Genshin Impact Artifact progression guide

Artifacts in Genshin Impact is what most people start grinding after Ar 30 because when you reach AR 30 or to be exact AR 32, you reach an impasse.

There’s nothing much to do, you do your dailies and thats it.

It’s too hard to get all the stars in Spiral Abyss even at stage 4 plus and the enemies are now higher level and they can be scary if you don’t have a good artifact roll on you DPS.

So this guide is all about – What to after AR 30? What characters to Build? and also AR wise Artifact progression.

First Things First

This is an Artifact progression guide and we will talk about that but first things first.

Choose your DPS and Secondary DPS, this will ease things up. If you haven’t decided on your main DPS and Secondary DPS then go for a character who looks cool and does high damage and a secondary DPS who will increase your cool DPS’s damage.

PRO TIP : Don’t rely too much on tier list. Sure tier list tells a lot about the damage a character does but, it does neglects the fun and the damage it can do in the END game.

Most famous examples are Beidou and Ningguang. Beidou scales off her HP and relies on her E ability and Ningguang is basically Nuclear Weapon.

The Arifacts Explained

Artifacts in genshin impacts are just like the gears in any other character progression games, they increase your damage, a specific set of artifact will increase a specific ability or stats.

In Genshin Impact the artifacts are divided into 5 parts-

Flower of Life
HP 430 ~ 1,893645 ~ 3,571717 ~ 4,780

Plume of Death
ATK28 ~ 12342 ~ 23247 ~ 311

Sands of Eon
HP%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
DEF%6.6 ~ 28.8%7.9 ~ 43.5%8.7 ~ 58.3%
ATK%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
Elemental Mastery21 ~ 9225 ~ 13928 ~ 187
Energy Recharge%5.8 ~ 25.6%7.0 ~ 38.7%7.8 ~ 51.8%

Goblet of Eonothem
HP%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
DEF%6.6 ~ 28.8%7.9 ~ 43.5%8.7 ~ 58.3%
ATK%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
Elemental Mastery21 ~ 9225 ~ 13928 ~ 187
Elemental DMG Bonus%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
Physical DMG Bonus%6.6 ~ 28.8%7.9 ~ 43.5%8.7 ~ 58.3%

Circlet of Logos
HP%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
DEF%6.6 ~ 28.8%7.9 ~ 43.5%8.7 ~ 58.3%
ATK%5.2 ~ 23.1%6.3 ~ 34.8%7.0 ~ 46.6%
Elemental Mastery21 ~ 9225 ~ 13928 ~ 187
CRIT Rate%3.5 ~ 15.4%4.2 ~ 23.2%4.7 ~ 31.1%
CRIT DMG%7.0 ~ 30.8%8.4 ~ 46.4%9.3% ~ 62.2%
Healing Bonus%4.0 ~ 17.8%4.8 ~ 26.8%5.4 ~ 35.9%

Anything below 3 is only fodder, they don’t have enough sub stats, they cap out at low level, It’s better to use them as enhancement material for other artifacts.


The main stat is the big number in the yellow box on the top of your artifact and there can be only one Main stat. The table above has 5 types of artifact and you will notice that only the top 2 have a single main stat and the rest have multiple.

That’s because the Main stats on Sand, Goblet and Circlet are RNG and the Flower and Plume will always have base HP and Attack stats.

They are obviously important because the substats you will get will increase the damage but for the most part you want your stat to be here in the main stat. Sub stats have a chance to increase but Main stats will increase every level so, focus on the main stats.


Sub Stats are the one below the main stats, you will always get one of-

  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • ATK%
  • DEF%
  • HP%
  • Elemental Mastery
  • Energy Recharge%
  • Crit Rate%
  • Crit Dmg%

Rarity of the artifact also effects the number of sub stats which is also why the above table for main stats doesn’t have any low rarity artifacts.

RarityMax LevelNumber of Sub Stats

Artifact can have a maximum of 4 sub stats and on every 4th level up you will get a random sub stat. If the artifact already has 4 sub stats like in the case of 5then one of the 4 sub stats will get an increase.

A artifact with Crit Dmg/Crit rate + ATK/ ATK % is good. The type of rolls you need also depends on the stats you are lacking for eg:- You might have over 100% Crit damage but very low Crit Rate so go for a Artifact with Main stat crit rate and don’t bother that much on sub stats.

Set Bonuses / passives

The Artifacts gives a specific kind of bonus when used together. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, just using 2 of the same artifact from a set will give your character a 2-piece set bonus and using 4 will give you 4 -piece set bonus. There are no 5 piece set bonus so you can use any good artifact in the 5th slot.

This allows you to be creative with the set bonuses, You can use Martial Artist and Archaic Petra to increase Charged damage and Geo Damage on Ningguang.

I made this combination while writing this blog there might be flaws but searching and using it would be fun.

What to do at AR 30?

At AR 30 your best bet with artifacts would be Berserker and Instructor or Martial Arts. This depends on your rng and your dps for example if you are building Diluc with rain slasher then Instructor is best choice if not then go for whole set berserker or 2 berserker and 2 martial arts.

Don’t waste resin on artifact domains until AR 40. Build your DPS, farm for the Ascension materials for character and weapons. This is most efficient way to use limited resins .

Shear Raw damage of your DPS will be enough to carry you all the way to AR 35. After AR 35 is when you will start to realise that 5 mins in domains are not enough to kill one Abyss Mage.

Till then just try building your 2 DPSs and your 2 weapons. For their artifacts go for the Luxury chests hidden throughout the map and shrines.

Luxury Chests drops Berserker and through story you wil get few 4 artifacts.

Now before AR 30 do:-

  1. Ascend your 2 DPS and their weapons
  2. Open all the luxury chests
  3. Upgrade your Statues of the seven – Geo to LVL 10.

If you didn’t know then upgrading your Geo statues to Level 10 will give you stone of remembrance.

You unlock all the pillars and open the gate. Finish the hidden quest and this way you will get a 5artifact.

Keep in mind that Weekly bosses also drops 5 artifact and you might get lucky with a good Gladiator roll. So keep and eye on them and do them every week.

Artifacts in AR 30

Only enhance the artifacts with Attack main stats on them, this might change according to the character like Barbra shines with more Hp and Noelle needs more defence.

Just enhance the artifacts with a flat attack or Attack % on main stats. Don’t stress on 4 artifacts or Crit damage, Crit Rate or Elemental Mastery.

Elemental Mastery scale off your base attack and since your character is new and low level, it won’t add too much to your damage and on other hand, Crit Damage is like a chance to hit additional damage.

You need Crit Rate more than 50% to hit your Crit damage and you need your crit damage to sit around 100% to do massive damage. If you get crit rate/Crit damage on your sub stats during enhancement then that’s good but don’t focus on those stats for now.

Another thing is you can use the 2 set passives if you know what stats your character need. At the beginning you will see a lot of adventurer, lucky dog, travelling dog etc.

The game is very easy from AR 1 to AR 35, just using artifacts with attack rolls to increase the attack damage is more than enough to slap those irritating Water Abyss Mages who loves to spam the bubble traps especially when you have only a minute left to kills 1 enemy in Spiral Abyss.

What After AR 35?

After AR 35 the world level increases which also increases the drop rate of purple artifacts. Up till now I’m guessing your artifact set was Berserker and Instructor or resolution of sojourner/ Martial Artist / Instructor.

You can still rock those artifacts because it will help you dish out enough damage to grind for next set of artifacts.

Now here’s the check list after reaching AR 35

  • Max out talents of the Dps .
  • Start grinding weekly bosses and the elemental bosses.

Focusing on you support charater would be waste of resin in my opinion. They do play a important role but they also need a lot of material to ascend and level up.

Just focusing your resin and time on your 2 main characters will be more efficient because you don’t need Bennett’s Ult to increase your main Dps’s damage or over the top healing to carry you through the game. World-level 4 does increases difficulty but the damage of your both character will be enough to handle all the domains and weekly bosses

During the progression from AR 35 to AR 40 max out your talents and leave the character’s and weapon’s level on 65. Increase in power from level 65 to 70 is a small boost but it eats up a lot of books.

The second thing on our checklist is “Start Grinding Weekly bosses and elemental bosses”, This way you will kill two birds with one arrow.

Elemental bosses drop character ascension materials and artifacts. Do the elemental boss who will benefit your progression and because now you are in world level 4 you see more of the Gladiator artifacts.

Don’t go for endgame artifacts like Crimson Witch or Thundering fury. Their drop rate is very low plus after AR 40 drop rate of Gold artifacts increases by a lot.

Just grind for talents material,Ascend your team and grind for as much good Gladiator artifacts.

Artifacts After Ar 35

Now you have to find the good artifacts with good rolls on main stats and sub stats. This is where you start grinding for Crit damage and Crit rate and elementary mastery.

  • Best Artifacts around this time would be Gladiator’s Finale, resolution of sojourner and Martial Artist. Resolution of Sojourner is a replacement for Gladiator in case you didn’t get your hands on a good gladiator.
  • Martial Artist increases Normal attacks and charged attacks damage and Berserker increase Crit Rate which is always good so probably you will still use 2 pieces Berserker set.

Crit damage and Crit rate is the must have rolls on your artifacts.

Notice how the number of sub stats on artifacts is different, that’s because the number of sub stats is based on RNG and rarity of artifact.

If the artifact is 5then it will always have at least 3 sub stats on it and on a 4artifact you will be lucky if you get to see 3 sub stats. This is very important because first, you get to see if the artifact is good without even enhancing it and second if you do get a good artifact with crit damage and crit rate then it has a chance to increase the percentage even more.

Again it’s all RNG that’s why don’t grind for high-end Artifact, they will be dropped as a 4artifact plus you need better rolls on them and even if you get a good roll you will end up replacing that with the Gold upgraded artifact later in AR 40.

Finally AR 40

Reaching AR 40 means not only you can grind for high-end artifacts but also they will drop no matter what.

That is the main reason why most of the YouTubers and streamers keep fixating on why you should never grind artifact before AR 40. Grinding a perfect 5artifact is a task in its own and if you started grinding the artifacts before AR40 then good luck spending all your gacha luck on your drops rather than Summons.

Now you can slowly replace the Gladiator artifacts with the endgame artifact.

Give the gladiator artifact to other Dps because soon you will need 2 teams with 2 different main dps for spiral Abyss.

Gladiator Finale is a great artifact but some character needs a specific boost like Diluc who can cook enemies with his E ability and his Ultimate and they both are pyro attacks.

Crimson Witch does a better job in increasing Diluc’s damage despite from first glance it looks like gladiator will do a better job by increasing 18% and 35% addition damage boost to the character with Claymore, sword or polearm.

If you are not sure about the artifacts best for your main Dps then look for it on Reddit or Youtube. Whales love to try different ways to hit the 100k mark.

Know the Sub-stats to build according to your RNG.

It’s all RNG in this gacha, like every gacha the sub-stats and the main stats on the Gear or Artifacts is RNG based.

You can get PHY DMG bonus as main stats on Bloodstained Chivalry which also buffs PHY DMG by 15% as Set Bonus with Crit DMG and stuff but thats going to far but that could have been what we call here GOD ROLL.

Now what is GOD ROLL?

A God Roll as the name suggest is something that has Rolls sent by gods.

Surely this one is not the best one according to the normal eyes but since he gave this artifact to Jean who shines with Phy damage boosted now does 33k Crit on left clicks.

Yes, obviously other artifacts are boosting his Crit damage and Crit rate but knowing your Dps or even your supports helps a lot so save the good artifacts for other characters.

Trying different things and combos is what this game is about, there is a reason why it’s at top 4 in twitch.

So keep playing this Chest simulator MMORPG Gacha and have fun.


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

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