Cold War crashing on Xbox? Here are easy solutions

Call of duty: Black Ops Cold War

Finally, after so many restarts and even replacing cold war from the external drive to SSD, I figured out what was the main reason behind Cold war crashing on Xbox.

To be honest, I didn’t do anything, reinstalling the game into SSD solved my issue and because of that, I realized…

COD Cold war is crashing on Xbox because of some missing files. To fix the cold war first, uninstall the game and go to the Store > Search cold war on the store and click on the cross-gen bundle (Buy the cross-gen edition if you didn’t) and Manage > make sure you select and install the base game for Xbox series X/S.

One more solution from Reddit

This one is more like a bypass and the user guaranteed a 100% success rate and I’m confident on his confidence.

His idea was to go to shut down the screen and come back in the middle of the game but there were some conditions.

To use this bypass you have to check for some framerate drops or jittering. The controller sometimes misses few vibrations feedbacks while shooting.

You have to notice these issues first and if this is happening to you then try these steps to fix cold war crashing on you Xbox.

  1. When you start noticing the frame drops Hold the Xbox button on the controller to get to shut down the screen.
  2. Once you get to the shutdown or restart screen Press B to go back.
  3. You will go back to the normal screen and play for few minutes to check the frame rate and vibration feedbacks.

This is like a Pre-Crash fix which is better but you have to keep an eye for that, hopefully, this is a temporary fix and Xbox solves this issue but for now, you can try this method and see if it helps.

You noticed how the Cold war only crashes when you are in party?

After reading the heading If you were like – Yeah! this might be something then this may solve you question.

And even if you were like – Nah I don’t think then don’t think too much because this solution might help you either way.

Uncheck and Disable the PARTY CHAT OVERLAY, It’s that simple. Somehow Xbox Series X/S can handle 4k graphics and Ray-tracing but crashes cold war if you have party overlay on.

Many Youtubers and Redditors noticed that disabling the party overlay reduced frame drops and stuttering even when playing with ray-tracing on.

So ray tracing might not be your problem and if this fixes your crashing then you will play Cold war with high graphics and ray tracing On.

This works on Both series X/S and Xbox One so try disabling the party over and see what happens.

Xbox Series X/S Cold war crashing solutions

Why only COD Cold war? why not any other game?

The main culprit here is the “poor cross-gen support” and you don’t have a choice, The normal game says it is optimised for Xbox series X/S but it is not.

It’s better to buy the cross-gen bundle if you own the older version, it’s an addon for $10 and the cross-gen bundle supports the ray-tracing optimizations and many HD texture packs for series X/S.

But for some case when you download and install the game, Xbox decides to skip the base game for Xbox series X/S and installs all the other files.

When you are reinstalling Cold war make sure you clean reinstall it. Remove every file and don’t download any settings backup from cloud, Clean install will fix this crashing

This works on Xbox Series X/S and not so much on Xbox One, Uninstalling the ray-tracing from cross-gen files may solve crashing on Xbox one.

The ray-tracing file normally doesn’t install on Xbox because it doesn’t support ray-tracing but sometimes Xbox one downloaded the ray tracing file with you then uncheck and uninstall this file.

If for some reason your game on Xbox series X/S is still crashing then the issue might be physical in your case.

Xbox Series X/S has a major heating issue and we solved it.

Well kind of, This is a huge topic to discuss and we cleared this topic earlier so if the above steps didn’t work for you then you might consider reading this post.

Long story short, Xbox series X/S has a compact body and huge power. Combo of short and powerful needs to managed perfectly and Microsoft did but not so much.

After hours of game time series X/S releases a lot of heat and the ventilation of this latest gen console is not good enough.

Again this is a huge topic, my friend researched a lot and went deep into Reddit and discord asking what was their solution so that might help you.

Xbox Series x turning off by itself?

If you are having this kind of problem then the reason might not the game but poor hardware software integration of Xbox series X/S.

We discussed the heating issue but if your Xbox series X/S was shutting down instead of crashing cold war then the reason was because of the heating and power supply.

Another plug but these topics are big and have to do seprately.

Anyways, this is a very common issue and you might have it, (sounds like I’m happy but I’m not so sorry in advance)

Xbox One Solutions

Game is heavy for older gen console

Xbox One is now the ‘older version’ and its showing. Cold war has multiple new features like Ray-tracing and better dynamics, environment and motion blur.

If you feel some jitters when you open the game and these crashes are only in cold war then you might have to change few settings.

Turn off Motion blur, ray-tracing and resolution.

Solution 1: Reduce the resolution

Switching to 1080p will reduce the power consumption, not only that it will also reduce heating issues.

Playing on 4k is nice and I know that you chose to spend on a new gen console but for now try to stick with 1080p.

Latest games like Cold war or assassin’s creed Valhalla that needs more power are the one facing a lot of crashing, freezing and eventually shutting down comletely.

To Reduce Resolution on your Xbox –

source: MicrosoftOpens in a new tab.
  1. Go to General and then TV and Display Options.
  2. Then under Display choose resolutions and select 1080p.

Switching to 1080p is the best option for now because 1080p will keep the Xbox cool and the resolution is good enough to enjoy the game.

source: Xbox supportOpens in a new tab.

This is a temporary fix because Microsoft won’t like to face some backlash on their latest console.

Solution 2: Uncheck HDR10

Source: Windows CentralOpens in a new tab.

This is right where you change resolution so –

  1. Go under Advanced in Tv and display options.
  2. Open Video Modes and Uncheck Allow HDR10.

HDR10 allows High Definition Range(HDR10) in supported apps and games to enhance the graphic quality. This increases the heating and also takes more power so turning this off temporarily can fix your Xbox

This is On by default because the Xbox was made powerful enough to handle all the graphic enhancement but switching this off will be a better option.

Solution 3: Power mode > Energy saving

Next one is switching the power mode to Energy saving.

To change the power setting-

  1. Go to General and Power mode and startup
  2. Under Power mode, switch it to Energy-saving.

It comes with Instant-on by default and what it does is takes more power to make the Xbox quicker overall. Switching it to Energy-saving will reduce power consumption and according to Energy-saving consumption it Environmentally Friendly.

So some +pts for you to go to the The Good Place.

Solution 4: Turn Off “Ray Tracing”

I know this one hurts, especially when you bought this console for RAY TRACING.

But it does take more power and yes it looks good and should be a feature not a choice in the most powerful console in the market, switching it off will help it for now and turn it on when they fix this “Xbox shutting down by itself” issue.

My friend was having the same issue and also some small stutters when he was playing Cold war and he got frustrated with random shutdowns in between missions so he called Activision.

Even they suggested that reducing the resolution and turning off the ray tracing will help him play for a little longer. So he did and played for 20 hours non-stop without any stutter and no shutdowns.


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