Hearing Echo on your Xbox? Here is the solution.

Hearing the Echo while you are playing games on Xbox can be totally frustrating. But don’t worry we have the solution for you.

The echo problem on Xbox can be solved easily by changing “Party chat output” to “Headset only”. You can do this by opening the Side menu> System>Setting>Volume & audio output>Headset. If your Mic is still not working, then updating the Xbox controller can definitely solve the issue.

Although this method is great and should work for most people there is a chance that it might not work for you. Don’t worry, we have many different solutions for you. We are sure that one of these methods will definitely fix the Echo issue on your Xbox,

What is causing the Echo?

Echo can really really kill the fun out of any multiplayer game, and it’s can be especially irritating when you are Playing to Win. It can make communication really hard.

You are facing an Echo issue because your Mic is able to register your friend’s volume. And there can be any reason for that to happen.

For example, one of the reason for the Echo on Xbox is, your controller is not updated,

Now, let’s look at the way’s to solve the Echo issue on your Xbox.

Before we begin with any method, I would highly recommend to try out some quick fixes, that can potentially save you some time.

Lower your Mic sensitivity

If you are playing without a headset and your mic sensitivity is high, then it can lead to some serious Echo issues.

To lower Mic sensitivity on controller:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the Side menu
  2. Then select “System”.
  3. Then “Audio.”
  4. Adjust the “Mic monitoring” option. Slide the bar to the left to decrease, or Slide Right to increase, the Mic sensitivity.

Unplug and Replug your Headset

This one is quite obvious and I am sure that most of you have already tried this. But if you haven’t, then you should do this now.

Unplug your Headset, then plug it in again. And don’t forget to clean the jack with a clean cloth.

Test your headset with a different controller

This is the best way to know whether problem is with your Xbox or your headset.

You can try to use a different headset with your controller to verify whether the problem is with your Headset or Xbox. If your friends can still hear the Echo, then the problem is with your Xbox controller.

You can do the same to verify whether your headset is faulty or not.

Lower your TV volume

I always feel like my brother has to watch TV whenever I have to play games with my friends. And we always fight over it. He doesn’t want to lower the TV volume even if he is sitting less than 6m away from the TV.

If you also have a little brother, then make sure to ask him to lower the volume.

You didn’t wear the headset, properly

Most of the Headset these days has a fixed mic and if you are not using a Noise cancellation earphone then your friends will hear the Echo whenever the headset is loose.

The headphone I’m currently using has a fixed Mic and no Noise cancelation.

I’ve found myself guilty of this many times. So if your headset is also like mine, then make sure that it fits your head properly.

Method 1: Update your Controller

I know some of you have already suspected controller to be the cause of the issue.

If you are wondering how updating you can solve the Echo issue on Xbox? Your headset is connected to Xbox through your controller. So any of the controller files are missing or corrupted, then it’s going to affect the I/O of the headset. And updating your controller can solve most of the issues. Your controller might be more important than you think.

Believe it or not, updating the controller has solved the issue for a lot of people. One of my friends was facing the Echo issue on his Xbox. He tried a lot of methods, he even try a different headset but nothing worked. To be honest it was really irritating for us, But updating his headset really solve the issue,

And, it’s not just him I have read many Reddit that this method seems to have worked for a lot of people. You should try to use this method too.

Update your Xbox controller is actually really easy, however you have to do it manually, Xbox won’t do it automatically for you.

If your Xbox controller has a 3.5mm headphone jack then you can connect to the Xbox wirelessly, but if it doesn’t then you have to connect it with the help of a USB cable.

To update your controller:

Step 1: Press the Xbox button to open the Side menu, or you could say Guide.

Step 2: Now scroll to the right until you see the System tab, then open the select setting.

Step 3: Now select “devices & Streaming”.

Step 4: Then select “Accessories” and this should bring your Xbox controller page.

Step 5: Then go down to 3 dots at the bottom of your screen. And this should bring to a page like this.

Xbox controller update menu.

Step 6: Then select the “Firmware version”.

Now, all you have to do is wait for 5 min for your controller to get updated, If it happens instantly then that means your controller is already up-to-date,

Method 2: Selecting the output to Headset

If you are still reading then it’s highly likely that the above method didn’t solve the issue. But don’t worry this method will definitely solve the issue.

If you can hear the echo of everyone else at your party then it’s most likely that you have selected both Heatset and Speaker in your “Party chat output,” causing the audio to come from both your speaker and headset at the same time.

To fix this:

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the Side menu.
  2. Now keep scrolling to the right until you see the System tab.
  3. Then select “Setting”.
  4. There you can see “Volume & audio output”.
  5. Then Scroll down until you see ‘Party chat output’, and select ‘Headset’

Also, make sure to select “Headset only” in the chat mixer chat. It should cancel out feedback on your side.

And doing this will definitely solve the Echo issue on your Xbox.

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