Fix:- Ps5 not turning on after power outage.

A lot of PS5 users face the issue of PS5 not turning off after a sudden power outage. But the thing is most PS5 users are not sure what to do next when facing such an issue.

Need not worry as we have got you covered with all the possible fixes to this particular issue and plus we’ll discuss some factors that you can consider in order to avoid falling into such a scenario. Let’s get straight into the topic without further ado.

In order to fix the issue of PS5 not turning on after the power outage, Make sure the console is turned off completely and then unplug everything even including the power outlet for about a minute to 5 minutes, plug it back in, and then try restarting your PS5 and it should work.

And if this doesn’t work for you then in that case here are some other ways you can get rid of this issue. Let’s get into it in detail and with more information.

But, before we proceed let us all know the precaution to avoid getting impacted after a power outage on the PS5. Here are some precautions you can take to avoid “PS5 not turning on after a power outage:-

Precautions to avoid PS5 not turning on after a power outage:-

Here are some easily doable ways you can prevent the consequences and bad impacts of a power outage on the PS5.

1. UPS saves lives (Uninterruptible power supply)

As the name suggests, It would be a better option to buy a UPS as it saves your PS5 from the power outage by providing your PS5 with a continuous/uninterruptible power supply).

When it comes to UPS, I would suggest you buy a quality UPS and not the ones that are cheaply available. Cheap UPS doesn’t work as appropriately as the ones that are designed with research and development and hence costs more.

Before you buy a quality UPS for your PS5, Make sure you calculate the overall wattage. The overall wattage should be calculated by adding the total power wattage of PS5(that is approximately 350watts) and the wattage of other devices(in case you add TV then add the wattage of the TV as well just because the power supply of your TV can also be damaged after the power outage and by adding UPS you can protect your PS5 after a power outage).

So, If you are someone who uses a TV alongside PS5 instead of using a monitor, then, in that case, use a UPS to protect it from the power outage. You can add 100-150 watts to the wattage of the PS5(i.e 350 watts plus the wattage of the TV which is approximately 100 watts) to leverage the usage.

So make sure you invest in a good UPS that is capable of performing heavy-duty asks when things go wrong(i.e power outage). Moving on to the next one.

2. Use a power strip/surge protector(Alongside UPS).

Use a power strip instead of plugging the PS5 directly into the wall. The power strip somehow manages the fluctuations in a better way than compared to a direct connection. However, If you do not invest in a good quality power strip, It can result in you the opposite.

So, it is always better to invest in a power strip that is durable and capable of handling all the heavy-duty loads on bad days.

Overall, The best way to protect the PS5 from the power outage is to put UPS directly into the power wall, and then you can use a power strip plugged in the UPS to use multiple other things as well that might also get damaged in case of a power outage.

Don’t forget to calculate the overall power wattage that is required to be powered by the UPS. So, that you can get maximum out of it.

Easy ways to fix “PS5 not turning on after power outage”:-

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow that can get you rid of the situation where PS5 fails to turn on after a power outage.

1. Power cycle your PS5.

Power cycle your PS5 by plugging out your whole power supply for a quick minute, even from the power adapter. Doing this will hard reset your PS5 which might help your console to start once again without any fuss.

There are good chances that the process of power cycling will help your console to restart again and start working like it was before.

And in case power cycling doesn’t work then in that case there are chances that one of the components inside the power supply is damaged due to a power surge.

Get that fixed by getting the component replaced and for precaution use a surge protector and UPS as mentioned above.

2. Boot your PS5 into safe mode.

Try booting up your PS5 into safe and to do that, Turn off your PS5 by holding the power button for 3 seconds. The power indicator will blink for a few moments before it turns off.

After turning it off, Press and hold the power button again for around 7 seconds until it beeps twice. The first beep will sound when you first press the power button and then the next beep after 7 seconds.

After that, Connect the controller with the USB cable and then press the PS button on the controller.

Use your PS5 controller with the USB cable to enter the safe mode.

Once you enter the safe mode, Try option number 6 or 7[i.e, Reset PS5 and Reset PS5(reinstall system software) respectively]. Choose wisely between these two options depending on your data requirements and your risk-taking capabilities regarding the data that you have in your PS5.

Booting up your PS5 might work for you and there are good chances that the issue will get fixed.

3. Try using a different power cable or outlet.

Sudden power outage often leads to a damaged power cable and sometimes the power outlet. So, what you can do is try replacing the power cable with the other one(if you know someone who borrows the power of the PS5) and check if that works.

Check other connected wires as well but the power cord and power outlet are the main sources. If your power cable or power outlet isn’t working then get them fixed or replaced.

Reminding you all again to have a surge protector strip and UPS is a mandatory thing to have.

4. Try updating system software manually(safe mode).

Sometimes after a power outage, System software gets corrupted and there’s one to fix this by updating and installing the latest version of the system software via safe mode.

If you are able to operate safe mode, try updating the system software manually by downloading the latest PS5 system software on a USB drive, and then try uploading manually.

update system software after you enter the safe mode to

Try entering safe mode and then select option number 3 i.e, Update system software.

After you select option 3 you’ll get another two options under Update system software. Option 1 is to Update from a USB drive and the second one is to update using the internet.

Update from USB is the preferred one here but if you are able to upload the update using the internet then you should select that option.

Trying all the above-mentioned fixes should work for you to get the issue fixed. And in case these fixes don’t work for you there’s one thing you can do and that’s our last pointer which is to contact Sony.

Contact Sony:-

If nothing out of all the above-mentioned fixes works out for you then there’s a need to contact Sony. You can either reach out to your nearest Sony service center or over a call with a customer care representative.

And if your PS5 is under warranty, make sure you ask more about it from the Sony customer representatives. Try to get the issue fixed by them if possible.

And with that said, Let’s conclude this topic here I am hoping that out of all the fixes one of them works out for you in case you have any queries regarding PS5 and any other console then you can head to our contact us page for more. that’s that and peace out.

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