How do I get my KR 2021 for free? is a PvP dominating game so obviously, you need more KR for better skins to enhance those dominations. How about free kr?

In Every 100 points in a public server give 1KR, 1000 points will give you 10KR. Challenge mode gives 1.5x KR then normal and completing challenges drops KR according to the challenge level.

This was just a gist, there are ways to earn KR efficiently like better maps or better class to increase points per game.

I’m going to tell you everything about how to do that as a Free to Play, A F2P guide to get KR for Free.

Free KR

Talking about KR for free let’s start with the FREE KR EVERY 3 HOURS, You can get at least 50KR every 3hr.

I’m talking about the Free KR button on the top left corner on the main screen. If you can’t see the free KR button then don’t worry because you can access the free kr only when you reach level 15.

When you click that button, will show you an ad. After finishing the ad a spinning wheel will pop up on your screen, this is a Free KR Spinning wheel.

If you have ad blocker on your browser then instead of ad this will pop up.

Close the ad blocker and then reload and click on free Kr.

This is a effortless way to earn KR and you can do it like other casual players but I want you to go a little try-hard.

Since is a browser game you can open the game in your mobile browser. You can keep a reminder and click the Free KR in every 3 hours.

There’s a 47% chance that you will get 50 KR and Unobtainable has 0.01% which will drop 10000KR, this is luck based system but from my experience you will get a lot out of this.

Do this daily because this will help you with the market strategy, we will talk about in a bit. This method was much better before, a fixed 1000KR per day but have to keep up with the nerfs and weird updates like this.

it makes no sense from r/KrunkerIO

Killing people matters

This is like THE WAY of earning KR in the game but we are going to tell you the best and efficient way to earn points / KR.

You can earn KR by earning points and you can earn points by killing other players or completing the objective.

Let’s talk about killing players. You can get points for killing people and more points for Buzz kills, Triple kill, headshot etc.

Normal Kill = +50pts

Buzz Kill = +10pts/ +25pts/ +50pts

These are the basic points you will get for killing them. You will get more points from bonuses like headshots, Wallbang etc. There is a huge scoring list you can check it from here.

Objective Completed

The objective is the second way to earn points, you will earn +10pts every second. This is also simple and also beginner-friendly because in this method you just have to stand in the point.

This will add up with the points for killing, So you can leverage these both in a map like Sub-zero.

Sub-zero is known for players rushing from everywhere, you can keep jumping, drifting in your point and kill people to get bonus points.

keep stacking up the points and learn the game skills because the next strategies need your time and sweat.

Sniper more sniping

There are some bonus points for Hunters mains, +25pts for longshot, +25 for Quick scopes and +50 for no scopes.

This will add up the points in your bank significantly. This is not a beginner-friendly tip but if you keep grinding regularly you will increase your gameplay and game sense.

But if your gameplay is not sniper then don’t worry, it’s the same points at the end of the day if you kill more players with AK or LMG.

Play on Public Server

This is the biggest mistake players do, only public servers gives KR. Most of the player play in a custom because they are fun and i get it but you have to grind in the public servers.

Public servers like Sydney, Miami, Singapore etc are filled with players, this way you will learn and earn together.

This is to prevent players from creating different Krunker IDs and killing each other in custom to max out KRs.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is” going even further beyond” Krunker style. Challenge mode is the hard mode in, Your HP will be half of what it used to be and you will not regenerate.

So why this you ask? because it will increase the KR drop by 1.5 times. If you play normal mode you will get 10KR for 1000pts but with challenge mode you will get 15KR.

You can get up to 30KR max in normal mode and 45KR max in Challenge Mode.

To enable Challenge mode go to SETTINGS > SEARCH “Challenger Mode”> Enable it.

So if you can go hard mode to get more KR then this is the way to go.


Challenges are like the in game missions that you have to complete to earn rewards.

You can see Challenges tab on the main screen, click on it to open the missions.

The challenges and the rewards depend on the level you are at so if you are at level 1 you will get easy missions like get few kills and you will get 50 to 100KR.

As the level of challenges increases the mission difficulty and the number of KR increases as well.

Gift KR

I know this is not a way to grind KR but it is a freeway of getting KR. Players can gift you KR so, your friends can gift you KR as a beginning gift.

Keep in mind it has a a 10% fee, so if you send 100KR to someone you have to pay 10KR as a fee, so total 110KR to send 100KR. This is how it works.

Don’t go asking players in the discord or reddit for KR gifts because that’s how you NOT get any gifts.

See if you can get lucky, you might have some old gamer in your friends list.

Redeem Vouchers

Streamers and Events drop Redeem codes, It is a very good way of collecting Kr. Events may have hidden codes in them so keep an eye for that and on other hand, streamers do giveaways so keep looking and watch multiple streams for the giveaways.

To find Redeem Voucher section just go to SHOP > Scroll Down and at the end you’ll see “Redeem Vouchers”.


This is my favourite method and most probably is the most time and experience required step of all the steps.

Basically you have to become the entrepreneur or a high risk for high profit kind of player.

What I mean by Krunkerpreneur is that you have to gain market knowledge and buy cheap but valuable Skins and stuff from the market and sell it for a profit.

To do that you need a Krunker marker experience, what type of classes are in hot? what skin is new and rare or what skin is old and is considered OG?

After that, you have to search the market and look for the Skin that is low in number in the market. If you find one, Remember the name! this is most probably the tip in this blog, the market always crashes and if it does you will lose your research.

So check and learn the name before clicking on the skin, thank me later.

Now that was the first step, the next step is to try to find a skin where the skin with the lowest price is a lot cheaper than the 2nd cheapest skin.

Let me explain, If you buy the Cheapest skin and sell it just a little cheaper than the 2nd cheapest skin, you will make a profit from it which is FREE KR.

FOR EXAMPLE – I found skin and the lowest price is 1500KR but the next cheapest skin is 2100KR, I will check about that skin and if it’s good then I’ll buy it.

And then I’ll put that skin back in the market for 2000KR, the game takes a fee for putting a skin on the market( let’s say 100KR was my fees), When someone buys the skin, which they do, I’ll have a profit of 400KR profit.

My total Kr will increase from 1500KR to 1900KR, Profit increases as the rarity increases. This something a lot of streamers and pro players do on a daily basis.

These are the best ways to grind Free KR in Krunker, some are easy and some are not so much but do these everyday and you will go pro.

Now go flex your skills until you flex your skins.


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

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