Easy Fix: GTA 5 fix Amanda’s car glitch ps4

GTA 5 Amanda's Car Glitch PS4

To be honest, I didn’t face Amanda’s car glitch in GTA while playing on PS4, but I have seen my friend live stream where he is unable to fix the car at Los Santos Customs.

After going through many articles and forms sections to solve this issue, I found that it’s not a bug or glitch.

There are 2 way’s to fix it first is to complete the mission 2-3 more times, and then on the next attempt, this bug should have gone, and the second way is that you can do a side mission ( a race with Hao at the bar) as a Franklin character selected.

Fix in details

— You are now thinking that if it’s not the glitch then, why do you have to do it 2-3 more times, it’s because after doing it 2-3 more times the game will let you clear that mission without doing it the side mission race with Hao.

— And if you have done the race with Hao, then you have started the mission Father/Son you will not face any issue.

That’s pretty much you can do it to solve Amanda’s car glitch, and this is not a glitch because it has been around when the game is officially launched for PS4, dev hasn’t fixed it yet.

You can check this here GTA 5 fix Amanda’s car glitch ps4.

Father/son Mission in Detail

This mission can be started by either Michael or Franklin’s character selected. If the player chooses to start the mission as Michael. Then a cutscene at Michael’s mansion will be shown, where Amanda and Tracey arguing over whether Tracey can have a male friend stay the night. Michael gets out from the pool with a drink and listens to music, only to be interrupted by Franklin. If the player chooses to start the mission as Franklin, the mission begins with Franklin approaching Michael at the pool.

Franklin and Michael talk. Franklin is interested in Michael’s criminal experience and asked about it, but Michael says that he’s retired and encourages Franklin to go to college so he can “rip off people and get paid to do it.” Still, Michael takes an interest in Franklin and offers to buy him a beer at a nearby bar that Michael likes.

The two head for Amanda’s Sentinel to drive, and get interrupted when Michael gets a call from his son, Jimmy, who informs Michael that he tried to sell Michael’s yacht, without his father’s permission. The buyers stole the boat instead, leaving Jimmy to cower and hide in the boat’s head (bathroom) as the thieves drive it on a trailer down the Great Ocean Highway.

After listing to this Michael takes her wife Sentinel and heads to Pacific Bluffs. Along the way, Michael states that while he is retired and Franklin sufficiently impresses him on this outing, Michael might teach Franklin a thing or two. They reach the Great Ocean Highway and they spot Michael’s yacht flying by, pulled by a Phantom. The two give chase as the thieves follow the Del Perro Freeway.

— What you have to do now

Mission Objectives

  • Go to Pacific Bluffs. (Michael)
  • Get Franklin close to the yacht. (Michael)
  • Shoot the thief. (Michael)
  • Chase the yacht. (Michael)
  • Catch Jimmy. (Michael)
  • Go to Los Santos Customs. (Michael)
  • Repaire Amanda’s car. (Franklin)
  • Go to Michael’s house. (Franklin)

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Quick Catch – Rescue Jimmy within 10 seconds.
    • Drive quickly under the mast, but avoid traffic, there may be several trucks on the freeway.
  • Not a Scratch – Deliver Amanda’s car with minimal damage.
    • Drive back carefully.

Story continue

To save Michael’s son Jimmy, Franklin climbs onto the car’s hood, jumps onto the yacht, and deals with the goons on the stern before retrieving Michael’s son. When Franklin is fighting with goons, Jimmy gets hit by the boat’s boom and swings outward, ends up dangling the left side of the road over the freeway while clinging to the boom for dear life. Michael pulls up close enough in time for Jimmy to drop into the back of the Sentinel. Michael then gets near enough to the rear of the yacht so that Franklin can jump safely onto the hood.

With Franklin back in the car Michael wants to continue pursuing the thieves, but the engine of the Sentinel begins to break down, due to a goon having shot it earlier while grappling with Franklin. Left unable to keep up the pursuit, the goons getaway, leaving Michael crestfallen. On Franklin’s recommendation, the three drive to the nearby Los Santos Customs where Hao works, and Michael has Franklin call him a taxi to meet them there; When Jimmy’s protests, he asks Franklin to take care of the Sentinel and get Jimmy home so Michael can have some alone time,  Michael gives Franklin the cash he has on him for the repairs and takes the cab home while Franklin and Jimmy get the Sentinel fixed. Following that, Franklin drives Jimmy home and the two agree to hang out sometime.

After mission

Phone Rings

  • After the mission completes, Franklin can call Jimmy immediately after this mission. Franklin will ask Jimmy how Michael is doing, to which Jimmy says he’s fine, but doesn’t understand what his dad is adding to their partnership. Franklin tries to tell Jimmy that life where he’s from is rough, and not glamorous as Jimmy thinks it is, but hopes that some of Michael’s “shine” will rub off on him. Jimmy doesn’t understand where Franklin is coming from, to which Franklin tells him he’s got to go and hangs up.
  • If the player switches to Michael right after the mission, he will get out of the taxi he took during the mission in Morningwood (close to the Tivoli Cinema), or seen dropping off Amanda (who is in a bad mood, probably because of what happened with her car) at Portola Drive to go shopping.

Key Point’s

  • The Phantom towing Michael’s boat trailer is immune to the player damage, it cannot be destroyed, and is difficult to catch up with, particularly at its first instance. You can’t beat it, if you somhow manages to get ahead of the truck, it will speed ahead, particularly at the end of the chase.
  • This mission is similar to part of the final mission in , where Sweet Johnson jumps onto the back of a fire truck similar to Franklin jumping onto the yacht.
  • If you lost the race with Hao’s, he will comment on the player’s victory or loss as the player enters the garage.
    • if the player hasn’t done any of Hao’s races, Hao will comment that Franklin really needs to sign up for the races, and issue can be occured there. Where Amanda’s car can’t be repaired.
  • If Michael fails to catch Franklin before the truck drives away, a special cutscene will play. Michael pulls over, he then grunts, and Jimmy will say to him “Dad, don’t be all butt hurt. At least you got me out of there.”, making Michael angry and then he shouts at Jimmy saying “You listen to me, you little shit! That kid just jumped off the hood of a moving car to save your ass, and now he’s gone! And so is my boat!”, before leading to mission failure. If Michael fails to save them both, Michael will pull over at the same spot, yelling “Fuuuuuck!”, constantly hitting the steering wheel, before laying his head on it crying, again leading to mission failure.
  • The Sentinel is scripted to break down after two gunshots to the engine, even if the player avoids the gunshots altogether. In normal gameplay, however, the Sentinel’s engine can take up to twenty gunshots before the engine is destroyed.
  • Grenades and Sticky Bombs thrown during the chase will not blow up when triggered, wasting them away. They can be blown up after the yacht is lost, however.
  • It is possible to customize the Sentinel after repairing it. Doing so will prompt Jimmy to jokingly say that Amanda will be angry once she finds out.
  • The Sentinel is scripted to break down anyway after the second bridge, regardless of the damage to the engine.

That’s pretty much all, if stuck anywhere else’s in GTA 5 feel free to comment down, we would be glad to help you out.

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