Fix: Transmission error in Call of duty modern warfare

Call of duty modern warfare transmission error

Call of duty: Modern warfare has this so-called “Transmission error” which a lot of you guys are dealing with. This transmission error stops you from enjoying COD: Modern warfare which is irritating.

If you are facing such an issue, don’t worry as there are some solutions to this problem of Transmission error in COD: modern warfare. Here’s how you can fix the Transmission error on your respective device. Let’s dig in straight.

To fix this problem of Transmission error on XBOX, First, Move Modern warfare game from an external drive to your main system’s drive and then delete these COD: Modern warfare packs:- Multiplayer pack 2(9.1GB), Multiplayer pack 3(3.4GB), Compatibility pack 2 renamed data pack 2(8GB) and data pack 1(18GB). Once deleted, restart the console.

Note:- Do not delete the Multiplayer 2 pack(22.1GB), Only delete the above-mentioned COD: modern warfare packs.

The above-mentioned fix is one of those fixes and there’s a lot more to talk about. Let’s dig in straight.

Follow these steps to fix transmission error on XBOX and other consoles.

Mainly Xbox users are facing such an issue and here are all the other fixes.

1. Change your DNS settings.

Choosing the right set of DNS will prevent you from getting connecting issues amidst any intense battle and transmission error of course. Isn’t it annoying getting disconnected at the point where you were about to kill your opponent or unable to play the game? Indeed, it is the worst thing you could think of.

If you don’t wanna be the one, select the right set of DNS addresses in order to stay connected with the console world. I would recommend you to always go with the trusted ones. For instance, Google and Cloudflare have the most reliable DNS servers. Configure your network settings to use the IP addresses:-

  • Google’s DNS server:- and and
  • Cloudflare’s DNS server:- and

These two servers are the most used and the reliable and for the most part you won’t complain about the connectivity issues and there are good chances that changing the DNS to these ones will help you resolve your issue.

Undoubtedly, selecting the right DNS addresses will ensure that you don’t face any connection issues or transmission errors any further. Moreover, it will ensure some quality gaming without any fuss. If it doesn’t work for you try the next one.

2. Move your Call Of Duty: modern warfare to internal drive

This works for a lot of XBOX users as using an external drive causes some sort of errors (transmission errors) and also external drives cause latency in the connection.

To avoid latency and errors, It is always better to use your internal storage to avoid transmission errors for Call of duty: Modern warfare. I am not sure why the game does that but using an external hard drive causes transmission error.

Transmission error can be killed if you start using your internal drive which sounds weird but it does work and to make it work appropriately, follow these steps:-

  • Click on Call of duty: mordern warfare,
  • then select, Manage game and ad-ons,
  • after that, manage installation on Internal storage,
  • Select all and move or copy your files from the external storage to the internal one.
Still, confused about how to transfer your game from an external drive to an internal or vice versa? you can follow this YouTube video.

This way you can fix the issue of transmission error just by transferring all the files from external storage to internal storage. moving on further, The next step can be integrated with this one. Shift your game to internal storage and then follow the next step

3. Delete the following Call of Duty: Modern warfare packs:-

Delete these files and you won’t face any sort of errors or transmission errors. Such errors happen just because the files get overwritten at times and cause errors.

To avoid such errors delete these Call Of duty: modern warfare packs:-

  • Multiplayer pack 2(9.1GB),
  • Multiplayer pack 3(3.4GB),
  • Compatibility pack 2 renamed data pack 2(8B),
  • and Compatibility pack 1 renamed data pack 1(18GB).

Note:- Do not delete the Multiplayer 2 pack(22.1GB). Mentioning this just because people often get confused and make mistakes while deleting the corrupt ones.

This picture is just for reference. So, that you can reach the same exact page and delete the above-mentioned modern warfare packs to fix transmission errors.

Make no mistakes and delete the right ones(corrupt ones)..

Deleting the above-mentioned COD: modern warfare packs will ensure that there are no corrupted files. These files often get corrupted and that causes the transmission error and it is always better to delete them.

4. Restart the games

Sounds like it won’t work at all but let me tell you that restarting does wonder when it comes to gaming devices and games just because it refreshes all the ongoing processing.

Moreover, restarting or giving your device some break after long hours of playing will ensure that your console or your device is maintaining appropriate levels and not getting heated up.

5. Repair your Game files:-

Although, I won’t recommend you doing this as it would require a third-party app or site to get the game files repaired, and moreover it is hectic. Still, I am explaining just because this is yet another fix to the problem.

To fix the issue of transmission error, get your game files repaired using a third-party app/website.

Upload your files to the and the site will as a result repair all the files OF COD: modern warfare and hence no transmission error.

Sounds fun? But it is not fun for sure as it may have some bad consequences. For instance, No trustworthy websites can lead to viruses and trojans, and a lot of other risk factors.

That’s why I didn’t recommend you doing this and instead of following this step, Follow the next one.

6. Uninstall and re-install the game:-

Instead of repairing the game files, Delete the game and re-install it. Both are equally hectic but re-installing the game will ensure that there are no corrupted or incomplete files that result in transmission errors.

Moreover, Deleting and re-installing the COD: modern warfare will ensure that there are no viruses entering your files.

This is the easiest and effective way to get rid of the transmission error and it doesn’t take much effort from you.

there are good chances that it will fix and resolve your issue. But still, you don’t wanna delete and re-install the game? Try the next step.

7. Try rebuilding the database:-

For PS5 users rebuilding the database is another option that you can try and if you use XBOX then, Turn teredo tunneling on in the settings.

Refer to the YouTube video if you don’t know how to turn teredo tunnelling on in the settings. Rebuilding the database is as efficient as deleting the game and re-installing it.

As it will ensure that there are no such corrupt or missing files there and hence no transmission errors as well.

That’s that for the top and hopefully, the above-given information is sufficient enough to fix all your transmission errors in the COD modern warfare.

If you face any such issues regarding any console or games just visit our XBOXOpens in a new tab. and PlaystationOpens in a new tab. sections. There we have covered all the issues with their fixes. Peace out!

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