.

And if you are using default settings, then you are at a disadvantage even before the match begins. So check out Best Control Setting for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


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