Fix: PS5’s download error or queued for downloads error.

How to fix PS5's download error or queued for downloads

A lot of PS5 users have faced this issue of download error or ‘queued for downnloads’ where the PS5 fails to download the game. Fortunately, there are a few methods that you can implement in order to get rid of the issue.

The reason behind this error is because of these few reasons that are:- Internet fluctuations or no internet, A game queued to download, full storage, and some other technical bugs and glitches.

And to fix the PS5’s download error, In your settings, ensure that your PS5’s system software is up to date with its latest update. If you are still facing the same issue even after updating, then, turn off your PS5, and start it again in safe mode. While the console is off, to enter the safe mode, you need to hold down the power button on the console until you hear a second beep. And once you enter safe mode, Select the option ‘Rebuild the database’.

Doing this will delete all the faulty files and data. Moreover, rebuilding the database will remove all the bugs(especially storage-related bugs) from your PS5.

This is one of the ways to fix the issue of PS5’s download error. The above-mentioned way and the other ways to fix the issue are elaborated on underneath.

Here are the other fixes to the PS5’s can’t download or copy error or PS5’s download error.

How to fix PS5’s download error?

The question is how can we fix the PS5’s download error? So,here are legit ways to fix the PS5’s download error. First up we have:-

Check your internet connection and PSN server status.

The most important thing that comes to mind when downloading is concerned is your internet connection.

So, make sure that your internet connection is constantly giving you enough speed to perform all the internet related tasks which includes downloading ofcourse.

For better downloading, prefer using the wired network connection i.e, LAN. Using a LAN network is always better that using the wireless network anyday.

And for that you can switch to a different connection to a wired network mid- download if your wireless network isn’t working appropriately.

Here’s how you can check the internet speed of your PS5:-

Go to settings from the home menu and after that go to the network options. There you’ll see the option to test the internet connection and then wait for the result to come.

Moreover, Check your PSN server status and make sure that the PSN server is working completely fine. And to check the PSN server status:-

Go to in a new tab. via your web browser and then after that, Log into your PlayStation Network ID and there you need to enter your PlayStation Network region. Wait for a few minutes to load the website.

After that when the result appears, you’ll see a green tick alongside a text that all services are up and running. However, If you notice any red or yellow sign, that means the PSN server is down that results in unable to download the game on your PS5.

Wait for the PSN server to get back to normal if the servers aren’t working in your region. After it gets back to normal, you’d be able to continue downloading games without any fuss. Moving on to the next solution that you can implement in order to fix the issue of PS5’s download error.

Check your PS5 storage and queued downloads.

The next important thing that comes to your mind when downloading on your PS5 is concerned is to check the storage of your PS5.

PS5 comes with a 700GB usable space which is a little less and it can run out space quite easily. So make sure that your console isn’t running out of space.

And to check that, Go to settings > go to storage > select on console storage.

Now, if your storage capacity is less than what you are downloading, well, you are in bad luck because your game won’t download for not having enough space.

Though you can add another external hard disk on your PlayStation 5, that way, you will never run out of storage.

But keep that in mind, you can play all the previous generation games directly from the external hard disk, but to play the PS5 games, you have to move the game back to the console storage.

And to check your list of queued downloads on PS5, you need to access your download history.

  1. Hit the PS5 button to open the Control Center.
  2. Then, go to Downloads/Uploads to see all ongoing and pending downloads.
  3. Press X to list all ongoing downloads.
  4. Press X again to open your full PS5 download history.

You can press options to cancel, or to pause all the downloads. Moreover, you can also prioritize the downloads according to your requirements or needs. Next up we have:-

Update your PS5

Make sure that your PS5 is updated to it’s latest update. Just because, if there’s a storage bug or any other technical glitch, then in that case, updating your PS5 to the latest update will make sure that there’s no such bugs and glitches.

Updating your PS5 might help you to get rid of this issue of PS5’s download error. If this doesn’t, then in that case, try following the next step i.e; Rebuild the database.

Rebuild the database.

Rebuilding the data is something that Sony officially suggests you to do in order to fix this issue of ‘unable to download games’ or ‘queued for download’ on the PS5 Also known as PS5’s download error. Here’s the twitter linkOpens in a new tab..

Sony’s tweet where the team talked about the issue with the PS5 where it fails to download the games.

Sony asks you to first update your PS5 and if updating doesn’t fix the issue, then, boot your PS5 om safe mode and there rebuild the database.

In order to ‘Rebuild the database’:-

  • First of all, Switch off your PS5 and connect your dualshock PS5 controller via USB .
  • After that,While the console is off, to enter the safe mode, you need to hold down the power button on the console until you hear a second beep.
  • And once you enter safe mode, Select the option ‘Rebuild the database’.
After you hold the power button until it beeps, you’ll see this message that asks you to connect the dualshock controller via USB and then press the PS button.
After you enter the safe mode, select the option number 5 that is to rebuild the database.

Rebuilding the database should fix this issue of PS5’s download error as it has worked for many.

If this doesn’t work, then, try following the next step and that is:-

Factory reset your PS5

Before you factory reset your PS5, make sure you back up all you important files and data whether on your PS Plus or on your USB device or any external hard drive so that you don’t loose a thing. After you back up everything, Factory reset your PS5, and to do that, go to setting > System > Select “System software” and then select “Reset options”, after that, Select, “reset your console” and at last select “Reset”.

Resetting your PS5 to the factory settings can help you to get rid of the glitches that you’re facing and in this particular case, where the PS5 is facing the issue of downloads. So, it is always better to give it a try(i.e give Factory reset a try and it might work for you in fixing the issue).

With that said, that’s that for the topic and I am hoping that this blog would have helped you to get rid of this issue and to fix the issue of ‘PS5’s download error’ or ‘Queued for download’.

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