Xbox Series X controller keeps disconnecting|Here is the solution

Recently a lot of the users are facing controller keeps disconnecting from their Xbox series X/S. So, I did all the research for and here is how to keep the Xbox series X controller from disconnecting.

But before we begin all with the solutions, I would suggest having a look at What might be causing the Xbox Series X/S controller to keep disconnecting.

What is causing the controller to disconnect?

During my quest, I found that there can be many reasons for your Xbox series X to disconnect.

Here are the most common issues:

Bluetooth Signal Interference: If other Bluetooth devices are near your Xbox then it can affect your controller signal strength.

Software issue with Xbox: Having software issues with a console especially when they are new is not something unheard of, And Series X/S is no exception.

While I was reading through the 65-pageOpens in a new tab. long thread on Microsoft, I found that some people controller only disconnects (wirelessly) whenever they play a certain game, especially AC Valhalla, but on further, I found that a large fraction of people’s controller disconnects randomly whenever they are connected wirelessly.

The good news is Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and said that they will fix it with the recent update.

Low battery: If your controller then it will not get enough power thus resulting in an unstable connection.

This issue is more common than you think.

Faulty controller: If your Xbox controller is new then the chances of having faulty hardware are fairly low but still there is a possibility.

The console is damaged: Just like the controller, we cannot rule out the possibility of a faulty Xbox console. If the console is damaged then no matter what we do it will not work properly.

Things to do before fix 1

Before we begin with the solutions, I would recommend some quick check-ups. These things are really small and tend to slip through the cracks.

Remove any other Bluetooth device: Like I have said before if there is any other Bluetooth device nearby then it can affect the Xbox connection to the controller, This is more common than you think. So would highly recommend removing any other Bluetooth devices.

Make sure the USB cable is properly connected: I know this one seems too basic but I have been guilty of this, so I need to tell you this,

Charge the controller: If your controller has a low battery then it will not be able to send the signal consistently. So, make sure that the controller is charged.

Reset and Re-sync the controller: Another potential fix to fix the problem is to first Reset then Resync the controller.

To reset the controller hold the Xbox button on the controller for 5-6 seconds. The Xbox logo will stop shining once the controller is turned off.

After that, all that left for you is Re-sync the controller to your Xbox console.

Fix 1: Power cycling the Console and Controller

I’m sure everyone here is aware of the power of a universal solution of any problem RESTART.

That was just an exaggeration but sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is to Restart.

You can follow the following steps:

Step 1: The first thing we are going to do is completely power off the console. To do that hold the power button for 30sec, until it shut down.

Step 2: After that remove the power cable from the Xbox and press the power button 3-4 times to drain all the power from the Xbox.

Step 3: Remove the controller battery to completely power it off. And if you are connected to a USB cable then make sure to remove it too.

Step 4: Now wait for 40-50 sec.

Step 5: Connect the power cable to the Xbox console and press the power button to ON it.

Step 6: Insert the batteries back in on the controller, and start the controller once the console is fully powered up.

This should hopefully fix the issue, if it didn’t then try the second solution.

Fix 2: Use a Wired Connection

Well, it’s for you guys to get ready with your USB cables as it’s time to go wired.

You can use the USB cable that comes with your Xbox series X. And if it’s not convenient for you then you can use any USB type C cable that’s working.

Fix 3: Updating the controller firmware

It’s likely that the issue is related to the software and updating the controller firmware may solve the issue.

Usually, you will be notified whenever there is a new update but there are instances when you are not then we have to manually update the controller.

Xbox series X/S controller can be updated both Wired or Wirelessly, however, our controller keeps disconnecting wirelessly so you should use a USB cable to update the controller.

To manually update your Xbox series X controller follow these steps:

  1. Plugin the USB cable on the controller,
  2. Open the guide using the Xbox button on the controller, then select profile & system.
  3. After that go to setting then Devices & connections.
  4. Inside Devices & connections, go to Accessories.
  5. Then select the controller you want to update, This will check if there is a new firmware version available for the controller or not.

Update the controller if there is a new version available. This may sometimes take up to 5min, so stay tight.

Updating the controller has solved this issue for some people and hopefully, it works for you too.

Fix 4:Update the console

Just like the controller we are going to update the Series X/S console. Updating the console should solve most of the software related issues.

You should be notified whenever there is a new update available but if you were not then you can update it manually.

To update Xbox Series X console follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the controller, After that go to Setting.

Step 2: inside the setting, click on System, then go to Updates.

If your console is up to date then you will be seeing this screen. If there is an update available then you will be able to see it here,

New console always comes with tons of bugs, and updating the software can solve a lot of them.

Fix 5: Using the Backward compatibility

Source: Unsplash

Unlike PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S are both backward compatible. And thanks to it Xbox one controller works really well with Series X/S and Series X/S controller is compatible with Xbox One.

This is the best way to know whether the problem is with your controller or console.

If you have Xbox One then try using its controller on your Series X/S. If there is no issue with the controller then that means that the problem is with your series X/S controller, and not with your controller.

You can also try using the Series X controller on Xbox One. And it still disconnects then it’s almost certain that your Xbox series X/S controller is faulty and you will need to replace it or wait for Microsoft to fix it in the next update,

Contact Microsoft

If none of the above tricks has worked for you and your controller keeps disconnecting even when you are connected via USB then it’s almost certain that either your console and controller is damaged.

If that the case, t’s time for you to visit the Xbox service center or contact them onlineOpens in a new tab..

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