Fix:- xbox game pass error 0xa3ea0066


A lot of Xbox users face this game pass error 0xa3ea0066 and with some other error code as well. Where the Xbox user fails to download EA games.

Need not worry as we have got you covered with fixing this issue. Here’s how you can solve the Xbox game pass error 0xa3ea0066.

To fix the issue of being unable to XBOX games on the desktop, Sign inOpens in a new tab. to your EA account, and then, go to account settings, after that, go to connections, and here you have to unlink the connected account(Even if you have linked the right account) and then relink it with your account that has XBOX game pass. Now try downloading the game from the XBOX app on your PC, It should download now.

What happens is, The Xbox game pass app on your pc sometimes fails to communicate with the EA servers due to a glitch on your system or network, and because of that it leads to an error at hand.

This is one of many other fixes and factors to consider. Underneath we have other fixes that can get you rid of this issue but before that, we have a few things that you need to consider. here are the pointers.

Things to consider:-

Here are a few things that you need to consider before

Sign out and sign in again on your XBOX app/EA app.

Signing out and then back in might solve this issue so definitely give it a shot. Moreover, Make sure that you sign in with the right account(the account that you purchased the game pass with/ or the account with the subscription).

Subscription is the next thing that we need to make sure of before you perform different things to fix the issue of game pass error.

Check your subscription.

Make sure that you have an XBOX game pass ultimate or PC game pass subscription in order to install games from the game pass on your PC. Here are two things that you need to consider to check your subscription.

  • Sign in to the Microsoft Store or Xbox App for PC, Whichever you are installing the game from. In case you have more than one account, Make sure you log in with the right one(i.e, Log in with the one that you have bought Xbox game pass ultimate with.

    Here’s the sign-in link to the Microsoft store.
  • Check the status of your subscription here. Make sure that the subscription is still running so that you can continue enjoying the Xbox game pass benefits. Moving on to the next one.

Update your PC with the latest updates.

Make sure that the PC is updated with the latest updates. So that, there isn’t any compatibility issue with the device. Moreover, an Updated PC will ensure bugs fixation and security to the Xbox app. So, update

In order to check for the updates, Select start > Settings > Windows update > Check for updates. If there’s any update available, click on install now for the update.

Update the Microsoft app:-

For Windows 10:- Select the start button, and then from the app list, select Microsoft store. In the Microsoft store, click on see more > Downloads and updates > Get updates. If there’s an update available, it will start installing automatically.

And for, Windows 11:- Select the start button, and then from the app list, select Microsoft store. In Microsoft store. In the Microsoft store, select Library > Get updates. If there’s an update available, then, in that case, it will start installing the update automatically. Now back to how we can get the issue fixed and get rid of this bad situation.


Here’s how you can get this issue of being unable to download the Xbox/EA games on your PC. Here’s the first fix:-

1.) Update Xbox/EA app

After downloading the windows updates and other optional updates, Update the XBOX/EA app. These steps can help you, give it a try.

Check for updates on Windows Update, update everything including optional/additional updates.

  • Logout from the Xbox app and Microsoft Store app
  • Look for the Xbox app and Microsoft Store app in the Windows menu, right-click, click app settings and then click terminate, restore and reset.
  • Clear the store cache type ”WSRESET” in the Windows bar, run as admin, and wait for the screen to close and open the store automatically.
  • Open the Microsoft Store app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner>downloads updates>get updates and update everything.
  • Restart your PC, log in to both apps and see if that solves the problem.

After that, In the EA desktop app, log out of your account, use the EA recovery app, and when you log into the app again use the option to log in with your Xbox account.

Following all these steps should work for you and help you out to get rid of the situation but if it doesn’t then in that case there are other ones as well. With that said, moving on to the next one.

2.) Use EA desktop App to download.

Once you have the Xbox game pass app installed on your pc, visit EA’s page to download the EA app for windows or click hereOpens in a new tab. to redirect to that page.

After you download and install the EA app, Link your Xbox account to the EA account. After linking your account, Try downloading the game you want to play from there(It would not show an error now).

Note:- The origin app does conflict with the EA app. So, make sure you kill every origin-related service from the task manager. Also, Kill the EA desktop app from the background and leave the EA background services running.

Kill the EA desktop and origin app from the task manager and then try downloading the game.

After killing the apps, Go to the Xbox game pass app and search for the game you want to download, click on that game and you’ll get two options either to download it from the Xbox app(included with the game pass or to “See in EA desktop”.

Click on “See in EA desktop”, after that it will direct you to the EA app and there you’ll get the prompt to download the game and from there you’d be able to download the game without an error.

After killing the apps, Either select the option Install(included with game pass) or See in EA desktop. One of them should work if your account is correct.

If it still shows you an error or you still fail to show you the download prompt, then, in that case, you again have to remove the EA desktop app running at the back from the task manager.

Try the option “see in EA desktop” again after killing the applications from the task manager and if still doesn’t show the prompt to download, then, in that case, try downloading the game from the XBOX game pass app.

Also, try downloading the game directly from the EA desktop app if it detects that you have a game pass. No need to redirect from the XBOX game pass app in that case.

This should work for you and if it doesn’t then in that case we have other ways we can get this issue fixed. moving on to the next way we can try fixing the issue. Here’s the next one.

3.) Relink your EA account.

Relink your EA account just because sometimes the Gamepass app on your PC fails to communicate to the EA servers due to glitches and other reasons, resulting in EA error.

So, to relink your account, go to EA’s official webpage and sign inOpens in a new tab. there. Once you sign in, Go to account settings, then, go to connections, and there you need to check the account that you have logged in with.

After you click on account settings/EA account, On the left bottom you’ll see connections, Select that option.
After you click on connections, Check your Connected account and unlink your account.

Note 1:- Make sure you log in with the same account that you have used on the XBOX desktop app.

Even if you have logged in with the right credentials/ the right account, Still unlink and relink the account and try downloading the game again. It should work after relinking the account. Moving on to the other one.

Bonus:- Try doing this(source:- Forum).

Begin to download a free game like Apex on the EA App and if that works, then cancel the download. After going to the game that you wanted to download and then you should be able to download it.

Not sure what’s the deal with this trick but a lot of community members approved doing so. Try giving it a shot and doing this should work for you to get the issue fixed.

Hopefully out of all the given fixes at least one works for you to get rid of this issue. In case, If you have any doubts or any queries, reach out to us and we’ll try to answer all your queries. That’s that with the topic. peace out.

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