Facing green screen on the PS5? here’s how you can fix this

PS5 green screen

After spending a lot of time on the internet and observing it by myself I finally came up with an ultimate guide to fix the problem of the Green screen on the PS5.

However, This problem is not yet discussed or mentioned on any of Sony’s official pages. But you don’t have to think much about it as we got your back as underneath we have covered every green screen case. Let’s get straight into it.

Green screen on the PS5 appears mainly due to the resolution problem and to fix this issue of a green screen on the PS5, Use non-Arc HDMI ports and if you can still operate while having a green screen, go setting and disable all the gaming modes and HDR mode on your PS5 and also keep your TV updated.

Well, this is one of the fixes that might work in most cases.

There are other cases that you might be looking for that are stated underneath. but before that..,

Should we avoid ‘Rest mode’?

As of now, try to avoid rest mode as much as you can because it is causing the problem in most cases.

The Reddit community is flooded with everyone talking about the Rest mode when it comes to the Green screen. And it is true that Rest mode is responsible for the green screen in many cases.

Although, there’s no official statement about this and I personally verified that the REST MODE has something to do with the green screen.

Waiting for SONY to fix this issue soon. And for now, Do not put your PS5 in REST MODE.

A particular game that’s causing this?

A lot of people on Reddit have mentioned that ‘Spiderman miles morales’ leads to a green screen quite a lot of times.

It is unlikely because some gamers have faced this issue with some other games as well.

I couldn’t figure out personally if there is any particular game that’s causing this problem of a green screen.

In case, you experience any particular game that’s problematic. You should avoid playing it for the time.


There isn’t a fixed solution for this problem. It may vary from device to device as there are various different cases of green screen on the pS5.

Before we try some solutions make sure these little things are fine in your case.

Check your HDMI cable and HDMI port.

As mentioned above that the green screen problem on the PS5 is mainly due to the resolution problem.

Keep your HDMI ports clean so that you don’t such issues sooner or later. To clean HDMI ports on the PS5, either you can buy a proper cleaning kit or can use the useless cotton cloth to clean them, and last but not least you can have a cleaning spray and those are designed specifically to clean HDMI ports.

Change the HDMI cable to see whether the cable is faulty or not.

If your cable is faulty, then I recommend Highwings HDMI cable from amazon, It’s really durable and supports 8k too.

Check for the wreckage of the HDMI cable or the HDMI port. Make sure you don’t have any.

Solution1:- Try something that resets the User Interface

For instance, try turning OFF or ON the RAY TRACING if you can still control it while having a green screen.

HDR mode works as well in this case. Either turn it ON or OFF.

There are good chances that this might fix the problem by resetting the UI.

In case, you are unable to control things then boot up your PS5 in safe mode by pressing the power button for a few minutes and try changing the resolution. Which will also reset the UI and might fix the issue.

Solution2:- Try Restarting.

Yes, you heard it right. Restarting your PS5 resets everything which might fix this issue and there are good chances of it.

I’ve read each and every thread and researched every platform and for many, it worked for real. As it resets everything often fix the issue.

And always try to avoid ‘REST MODE’ as mentioned above in the blog as well. And in case, the console is in the rest mode you have to power it on in order to switch it off.

Solution 3:- Keep your TV updated.

Keeping your TV updated will allow your TV to Cope up with the latest technology introduced in the PS5 and it will fix the resolution problem if any.

Hence, Updating your device can reduce the risk of such things affecting you much.

I’ve seen a lot of gamers not getting this issue of Green screen after updating their respective devices.

Solution 4:- Delete all the unecessary files and curropted ones.

Deleting all the unnecessary and corrupted files will make sure that there’s no internal issue that bothering your PS5. And in case you don’t know how to delete all those data or files, you can refer to the youtube video given below.

This video might be helpful for those who find it difficult to delete all those unnecessary files and data.

Believe me or not the unnecessary and corrupted files can really affect your device and it can also develop this problem of green screen on the PS5.

Reach out to PlayStation’s Customer care.

In case nothing really works in your case, Reach out to SONY Playstation customer care centre or call them at 1-800-345-7669 or online at http://www.playstation.com/support.

If nothing really works out in your case out of all the above-mentioned fixes for the PS5 green screen issue then there are chances that there is a hardware problem in your particular console and it is better to get replaced or get it fixed from the PlayStation’s official customer care centre.

That’s that for this topic, If you have any sort of queries and doubts just reach out to the comment section And let us know this article helped you to get rid of this issue of PS5 green screen.

Reach out to our PlaystationOpens in a new tab. section in case you face any such issue with your device. we try to fix every latest issues and bugs that most of us gamers face. Peace out.

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