FIX: PS4 keeps disconnecting from the wi-fi

ps4 keeps disconnecting

PS4 keeps disconnecting from the internet or wifi is something a lot of you are experiencing after the recent updates.

And it is very annoying for me isn’t it for you all? But I’ve gone through everything to fix this and underneath is the complete guide to fix the internet issue in the PS4.

PS4 keeps disconnecting from the wi-fi because of the default DNS server or the frequency band which makes it unstable and to fix this go to internet setup and change the DNS to { and} or use { and} as primary DNS and secondary DNS respectively or set the wi-fi frequency band to 2.4Ghz Automatically.

Re-writing the DNS rewrites the books on where the PS4 looks for a physical gaming server and accesses the strength to the connection.

And the above-given DNS can fix the problem of internet speed dropping off and Disconnecting.

Before you get confused here’s how to change the DNS settings Manually:-


Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection > after that follow the given steps:-

  • How do you want to connect the Network?
    => Use wi-fi
  • How do you want to set up the internet connection?
    => Custom
  • IP Address settings
    => Automatic
  • DHCP Hostname
    => Do not specify
  • DNS Settings

    Primary DNS:- (, (, and (
    Secondary DNS:- (, (,and (

  • MTU Settings
  • Proxy Server
    => Do not use

    At last, Test the Internet Connection and also after testing you can restart the PS4 and check the internet speed if it is appropriate or not.

Note:- Either use { and} or use { and} as primary DNS and secondary DNS respectively. You can also try using { and} if the above doesn’t work for you.

These servers work efficient in the United States and I can’t assure you about the other countries.

And if you are from some other country i.e. other than the US, You can try using the below-given primary and secondary DNS servers.

Primary DNS ServerSecondary DNS server
Various different DNS servers to try on your PlayStation while connecting to a network

Here’s how to change the wi-fi frequency band in the PS4 for a stable connection:-

In case, the re-writing the DNS server didn’t have any positive outcomes for the internet try setting up your wi-fi frequency band to 2.4Ghz.

This worked for my friend and have research about this as well that 2.4Ghz makes the internet connection more stable.

And in order to change the wi-fi Frequency band follow the underneath given steps:-

  • Go to settings
  • Set up Internet Connection
  • How do you want to connect the Network?
    => Wi-fi
  • How do you want to set up the internet connection?
    => Easy (This time make it easy just because you’ve tried custom and changed the DNS and still didn’t work pretty good for you).
  • Options menu (you’ll find this on the middle side of the bottom)
  • Wi-fi frequency band
    => Set this to 2.4Ghz.

    You can either try using Wi-fi frequency band settings or DNS settings and compare which one works more appropriate to the requirement of yours.

Some other reasons and fixes:-

There are good chances that the below-given fixes could solve the problem of connectivity.

And it is most likely that the particular game you were playing while you faced this issue could be the reason for the disconnection.

Completely close the game you were in while this internet issue happened:-

As said above that there could be something wrong with the game you were playing.

While in the game if the connection drops or disconnects automatically, Hit the home button which will return you to the home page.

After returning to the home page press options button which will allow you to turn off the game.

Try doing this only when you are facing the internet issue only in a particular game for instance:- I Faced the disconnection while playing COD: Warzone so I tried closing this particular game only and kinda fixed this issue. Otherwise, there is no need to close any game without any doubt.

This sometimes works or sometimes doesn’t work and if it doesn’t work follow the next thing

Delete that particular game and re-install

Delete that game if it is in a certain game that you are facing the internet drop off to make sure there isn’t any data left.

It’s like the game has something to do with the internet or there is some while which isn’t appropriate.

Delete the game and re-install will make sure there isn’t any missing file in the game and it has nothing to do with the internet.

I know this takes forever to delete and re-installing it back to your hard drive but this thing really works if that game has something to do with your internet drop off. (it’s like re-installing the windows).

Just make sure other game’s not having this problem of disconnection or drop off.

Hard reset the wi-fi

Re-setting the wi-fi solves the issue of internet drop off at times.

Wi-fi modem gets heated up if we use it for long hours which makes the internet a little unstable.

Or sometimes you need to fix the server settings from the server by re-setting the wi-fi which solves the problem most of the time.

Restart the PS4

Why restart:- Just because sometimes the storage i.e. RAM gets stored completely while playing which causes fluctuation and delay on the internet and the games as well

By restarting the PS4, the data stored in the RAM gets refreshed and starts from the beginning which solves this problem at times.

credit:- Youtube

Also, the PS4 gets heated up sometimes due to long-playing hours due to which the device becomes slow.

Restart the PS4 only whenever you feel like there’s a lot of load coming on the memory or the device is heating up.

Switch off the PS4 and Unplug the wires from both ends

Another thing you can do in order to solve the internet issue or disconnection with the wi-fi is that turn off the PS4 and unplug all the wires from both the ends.

To make sure that there’s no faulty ends or a broken wire and re-plug them after making sure.

Re-arranging all the wires will make sure that there’s no fault with the wires and so does the connectivity.

Did you Check Your Wi-Fi?

Check your internet connection and call your service provider in case of fluctuating internet.

It could your Internet service provider that is causing you in the trouble so make sure to keep track on the internet speed and fluctuations.

Check if there are any loose wires from any end or you call the internet service provider for an inspection.

Low wi-fi range:-

Low wi-fi range can happen when the wi-fi is not in the range or nearby the room your Ps4 setup.

It can cause you trouble while playing online multiplayer games because of the fluctuation.

To Fix this issue of less wi-fi range either extend the wi-fi close to your room or you can use a repeater to extend the range.

You can use Lan cable for the best internet output on your ps4

Using LAN may sound a little inconvenient just because the hustle of setting up the internet but believe me it’s totally worth it.

As LAN doesn’t get any hindrance as such so it gives you a sense of stability while playing the online games.

Although, LAN users usually don’t face such issues of disconnection or unstable internet until and unless the service provider is having some issues.

If you don’t have one then I recommend the Ethernet cable from Celertec, it’s durable and compatible with works really well with PlayStations.

That’s that and I hope the above-given information would be enough to fix the wi-fi Keeps disconnecting issue.

In case you have a query or the technique doesn’t work for you, The comment section is open for you all and feel free to ask any question.

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