Best team for pokemon diamond and pearl

Best team for pokemon diamond and pearl

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl has a really interesting storyline so today we are going to provide the best team for pokemon diamond and pearl.

Best team for pokemon Diamond and Pearl:

  • Infernape: Chimchar is the Fire-type starter that can evolve into Monferno at level 14 and becaome Fire/Fighting-type then into Infernape at level 34.
  • Staraptor: Starly is a Flying/Normal type pokemon. Starly can be caught at Route 201 and it evolves into Staravia at level 14 then into Staptor at level 34.
  • Floatzel: Floatzel is a Water-type pokemon. Buizel can be caught at Route 205 then evolves into Floatzel at level 26.
  • Gengar: Gastly is a Ghost/Poison-type pokemon that evolve into Haunter and level 25 then trade it to evolve into Ganger.
  • Lucario: Riolu is a Fighting-type pokemon that can obtained by talking to Riley at the end of the Iron cave. It evolves it Lucario by inceasing Friendship during daytime and become Fighting/Steel type pokemon.
  • Garchomp: Gible is a Dragon/Ground type pokemon that can be caught at Wayward cave. It evolves into Gabite at level 24 then into Garchomp at level 48.

One last piece of advice, Don’t forget to catch the most useful pokemon in the pokemon platinum game- Bidoof for HM and later evolve it into Bibarel or catch a new one. This pokemon can learn almost every HM in the game and is the best team member.

We will also be providing Location and Moveset for each pokemon so just buckle up and keep reading.


Every starter pokemon is good in its own way, but we are going to go with Infernape for our best team for pokemon diamond and pearl.

Infernape’s Fire and FIghting typing can breeze through almost all the Gym and the only other fully evolved fire-type pokemon in pokemon diamond and pearl is Rapidesh.

Chimchar is a pure fire-type pokemon and will evolve into Monferno at level 14 and become fire-fighting, then it will later evolve into Infernape at level 36.

Infernape is really a beast when it comes to the offense with its 104 in both attack and spell. attack and 108 speed And it can also take a hit or two with its 76 HP and 71 in both defense.

So, what’s the Moveset we are going to choose?

Infernape has 104 in both attacks, so we have a plethora of moves to choose from being both Physical and special. it’s not good at defense so we are only going with low-accuracy moves.

Close combat120100
Shadow Claw70100

Flame thrower: Flame thrower can learn throughTM35 that can be found in Fuego Ironworks near Floraroma town.

If you want a more damaging move then you can go with Flare blitz. It has 120 base power but does recoil damage so it’s not recommended. Infernape can learn Flare Blitz at level 53.

Close combat: Close combat is the most damaging fighting-type move that Infernape can learn with 120 base power. But lowers its spl. defense but in worth it.

Infernape can learn Close combat at level 41.

Shadow Claw: Shadow Claw is a ghost-type move that can provide coverage against psychic and ghost-type pokemon.

You can obtain Shadow Claw TM65 by defeating Ghost-type Gym leader Fantina.

U-turn: It is a Bug-type move that can help Infernape get out of the sticky situations without wasting a turn. It can be learned through TM89 that you can buy from Veilstone Game Corner in Canalave City for 6000 poke coins.


The Flyer for our best team for the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl game is going to be the regional bird of the Shino Region-Staaptor.

Staraptor is a solid offensive flying-type pokemon with 120 attacks and 100 base speed. Its defenses are little lackluster with 85HP, 70 base attack, and 50 spl, defense.

You can catch Starly as soon as you can get pokemon balls at Route 201. It will evolve into Staravia at Level 14 and then into Staraptor at level 34.

Now it’s time for the best moveset for the Staraptor:

Staraptor has a monstrous 120 attack but it’s spl. attack is only 50 so we are only going to teach it physical attacks.

MovePower Accuracy
Close Combat120100
Brave bird120100

Fly: Fly is a must-have HM that can save you a lot of time and effort. It’s a 2-turn move that can dish out some heavy damage with its 90 base power.

You can get Fly HM02 in the Team Galatic Warehouse after you defeating Vielstone Gym.

Close Combat: Close combat is a Fighting-type move that can help Staraptor decimate most of the pokemon in its path with its 120 base power, but it will lower Staraptor spl. defense by 2 stages.

Staraptor can learn Close Combat on its evolution at level 34.

Brave Bird: Brave bird is a solid flying-type move with its base 120 base power but it does do 1/3 recoil damage.

Staraptor can learn Brave bird at level 49.

Return: Return is a Normal-type move that can help switch Staraptor out and does damage at the same time. Return base power can scale up to 102 base power depending on the friendship- Higher the friendship higher the damage up to 102 base power. And with time you can easily max the friendship and dish out some crazy damage.

You can teach Return via TM27 that you can get on the fourth floor of the Lost Tower – South of Solaceon Town or you can purchase it from Veilstone Game Corner for 8,000 poke coins.


There are quite a few water-type pokemon in pokemon diamond/pearl but the two that stand out the most is Gyarados and Floatzel. And for our best team of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, we are going with Floatzel.

Gyarados is also really strong with high offense and defense but it’s 4 times weak to Electric-type attacks and raising a Magikarp to level 20 is tiresome.

Floatzel is a pure Water-type pokemon that has good attack and not-so-good defenses. In other words, it’s a Glass-cannon,

Offensively Floatzel pretty good it has 115 speed, 105 attack, and 85 spl. attack that is also useable. But defenses are not that great with 85 HP, 55 defense, and 50 spl. defense.

You can catch Buizel at Route 205 and just level it up to 26 and it will evolve into Flotzel.

Now it’s time for the moveset for Floatzel:

Floatzel is better with physical attacks than spl. attacks so we are mainly going to teach it physical attacks.


Waterfall: Waterfall is a strong water-type move with 80 base power that has a 20% chance to flinch and it’s also a necessary HM.

You can get HM07 Waterfall by talking to Jasmine- Jhoto Steel type Gym leader at the beach after you defeat Volkner Sunnyshore gym leader.

Until you get Waterfall you can use Aqua jet and Surf.

Surf: Surf is a good water-type special move with a 90 base and an essential HM that you need more than any other HM.

You can get surf by giving Old Relic to Cynthia’s grandmother after you defeat team galactic grunts outside the Cave entrance while you are on your way to Celestic Town.

Crunch: Crunch is a Dark-type move with 80 base power and has a 20% chance to lower defense. It can provide coverage against Psychic and Ghost-type pokemon.

Floatzel can learn Crunch at level 26.

Dig: Dig is a ground-type move that can provide coverage against Electric, Fire, Steel type pokemon.

Dig is a 2-turn move with 80 base power and couples it with Floatzels 105 attack there are not many Electric-type pokemon that can survive.

You can get TM28 Gid in the Ruin Maniac’s Grotto on the northern side of Route 214.


Garchomp is the Pseudo-legendary of the Sinnoh Region and with its Dragon/Ground typing and over-the-chart stats, it can prove its worth in every battle.

Garchomp can destroy anything in its path with its 130 attack and 80 spl, attack and it tanks like a Wall with i108 HP, 95 defense, and 85 spl. defense.

You can catch Gible at the Wayward cave underneath the Cycling Road but you will need Strength HM. HM04, Strength can be obtained by talking to the two ladies at the top of the lost tower in the Solcean town.

Gible can evolve into Gabite at level 24 then into Garchomp at level 48. I know it’s kind of a late bloomer but believe me, it’s totally worth it.

So, what move should we teach Garchomp to Maximize the damage and provide the most coverage?

Garchomp has a solid base 130 attack and 80 spl. attack which is not bad, but to maximize damage we are mainly going to focus on Physical attacks. Don’t worry,

Dragon Claw80100
Rock Slide7590
Brick Break75100

Dragon Claw: Dragon Clow is a dragon-type move that Galbite can learn at level 33. IT has a base 80 power and 100% accuracy.

Earthquake: Earthquake is one of the best Ground type move with 100 base power and 100% accuracy and does double damage when the opponent pokemon is Underground, DIg.

You can get TM26, Earthquake in a room in the Wayward cave where you catch Gible. To get the TM you will need both HM04 Strength and HM06 Rock Smash.

Rock Slide: Rock Slide is a Rock-type move and can provide coverage against Flying, Fire, Ice, and Bug-type pokemon. It has 75 base power, 90 accuracy, and has a 30% chance to Flinch,

You can get TM80, Rock Slide in the Mt. Coronet.

Brick Break: Brick Break is a Fighting-type move with 75 base power and 100% accuracy. It can also destroy the screens like reflect and Light screen.

You can teach Brick Break via TM31 that you can get at Oreburgh Gate that is located on the west side of Oreburgh City.

Garchomp has a pretty diverse moveset so you can change the last move if you want.


The fourth member of our best team for pokemon diamond/pearl is going to be Lucario.

Lucario is a Fighting/Steel type pokemon that is good at everything it has a good offense. And thanks to its Fighting/Steel typing it only has 3 weaknesses and 8 resistances so it can be a tank whenever needed.

Lucario’s overall stats are pretty balanced. IT has 110 attack, 115 spl. attack and 90 speed for offense, And 70 in HP, defense, and spl. defense for defense.

You can get Riolu egg by talking to Riley at the end of the Iron cave then walk a lot and hatch it,

Riolu can evolve into Lucario by increasing Friendship during the daytime.

Aura Sphere80
Dark Pulse80100
Flash Cannon80100
Dragon Pulse85100

Aura Sphere: Aura Sphere is a base 80 power fighting-type move that ignores changes to the Accuracy and Evasion stats.

Lucario can learn Aura sphere at level 37,

If you want something more damaging then you can go for Close combat that has 120 base power but it lowers the spl. defense that is not good for tanking.

It can learn Aura-sphere at level 42.

Dark pulse: Dark pulse is a dark-type move that can provide coverage against Psychic, and Ghost-type pokemon. IT has 80 base power and has a 20% chance to flinch.

Lucario learns Dark pulse at level 1 so you can use heart scale to relearn it from the move relearned, or you can get its TM at the very back of the Victory Road and you will need Strength and Rock Climb to find it.

Flash Cannon: Flash cannon is a Steel-type with 80 base power and has a 10% chance to lower spl. defense. It s effective against Rock and Ice-type pokemon.

Flash cannon can be taught via TM91 that you can get as a reward for beating the Gym Leader of Canalave City, Byron,.

Dragon pulse: It’s a Dragon-type move with 85 base power that Lucario can learn at level 47.


Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type pokemon that can prove its worth in almost every battle. It has a monstrous 130 spl. attack and 100 speed. But its defenses are a little fragile with 60 in both HP, defense, and 75 in spl. defense.

You can catch Gastly on route 209 or lost tower then it can evolve into Haunter on level 25 then you just have to trade it to evolve it into Gengar.

If it’s not feasible for you to trade then you can use Weavile. It is a Dark/Ice-type pokemon that can help you a lot against Cynthia’s Garchomp. As for the moveset Night Slash, Avalanche, X-scissor, and Iron tail.

Weavile is a strong pokemon but its evolution needs Razor Claw that you can on your way to Victory road.

If possible I would highly suggest you go for Gengar it’s worth the effort.

As for the moveset for the Gengar?

Gengar is a special attacker with 130 spl. attack but its attack is pitiful 60 so we are only using special attacks.

But don’t worry, it has access to some of the best moves like Shadow Ball, Dark pulse, Sludge bomb, Thunderbolt, Energy ball, Focus blast, Thunder and a lot more.

Shadow Ball80100
Energy ball90100
Sludge Bomb90100

Shadow Ball: Shadow ball is a Ghost-type move. It has 80 base power and a 20% chance to lower spl. defense.

Gengar can learn Shadow ball at level 33.

Energy ball: It is a grass-type move that can provide coverage against Water, Rock, and especially Ground type pokemon.

Energy ball has 90 base power and a 10% chance to lower target spl. defense. You can obtain its TM at the western part of route 226 and will require Rock climb to get it.

Sludge Bomb: Sludge bomb is a poison-type move with 90 base power and a 30% chance to poison the target.

You can get TM36 Sludge bomb in the basement of the Galactic Veilstone Building where you get the Galactic Key.

Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt is an electric-type move with 90 base power and a 10% chance to paralyze.

You can purchase Thunderbold TM24 from Veilstone Game Corner for 10000 coins or you can behind the Valley Windworks.

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