Best team for Pokemon Red and Blue

Pokemon Red & Blue

In this guide, I will provide the best team for the pokemon platinum game that can make the game more fun and interesting.

We will also be providing the Location for each pokemon and Moveset to use and where to get those moves so just buckle up and keep reading.


What starter you pick in any game is one of the most important decisions you have to make during the playthrough. And, Bulbasaur is the best starter in pokemon red/blue by a huge margin as it can solo the first 4 Gym.

Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison-type pokemon and evolves into Ivysaur at level 16 then into Venusaur at level 32 Being a Grass/Poison-type it can prove its worth in any battle of the game.

Venusaur has 100 special Stat and 82 attack for the offense. As for the defense, it has 82 HP and 83 defense. And its 80 speed is not bad either.

In gen. 1, there is only a Special stat instead of a separate Special attack and Special defense. So 100 special means 100 in boh special attack and special defense.

Being a Grass/Poison-type Venusaur is weak against Fire, Ice, Flying, and Psychic-type move and can resist Fighting, Water, Electric, and Grass-type move.

Pokemon red/blue doesn’t show much love to Venusaur when it comes to coverage moves but what can we say it’s the first pokemon. And it’s still better than Charizard who doesn’t get any flying-type moves.

As for what moves to teach Venusaur:

In gen 1, all the grass-type moves are special and all Poison-type moves are physical, and Venusaur has 100 special stat and its 82 attack isn’t bad either so we can freely teach it both physical and special moves.

For Venusaur we are going to teach two grass-type moves Leech seed and Razor leaf, 1 Poison-type move toxic and 1 normal-type move for the damage being Double-edge.

Moves TypePowerAccuracyPP
Leech SeedGrass9010
Razor leafGrass559525
Double EdgeNormal10010015
Moveset for Venusaur in pokemon red and bluw

Leech Seed

Leech Seed is a great status move that can help Venusaur survive much better and is worth having.

Bulbasaur can learn leech seed at level 7.


Toxic is the Poison-type move we are going to teach. And toxic and leech seed combo is quite OP in pokemon red and blue as Leech seed does more damage with toxic and Toxic’s damage increases more and more with each turn.

You can get TM06, Toxic after defeating Koga, Fuchsia City Gym leader.

Before that, you can use Poison powder that you can learn as Ivysaur at kevel 22.

Razor leaf

Razor leaf is the best grass-type move Venusaur can learn. I know it’s only a base 55 power move but it is what it is and there is nothing we can do.

To somewhat make up for its low damage, the Razor leaf has a higher critical ratio and together with gen 1 critical mechanics, you will be crit a lot.

Ivysaur can learn Razor leaf at level 30.

Double Edge

Double edge is a hard-hitting base 100 power normal type move, but it does recoil damage so you have to keep an for that.

You can teach Venusaur Double edge using TM10 that you can get from the team rocket hideout.


The next member of our is team is the ground-type pokemon-Dugtrio.

I know some of you want to use Nidoking but the only damaging Ground-type move it can learn is Earthquake which is available after you defeat the last Gym leader.

Dugtrio has 80 attack and 120 speed so it’s pretty fast and can hit hard. As for the defenses, it is outright terrible. It has only 35 HP, 50 defense, and 70 special stat.

Being a ground-type pokemon, Dugtrio is weak to Grass, Ice, and Water-type moves and is immune to Electric-type and resists Poison and Rock-type moves.

You can catch Diglett at Diglett’s Cave before your match with Lt. Surge. It can then evolve into Dugtrio at level 26.

As for the moveset:

In gen 1, every Ground-type move is physical and Dugtrio’s attack is 80 that is pretty good.

Dugtrio doesn’t get much when it comes to coverage but it has access to both Earthquake and Dig via. level up.

Rock SlideRock751090
Moveset for Dugtrio in pokemon red and blue


Earthquake is a base 100 power ground-type that does double damage if the target is underground, i.e Dig.

Dugtrio can learn it at level 47.

Before Earthquake you can use Dig. It’s a 2-turn move with 100 base power. Duglett can learn this move early at level 19.


Slash is a normal-type move with 70 base power. What makes this move special is its higher critical chance ratio. And in pokemon red and blue, the higher the pokemon speed, the more critical hit it can land.

And Dugtrio has a high 120 speed so you will be Criting a lot.

Dugtrio can learn Slash at level 35.

Rock Slide

Rock Slide is a 70 base power Rock-type move that can provide coverage against Ice-type pokemon.

You can get TM42 Rock Slide by talking to the girl in Celadon City, Department store.

As for the last move you can teach it whatever you like,


Psychic-type Pokemon in gen 1 is quite overpowered, and we can’t have the best team for pokemon red and blue without one.

Alakazam is the strongest non-legendary psychic-type pokemon in pokemon red/blue, no questions asked. And can dominated the whole game.

You can catch Abra at route 24, then it will evolve into Kadabra at level 16, then you just have to trade it to evolve into Alakazam.

If trading is not feasible for you then you can go with Starmie or just use Kadabra, it’s honestly quite powerful for a mid evolution.

Alakazam has a busted offensive kit with 120 speed and 135 special stat. As for the defense, it has 55 HP, 50 attack, 45 defenses, and 135 special. Pretty bad defenses, right? But they have to survive to hit back.

If you think Kadabra is not Strong enough then it has 120 special stat and 105 speed. But its defenses are even worse but it can still tank special hits In my opinion Kadabra is a top-tier pokemon especially in generation 1 games.

Being a Psychic-type pokemon Alakazam is only weak against Bug-type moves and is immune to Ghost-type and resists Fighting and Psychic-type moves.

Best moveset for Alakazam in pokemon red and blue:

All Psychic-type moves in generation 1 are special and I don’t think we need to talk about how busted its special stat is. As for the attack, it’s outright trash.

Thunder WaveElectric2090
Best moveset for Alakazam in pokemon red and blue


Psychic is a great psychic-type pokemon with 90 base power and a 33% chance to lower opponent special stat.

And in pokemon red and blue only other psychic-type pokemon can resist psychic-type attacks. So believe me, just spam Psychic and you will wipe the floor out.

Alakazam can learn Psychic at level 38.

Thunder wave

Thunder wave is also another great status move and having the ability to cut the opposite pokemon’s speed by 75% is always great to have.

You can get Thunder wave TM at router 24.


Recover is another great move that can recover alakazam’s health by 50% and can be taught at level 31.


Psybeam is another psychic move with 65 base power and 25PP that makes it pretty spam able. Alakazam can learn psybeam at level 27.

Psychic will be the main damage dealer whereas Psybeam is what you will use in most cases.


The member of our team is going to be the fat ball Snorlax.

You can catch Snorlax after waking it at Route 12, 16 with a poke flute which you get from Mr. Fuji.

Snorlax has a great 110 attack for offense, And a massive 160 HP, 65 defense, and 65 special. So, it hit like a truck and tank-like a wall.

Aside from amazing stats, it can learn tons of really great TM’s.

Being a Normal-type Snorlax is weak against Fighting-type moves and is immune to Ghost-type moves.

As for the moveset:

Snorlax has 110 attack but its special is only 65. So we are only going to teach it Physical-type moves.

Don’t worry, Snorlax has access to some of the best physical-type moves like Body Slam, Submission, Earthquake, and a lot more.

Body SlamNormal10015100
Strength Normal8015100
Moveset for Snorlax in pokemon red and bluw

Body Slam

Body Slam is a solid normal-type move with 85 base power and a 30% chance to paralyze. Snorlax can learn Body Slam at level 35.

If you want something more powerful then you can go for Double-edge that has base 100 power but it does recoil damage that can be bad if Snorlax is low on HP.

For me, the extra damage is not worthed so I prefer Body slam over the double edge.


Strength is a necessary HM and a pretty solid 80 base power move to use in battle.

You can get HM04 Strength from Safari Zone Warden for returning his Gold Teeth, Fuchsia City.


Submission is a base 80 power Fighting-type move that is effective against Normal, Rock, and Ice-type pokemon.

You can purchase submission TM from Celadon Dept. Store for 3000 poke-dollar.


Earthquake is a really strong 100 base power Ground-type move that does double damage if the opponent is underground i.e Dig.

It can provide coverage against Poison, Rock, Fire, and Electric-type pokemon.

You can get Earthquake TM after defeating Giovanni, Viridian City Gym Leader.


The next member of our team is going to be the Mermaid Cat Vaporeon.

You can get Eevee at the top of the Celedon Apartment complex by entering through the back entrance. After that, you just need Water Stone to evolve it into Vaporeon.

Vaporeon can hit hard with 110 special and it can tank well with its massive 130 HP, 60 defense, and 110 special.

But it only gets Ice beam for coverage, so you could say that its move pool is a little lacking.

Being a Water-type it’s weak against Grass, and Grass-type moves and can resist Fire, Ice, and Water-type moves.

Lapras is also a really good option but it’s available pretty late and will be under level. You can get a level 15 in Silph co.

As for the moveset, you can teach it Surf, Ice beam, Thunderbolt that you get for defeating Lt. Surge, and Psychic that you can get from Mr.Psychic, Saffron city.

As for what moves to teach Vaporeon:

Vaporeon has 110 special and all water and Ice-type moves are special so you can expect some really good damage with these moves/

Ice beamIce9510100
Acid ArmorPoison40
Best moveset for Vaporeon in pokemon red and blue


Surf is a necessary HM and a great move Water-type move to use in battle with its 95 base power.

You can found HM03 Surf in the house in the Safari zone, Fuchsia city. But let me warn finding the house Is a little tricky so Have fun.

Before getting Surf, you can teach it Bubble beam. It has 60 base power and a 33% chance to lower the opponent’s speed.

You can teach it through TM11 which you get for defeating Misty, Cerulean City Gym Leader.

Ice beam

Ice Beam is an Ice-type move that can provide coverage against Grass-type pokemon. You can acquire Ice beam TM by talking to the girl in Celadon Dept. Store.

It has 95 base power and a 10% chance to freeze.

Acid Armor

Acid Armor raises Vaporeon’s defense by 2 stages, helping it tank better, You can teach it at level 42.


Rest is a psychic-type move that lets Vaporeon restores its HP. After using it, Vaporeon sleeps for 2 turns and restores its HP to full.

You can get TM44 Rest in the fourth room from the right at B1F, SS Anne.


The next member of our team is going to be the Wing-less bird that can fly Dodrio.

You can catch Doduo at route 16 and it can evolve into Dodrio at level 31.

Dodrio has a great 110 attacks and 110 speed. And to back it up it can learn moves like Fly, Drill peck, Tri attack, Double edge, Peck, etc. Although its defenses are not great with 60HP, 70 defense, and 60 special it can take a hit or two, sometimes.

Being a Normal/Flying-type, Dodrio is weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock-type move and is immune to Ground, and Ghost-type and resist Grass and Bug-type moves.

As for what moveset to use?

Dodrio has much a much higher attack than special and all the Normal and Flying-type moves are physical in Gen. 1 so we are only going to teach it Physical moves.

Drill PeckFlying8010100
Tri attackNormal8020100
Double TeamNormal15
Moveset for Dodrio in pokemon red and blue


Fly is a great 2-turn move with 70 base power, and it’s also a necessary HM that can help you move around the region.

You can get HM02 Fly by talking to the girl in the secret house at the end of route 16, Celadon city.

Drill peck

Drill Peck is an 80 base power flying-type move that Doduo can learn at level 30. You can use peck before that.

Tri attack

Tri Attack is a normal-type move. It has 80 base power and can be taught at level 45.

Double team

Double team is an annoying move unless you are the one using it.

It raises Dodrio’s Evasiveness, thus making it harder to hit.

You can buy Double team TM at Celadon Dept. Store for 1000 poke dollar, or you can find on in Area 3 of the safari zone.

Another great option is Agility. It sharply raises Dodrio’s speed and can learn at level 51.

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