Everything about Charging your Sony PS5 Pulse 3D

Let’s get this straight, Sony PS5 Pulse 3D is weird when it comes to charging. Everything from charging Pulse 3D headset to the charging indicator is complicated.

We received multiple questions about charging the new Sony Pulse 3D so naturally, I checked and there are multiple Reddit forums with different questions.

Now the best answer that will clarify everything is-

The Sony PS5 Pulse 3D headset can be charged using the USB Type-C cable that comes with it. The LED indicator on the left earcup will blink orange while charging and turn off when fully charged. If the headset is charging while connected, the LED indicator will remain white and may blink orange a few times until it’s fully charged

The software in this acts a little differently which makes it kind of confusing like if you want to check The battery percentage of Pulse 3D.

2 ways to check the battery percentage of Sony Pulse 3D.

There are 2 ways of checking the battery life on Sony Pulse 3D.

One of them is made to work with the PS5 but the second one is like a hidden feature so let’s talk about that first.

a. Hold the “CHAT + VOL DOWN” to see the battery life indicator.

Hold The CHAT button + Vol Down at the same time to see the battery life directly from the Sony Pulse 3D. You will hear beeps and the purple or orange light will pop up depending on the battery percentage.

  1. Purple light blinks 3 times and 3 beeps mean fully charged.
  2. Purple light blinks 2 times with 2 beeps means medium battery.
  3. Purple light blinks 3 times with 1 beep means low battery
  4. Orange fast blinks with 1 high beep and 1 low beep mean charge now.

No one is talking about this feature but it is on the manual so a hidden feature right under our nose.

This battery indicator comes in handy when you are not connected to the console.

2. The battery percentage on the console.

If you are connected to the console then you can check the battery percentage in PS5 UI under accessories.

To check the battery percentage of pulse 3D on PS5, Connect your headset to PS5 with a USB cable and press the PlayStation button on the controller and go to the controller icon which says “accessories”, It will show the battery percentage underneath a headset set logo.

Some users are facing some problems with the battery percentage indicator in accessories. Try reconnection your headset by replugging.

If it’s still not popping up then contact PlayStation customer care and see if they can help you with this problem or worst case scenario a replacement.

Charging related question of Sony pulse 3D.

Different types of charging indicators.

Even though I have discussed it several times but this question needs its own space.

The Light indicator blinks orange if you charge your Sony Pulse 3D when it’s not connected or switched off but if your headset is connected then the light will remain White and will blink orange in-between and go back to white light.

This confuses a lot of people and to be honest this is confusing, why white light when connected? It freaked me out, I thought my charger was broken.

But this is how it indicated charges and there might be a software fix for this if they consider this an issue.

How long does the pulse 3D headset take to charge?

According to Sony, Pulse 3D takes around 3 – 3.5 hours to fully charge. The headset doesn’t support fast charging, it may decrease some time to max charge the headset.

In my case it takes around 2.5 – 3 hours to fully charge, I use my phone’s fast charger with fast charging cable from Anker.

Most of the time I charge it directly from PS5’s fast port but when I switch off the console I use my phone’s fast charger.

If you need to buy a cable, here’s an Anker USB C Opens in a new tab.cable for $14.99 on amazon. Anker powerline II USB C type is Gen 2 USB 3.1 so since the speed is everything this is best to reduce lag.

You can use this with your controller to reduce Input Lag in competitive games like Call of Duty, every -1ms is a competitive advantage over others.

How long does Pulse 3D last?

Again according to Sony, Pulse 3D lasts around 12 hours. In my case, it was around 10 hours of straight gaming sessions.

But me using Mic and everything for 10 hours straight might not be your case since an average gaming session last around 6 hours.

The battery backup is not great, there are headsets with much better battery backup like Arctics 7POpens in a new tab. with 24 hours of battery life for $50 more.

But if you play 6 hours and you are ok with charging it often, then you might get 2 gaming sessions and that’s fine for most people and pretty reasonable under the $100 price tag.

Can you charge and play at the same time?

The answer is no, as of now the USB C is just for charging there might be a future update that enables this feature.

They can bring this feature to the table, You can try plugging the new-gen earpods with a lightning connector into the charging port of an old-gen iPhone like the iPhone 6, and it will play music.

For now, you can use the 3.5mm jack and charge at the same time but keep in mind that, as soon as you connect Pulse 3D with the headphone jack all the buttons become useless.

Why the Front Port in PS5 doesn’t charge Pulse 3D in Rest Mode?

This is fairly easy to solve, You need to activate this feature in the settings.

  1. Go to Settings System.
  2. Then  Power Saving Features Available in Rest Mode.
  3. Set Supply Power to USB Ports to Always.

This question is from Reddit, Their headset was not charging after the PS5 entered rest mode, You have to enable it from settings to use this feature.

But the best thing to do right now is to disable Rest mode completely, There are power and storage bugs in PS5 and the main culprit is Rest Mode.

Long story short the PS5 keeps turning off randomly and rest mode was the reason.Opens in a new tab. So if you are facing the same problem then I would suggest turning off Rest mode.

Pulse 3D charges after the battery being drained.

This one is not clear but according to the forum, there are some users facing this issue.

Their Pulse 3D seems to charge only when they use it for a while and they hear 1 beep and a blink which means the battery is low.

They may be confused because of random white and orange lights, The software likes to keep the indicator light, White, when charging while connected and shows orange light randomly until fully charged.

But to be sure contact Sony if it’s the same as your Pulse 3D and ask them if it’s the software build to maximize the battery life or if it’s a bug.

Contact Sony

This is Sony’s Contact UsOpens in a new tab. page, and file a replacement under System and hardware > Legacy hardware and accessories.

File a replacement and talk to them, Your Pulse 3D might be broken and if that’s the case then you will get a replacement, and if it’s not then we will be happy to hear the solution from you.


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