Best settings for battlefield 5 on the PS5

Battlefield 5 best settings for PS5

On various different platforms, Battlefield V players have been asking about the best settings for battlefield V on the PS5. So, here we are with the best battlefield 5 settings on the PS5. Let’s crack-in.

First, we’ll talk about some basic soldier settings and how you can decide the number according to your need.

Go to setting and then go to controls while on the game and then you can follow the underneath mentioned tips and tricks.

Basic soldier settings

let us talk about the basic soldier settings and some other basic settings as well.

Starting off with the Invert vertical look settings and turn that OFF just because in that case the joystick that you use to look around the soldier works the opposite. You can try if you want to experience this and you’ll understand better whatever I am saying. Moving on further, Follow the chart for the Soldier’s control/Movement and sensitivity.

Soldier’s movementSensitivity/ Controls
Soldier aim sensitivity75%
Soldier zoom aim sensitivity61%
soldier sprintToggle
Double-tap forward to sprintOFF
double tap to sprint slideON
Soldier weapon zoomHold
Steady scopeHold
Request/ skip reviveHold
Soldier leaningHold
Soldier settings

Soldier sensitivity and Soldier zoom sensitivity:- Make sure that the Soldier zoom sensitivity is relatively lower than the soldier sensitivity so that you can control the recoil. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to stay on target and in the end, aiming will be get affected.

Moreover, In the games where you gotta switch between targets so quickly and obviously Battlefield fall into that category. So, set the soldier aim sensitivity to 75% and Soldier zoom sensitivity slightly lower than the aim sensitivity i.e. set the Soldier zoom sensitivity to 61%. Rest, you can leave the basic soldier settings to default

My gamer friends and I have personally tried this and the above-mentioned settings provide some extra efficiency while playing and controlling and also if you wanna try you go with some different numbers according to your need and requirements. Let’s move on to the next one.

Custom button mapping

Select-control scheme and then set soldier buttons to custom. After doing that you can either map your buttons according to your preferences or can follow my recommended button mapping.

walk forwardLeft joystick(Up)
walk backwardsLeft joystick(Down)
strafe rightLeft joystick(Right)
strafe leftLeft joystick(Left)
LookupRight joystick(Up)
Look downRight joystick(down)
Look rightRight joystick(right)
Look leftRight joystick(Left)
Danger ping(toggle)/Commo rose(hold)/Squad leader radio[Hold with another button]R1
InteractSquare button
Enter/Exit vehicleSquare button
Jumpcross button
Vaultcross button
parachute deploycross button
Toggle hud visibilitycross button
Full maptouchpad swipe(turn HUD on/off)
Zoom mini mapR2
Zoom mini map[Toggle]/Full map[hold]R2
ReloadSquare button
Switch weapon[toggle]/Fire mode[Hold]/ Scope zeroing distance[Hold]Triangle button
Firestorm- equip sidearm[double tap]Triangle button
Toggle gadget 1Directional button (left)
Toggle gadget 2Directional button (right)
Toggle toolboxDirectional button (down)
Use bandages/ Throw lures[campaign]Directional button (up)
melee attackCircle button
Bayonet chargeCircle button
Activate strafe to lean while zoomingCircle button
Throw grenade/ Squad leader radio[hold with another button]L1
Steady scopeR3
Crouch toggle/ Prone[hold]R3
Sprint slideR3
Switch to vehicle seat 1Directional button(Down)
Firestorm- toggle inventoryDirectional button(down)
Firestorm- Select item in inventoryCross button
Firestorm- Drop selected item from inventorySquare button
Firestorm-Map zoom inL1
Firestorm-Map zoom outR2
Firestorm-Toggle map markerL2
Firestorm- Center map on playerR1
Custom button mapping

Rest, on the advanced settings where we optimise the soldier aiming and acceleration, You can leave that as it is(default) or can change accordingly. I leave it as it is and make sure that the uniform soldier aiming is set to “on” just because it helps with muscle memory for aiming,

I’ve not mentioned some of them in the list just because they are not as useful and you can leave them as it is(i.e. blank) as they are of no use as such and now let’s see what we have next.

Controller tuning and Deadzone settings

Let’s discuss how we can optimize the controller by tuning it and some dead zone settings.

Controller left stick

MovementResponse percentage
Center Deadzone13%
Axial Deadzone15%
Max input threshold51%
Ideal controller left stick for Deadzone

Controller right stick

Movement Response percentage
Center Deadzone13%
Axial Deadzone15%
Max input threshold100%
Ideal controller right stick for Deadzone
  • Center deadzone:- Set how much the stick need to be pushed to be activated. A low value means that a smaller push is needed.
  • Axial deadzone:- Set how much the horizontal and vertical values cancel each other out when pushing the stick all the way. This helps the player to achieve a perfect horizontal only or vertical only turning at max speed, with no need for a total precision with the stick. Setting a lower value does less cancelling out which means less help.
  • Max input threshold:- Set how much stick needs to be pushed to produce max input. Lower the default value if you want to reach the max input with less physical stick movement.

Controller L2/R2 Button

Movement Response percentage
L2 Deadzone0%
L2 Max input threshold5%
R2 Deadzone0%
R2 Max input threshold5%
Ideal Controller L2/R2 Button for battlefield V on PS5.
  • L2 Deadzone:- Set how much L2 needs to be pulled to be activated. A higher value means you have to pull L2 to register input.
  • L2 Max input threshold:- Set how much L2 needs to be pulled to produce max input. Lower the default value if you want to reach the max input with less physical pull.
  • R2 Deadzone:-Set how much R2 needs to be pulled to be activated. A higher value means you have to pull R2 to register input.
  • R2 Max input threshold:-Set how much R2 needs to be pulled to produce max input. Lower the default value if you want to reach the max input with less physical pull.


Basic gameplay settings

Show HUDShow
HUD motion-ON/OFFOff
Player-created contentShow
ChatlogWhen active
Magnify ChatOff
InventoryWhen active
Kill logShow
Kill log filterEither go for “All” or “nearby”
Kill log weaponName
Score log weapon nameOn
Vehicle seat infoShow
Critical messagesShow
Share usage dataOff
Overlay shadow strength40%
Loadout MirroringOn
Basic gameplay settings

advance gameplay settings

Camera shake scale50%
Soldier auto leaningOn
Soldier auto peak overOn
Parachute auto-deployOff
Context-Based over givingOn
Plane chase camera rollOn
Character lightingOn
Soldier aim assist0%
Soldier aim assist zoom snap0%
Vehicle aim assist100%
Vehicle aim assist zoom snap100%
Reload hintHide
Hint systemHide
Advance gameplay settings

Note:- Set the camera shake scale to the lowest on the valve(i.e. 50%) and the reason behind that is that the aim assist will get affected due to too much camera shaking.

Moreover, talking about the parachute deployment, I would suggest you to turn the Parachute auto-deployment “off” and it would provide you with an advantage over parachute auto-deployment turned “on” just because you could decide when to deploy the parachute by analysing the scenario rather than relying on the system.

Soldier aim assist:- Choose whether infantry weapon aim slows down when the reticle is over an enemy target and gets sticky to it. The higher the number, the stronger the aim assist effect.

It would be better if you don’t use the aim assist just because it won’t help you to enhance your aiming skills rather it would degrade your aiming skills. I personally don’t use and don’t recommend it as well.

However, this is a personal preference and you can decide if you want it or not. Moving on to the next one.

Field Of View

Field of view:- Field of view is basically is the angle at which you’ll be seeing the battlefield and 90 is the recommended number for the Field of view. However, if you wan’t more you can max it out and if you want to get the maximum out of it 90 is what I would recommend. Conclusion:- 90 degrees is the best angle at which you get good view of what’s around and eventually helps you to aim better.

ADS Field of view:- When ON, the magnification of weapon sights will be relative to the user- defined field of view, When OFF, the magnification of weapons sights will be relative to the default field of view[55°]. Changing the field of view may impact your performance.

In simpler words, If you are a sniper and while sniping, Turn the ADS field of view ‘OFF’ and If you want use the red guns only then turn the ADS Field of view ‘ON’.

Rest of the settings you can leave it as default or you can change it according to your own preferences.

With that said, that’s that for the PS5 best settings for battlefield 5. If there’s something that you think is missing in this blog. Let us know in comment section underneath or mail.

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