Here is how to keep Xbox Series X/S from disconnecting from Wi-fi

Annoyed by your Xbox series X/S keep disconnecting from the Wi-fi in-between games? If so, then you are not alone. Recently a lot of people have been facing this issue.

I did some research all the research for you and here are some ways that can help you solve the problem.

But before we move to the solution I would suggest you have a look at what might be causing your Xbox to keep disconnecting.

If you don’t then you can skip directly to the solutions.

What is causing Xbox series X/S to keep disconnecting

During my research, I found that there can be many reasons for your Xbox to keep disconnecting from the Wi-fi.

So, here are the most common reasons:

Software issue with Xbox Series X/S: This is not the first time when a new console comes with tons of software issues, and it’s definitely not the last.

While I was looking for the solution, I found that the majority of the user’s Xbox disconnects only when they are connected to a 5.0Ghz band.

Some people have also replaced their Xbox but the issue was still not resolved. So, it’s unlikely that the issue is related to the hardware,

The good news for us is Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and reassure us that they are currently working on it.

The console is too far from the Router: If your console and Router are in a different room then your signal strength is going to diminish by a great margin as Concrete walls affect more than we wanted.

Wi-fi channel interference: Router’s uses channel to send and receive signal to the devices. By default, router uses it’s own channel but when two routers uses the same channel, they interfere with each other and can cause your Xbox to keep disconnecting.

Faulty Router: If the Router is damages then it will not be able to send the signal consistently, even if it did the signal strength is definitely going to diminish a lot.

The Console is damaged: If there is some issue with your Xbox hardware especially the network card, then forget about having a stable connection, you are lucky if it connects.

Things to do before solution 1:

Before we begin with the solution I would recommend some quick check-up. These are really common and if you have tried them then you can skip directly to the solution.

Power Cycle the Router:

Sometimes our routers become unresponsive and keep disconnecting from the Xbox.

This is not that uncommon and you may had faced this issue in the past. Don’t worry, fixing this issue is really a piece of cake Just “Power off the Router” and pull the power cable out for 30 sec. Then start the router again.

This has worked for so many and can work for you too.

Power cycle the Xbox:

Just like router, we are going to power cycle, and I’m pretty sure everyone of us is aware of the Power of Restart.

Jokes aside, Restarting the console can clear all the cache and potentially solving the issue.

Keep the console and router in the same room:

If your console and router are in then the same then the signal strength is going a hard a hit.

And if you using 5.0Ghz band then I’m certain this is the reason for the constant disconnects.

5.0Ghz band already have a really short range and concrete walls affect the signal strength a lot.

Solution 1: Changing the Router Channel

Like I said before, if two Router uses the same channel to transmit signal then they are going to interfere with each other signals. And switching to a different channel can fix this.

Here is how to switch to a different channel on your Router:

  1. Open the web browser and enter your Router IP address into the address bar, This should open a log-in page.
  2. Enter the Username and Password. If you don’t know the user name and password then check at the back of your Router.
  3. Go to wireless settings, and also select the frequency you want to change the channel for.
  4. Click on Channels drop-down menu then change the channel.
  5. Then hit the save. And Wi-fi channel should be changed.

Check this guide to find the best channel for your RouterOpens in a new tab..

The process may be a little different depending on your Router, but most of the part should be same.

If the issue is still not resolved then we are going to try changing the DNS manually.

Solution 2:Changing DNS manually

Usually, Xbox uses the DNS address your Router provides. but there is a chance that your ISP’s DNS server is facing some issue.

DNSPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Google8.8. 8.88.8. 4.4
Cisco OpenDNS208.67. 222.222208.67. 220.220
Cloudflare1.1. 1.11.0. 0.1
Most popular free DNS

To verify whether the issue is related to DNS or not. For this, we are going to use Google’s DNS server.

To change DNS setting manually follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the settings.

Step 2: Once inside the setting, go to “General.”

Step 3: Once you are inside general go to “Network Setting.”

Step 4: After that go to “Set up a wireless network” and then “Advanced setting.”

Step 5: After that select DNS setting.

Step 5: After that choose MANUAL to setup DNS address manually.

Step 6: Since we are using Google DNS, we have to put as the primary IPv4 DNS and as the secondary IPv4 DNS.

As soon you press start after putting the secondary DNS the Wi-fi will disconnect then reconnect again.

Solution 3:Diable WPA-2 for 5.0Ghz band

If your Xbox series X/S keeps disconnecting from the Wi-fi when you are connected to the 5.0Ghz band then this should help.

Disabling the security of the 5.0Ghz band has worked for many people and can work for you too.

Source: RedditOpens in a new tab.

As for how to do it will depend on your Router.

Solution 4:Hard Reset the Router

If none of the method has worked solved the issue for then it’s time for us to get serious.

To make sure if there is nothing wrong with your Router we are going to Hard reset it.

PRO TIP: Contact your ISP before you Hard Reset the Router.

Before you begin with the hard reset make sure it’s powered on,

To Hard Reset your Router follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Hard Reset button on the router. It’s will be either located at either side-side (very rarely) or the back of the Router,
  2. Hold down the reset button for 30sec with something pointed like a paperclip or pin,
  3. Wait around 30sec for your router to fully reset and power back on.

Hard resetting the router should fix most of the issue with router and hopefully the problem.

Solution 5: Use a LAN cable

Even after trying all of the above methods your Xbox series X still disconnecting from the Wi-fi, then the only thing you can do is use a LAN cable and wait for Microsoft to fix the issue.

If using a LAN cable is not convenient for you and your Xbox only connects when it’s connected to a 5.0Ghz then you can connect to a 2.4Ghz band.

You should either use Google or Cloudflare DNS for better internet speed.

Contact Microsoft

If your Wi-fi keeps disconnecting even when you are connected to a 2.4Ghz band or LAN cable then it’s almost certain that the issue is related to the hardware. And it’s time for you to visit the Xbox service center or contact them onlineOpens in a new tab..

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