ULTIMATE GUIDE for the best team in Pokemon Sword

Confused about what team to use during your Pokemon Sword playthrough? Don’t worry we are here for help.

In this detailed guide we will not only tell what pokemon to catch on this gameplay of pokemon sword but also why are we using that specific pokemon. where to catch it, what moveset you should teach it, and a lot more. So, just buckle up, relax and enjoy the ride.

Best team for pokemon sword:

  • Cynderace: Scorbunny is the Starter and fire-type pokemon. It evolves into Raboot at level 15, then into Cynderace at level 35.
  • Roserade: Budew is a Grass/Poison-type pokemon that can be caught at Route 4. It can evolve into Roselia with high friendship at day time, then into Roserade using Shiny stone.
  • Gyarados: Magicarp is a Water-type pokemon and can be caught at Route 2 lake-side. Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados at level 20 and become a water/flying type pokemon.
  • Lucario: Riolu is a Fighting-type pokemon and can be caught at Giant’s Cap – Area 2 during Snowstorm weather. Riolu can evolve into Lucario with a high-friendship at Daytime and become a Fighting/Steel type pokemon.
  • Snorlax: Muchlax is a Normal-type pokemon and can be caught at the Motostoke Riverbank area during normal weather. With high-friendship, Muchlax can evolve into Snorlax.
  • Grimmsnarl: Morgrem is a Dark/Fairy type pokemon and can be caught at Glimwood Tangle with a 20% spawn rate. Morgrem can later evolve into Grimmsnarl at level 42.

Well, these are the pokemon we are going to use in our jouney of the pokemon sword. I will able be providing moveset and how you can get hand on each move, and a lot more. So stay tuned.

Don’t worry, I know TR’s are harder to get, so I will not use the same TR twice.

Pick your Starter?

In any pokemon game choosing the starter pokemon is the first and really important decision you have to make. So, I going to give an overview of all the starter pokemon in Pokemon Sword.


Scorbunny remains a pure fire-type throughout its evolution and can prove its worth throughout the game with its amazing attack, speed, and diverse learn set. Although its defense is not something to hone about it can still take a hit or two.

Overall, Scorbuuny is a Hard-hitting, fast pokemon that can take hits if it need to.


Grooky and its evolution remains pure Grass-type and is capable of decimating most of the pokemon in the path with really high 125 attacks, and diverse move set. Its defensive stats are not something you can overlook.

Overall, Grooky is a defensive wall that can dish out some crazy damage.


Sobble remains Water-type throughout it’s evolution. Consider the crazy high 125 spl. attack and 120 speed it can fill the role of a sweeper really well. But as a trade off it’s defensive stats are below mediocre.

Overall, Sobble is a really fast, glass cannon that can hit like a truck.

My though on each starter in Pokemon Sword game:

Sobble: Sobble is the worst starter you can pick in the Pokemon Sword. It’s not because sobble is bad but because there is another water-type pokemon that fits the role of Sweeper much better. That pokemon is Barraskewda. It’s much faster and just as hard as Inteleon. So there is no need for you to choose him.

Grooky: Grooky is my personal favorite and is definitely worth picking if you want your own Drummer ape that can defensive as a wall and dish out damage like a truck.

He can learn a variety of useful moves that make him very powerful as he evolves, and its signature move Drum Beating reduces opponent speed every time it hits makes up for its only weakness, Speed.

The only that is holding it back is its typing. Grass-typing is weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Ice, and Fire. Although, grass-typing is not so bad in the Galar region but still not something you can overlook.

Scorbunny: Scorbunny is the most balanced pokemon of all the starters in Pokemon Sword. He is a speedy, hard-hitting pokemon that can take a hit or two if it needs to.

His signature move Pyro Ball is also quite over-powered.

Pyro-ball base 120 power + Cinderace 116 attack + 10% chance to burn= Over-powered

Another thing that makes him even better is it’s typing. Fire-typing has the second most resistances after Steel-type. It resists Bug, Steel, Grass, Fire, Ice, and most importantly Fairy.

Verdict: Scorbunny and Grooky are both really viable options, but Scorbunny is a little better because of it’s more diverse move pool, and Fire-typing, in general, is better.


Type: Fire


  • Blaze: When Pokemon health reaches 1/3 of its max hp it deals 1.5x damage with fire attacks
  • Libero (Hidden): Pokemon change its type to a move it’s about to use.

Good Against:
Defensively (Takes 1/2x damages):
Bug, Steel. Fire, ice, fairy, Grass

Offensively (Deals 2x damage): Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice

Weak Against:

Defensively (Takes 2x damage): Ground, Rock, Water

Offensive (Deals 1/2x damage): Rock, Fire, Water, Dragon

Base Stat Total: 530

Cinderace is the last evolution of the Scorbunny. Because of his high 119 speed and 116 Attack, he fit into the role of a sweeper who can take a hit or two if he needs to.

Being a Fire-type Cinderace is only weak to Ground, Rock, and Water-type pokemon, and at level 12, he learns Double Kick Fighting-type move, Double Kick that provides coverage against Ground and Rock-type pokemon.

With it’s diverse Moveset and Fire-typing, Cimderace can prove it’s worth in every battle except second the Water-type Gym.

You can checkout Ciderace full moveset at PokemondbOpens in a new tab..

Final Moveset for cinderace in Pokemon Sword

Cinderace has a high attack of 113 but a low special attack of 65 so it would be wise to prioritize physical attacks over special.

MoveTypesPowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
Fire PunchFire7515100TM03
Low SweepFighting6520100TM75
Pyro BallFire1200590Learn at its evolution
U turnBug7020100TM56
Best Moveset for Cinderace in Pokemon Sword/Shield

The move set we are going to teach Cinderace has 2 fire-type moves Fire-Punch and Pyro Ball.

1 Fighting-type move Low Sweep that provides coverage against Ground, Rock-type pokemon. The last move is U-turn for getting out of some sticky situations.

Fire-Punch: Fire-Punch is not the most hard-hitting move for Cinderace but the combination of decent Power and high PP makes it really good.

Fire-Punch has 75 base power. And with 15 base PP you will be able to use it more often. It also has a 10% chance to burn.

You can buy Fire-punch TM at the Wyndon Pokemon Center in front of the Stadium for 50000 poke dollars.

Low Sweep: Low Sweep is the best must teach move as it’s effective against 2 of its weaknesses Ground and Rock-type.

It has 65 base power, but it is a lot more spam able with 20 base PP and guaranteed to lower the target’s speed on Hit.

Use Double Kick until you get your Hands-on TM75 for Low sweep that you can get in the Bridge Field Wild Area.

Pyro-Ball: Pyro-Ball is the strongest fire-type move Cinderace can learn. 

With 120 base power, Pyro-ball is going to hit really hard. and it has a 10% chance to burn.

Cinderace learn Pyro-ball on it’s evolution from Raboot to Cinderace.

U-turn: U-turn is a unique move that let Cinderace switch out after damaging the opponent. 

This move is even more critical because Cinferace doesn’t have any coverage against Water-type pokemon and U-turn can let him switch out after damaging the opponent.

And with 75 base power, you will also be hitting pretty hard.

You can get your hand on U-turn TM at Glimwood Tangle.


In Pokemon Sword, there are 2 Water-type pokemon to choose for your team.

One like you have already guessed is, Barraskewda, and another one is your loving angry fish Magi…, sorry, Gyarados. Both of these pokemon are really good in their own way.

Barraskewda is one of the fastest pokemon in Pokemon Sword and a really high attack, making it an ideal sweeper, but his defenses are almost non-existent.

Gyarados, on the other hand, excels in all departments. He has a monstrous 125 attack and he can also work well as a semi-wall. Except for the electric-type.

So what pokemon to pick will comes down to your own personal preference. If you want fast but fragile pokemon then go for Barraskewda, or if you want a hard hitting tanker then go for Gyarados.

I personally like Gyarados more because it excels in every role.

I will provide tell you about both so choose the one you like more.


Type: Water/Flying


  • Intimidate: On switch-in, this Gyarados lowers the Attack of opposing Pokemon.
  • Moxie: If Gyaradose knocks out pokemon with its attack then its attack will rise.

Good Against:

Immune to: Ground

Takes 1/2x damages: Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water

Deals 2x damage: Fighting, Bug, Ground, Rock, Fire, Grass

Weak Against:

Takes 4x Damage: Electric

Takes 2x Damage: Rock

Deals 1/4x damage: None

Deals 1/2x damage: None

Base Stat Total: 540

You can catch a Magikarp can be found on Route 2-lake side. And I know leveling Magikarp to level 20 can be frustrating. But believe me, it’s worth your effort. 

Gyarados is undoubtedly one of the most powerful non-legendary water type pokemon you can have in any pokemon game. And Pokemon Sword is no exception.

Gyarados has monstrous stats. It has 125 base attack, 81 base speed, 95 Hp, 79 defense, and 100 sp. Defense. It can hit like a truck and with 81 speed it will outspeed a lot of the pokemon. And it can take a hit like a wall except, Electric-type attacks.

What makes Gyarados even more over-powered is it’s moveset. 

What is so vital about Gyarados moveset? You ask??

I can confidently say that Gyarados has one of the most diverse moveset in the whole game. Forgot about the TM’s and TR’s just look at his level-up moves.

He learns Ice Feng at level 8, Waterfall a 80 base power STAB attack at level 21, Bite on his evolution, Crunch at 24, Aqua-tail at level 32, Dragon dance at 36, Thrash at 44. 

I urge you to just have a look at his moveset at [Pokemondb]. 

Let’s not waste any more time and look at the moveset.

What moves to teach Gyarados in pokemon Sword

MoveTypePowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
WaterfallWater8015100Learns at Lv.21
CrunchDark8024100Learns at level 24
Ice FangIce651595Learns at Lv.08

Gyarados special attack is kind of trash so you should only teach Physical attacks. But, don’t worry, there are plenty so there is no need to worry about that.

Waterfall: Waterfall is the best Water-type STAB move Gyarados can learn.  It’s effective against Ground, Rock, and Fire Type pokemons.

Waterfall has 85 base power. It is also Spamable with 15 base PP and you will be hitting almost all the time with 100% accuracy. It also has a 20% chance to Flinch.

If you want more power then you can teach Aqua-tail with 90 base power but it 90 accuracy and no additional effect. I prefer Waterfall but you can choose any.

Earthquake: Gyarados takes 4X damage from Electric-type moves. Being a Ground-typr move earthquake can destroy most of the Electric-type pokemons. So a good ground-type move is a must on Gyarados.

The earthquake has a base power of  100 power and does 2x damage on a dig. But this move can only be learned by TR. So a good replacement for Earthquake is Bulldoze that you can get in the Giant’s Seat wild area.

Bulldoze has only 60 base power but it has a 100% chance to lower the opponent’s Pokemon Speed. 

Crunch: Crunch is the best dark-type move that Gyarados can learn at level 24. With this move you can pretty much solo the 5 GYM battle.

Crunch has 80 base power, 100% accuracy. It also has 20% chance to opponents defense, if you are lucky then you will be doing even more damage.

Ice Fang: This the best Ice-type move you can teach your Gyarados, and it can provide coverage against Grass-type and Dragon Type pokemon. 

Although Ice Fang has only 65 power but has a 10% chance to either flinch or freeze. You can teach Ice Feng at Move Reminder at any Pokemon center for Free.

With Gyarados, you can build a lot more fun to play move set like setting up Swords Dance and wait as Gyarados destroys the opponent after opponent. The choices are endless, and I can tell it’s really entertaining to play.


Type: Water


  • Swift Swim: Doubles the pokemon speed during Rain.
  • Propeller Tail (Hidden): Ignores moves and abilities that draw in moves.

Good Against:

Takes 1/2x damages: Water, Fire, Ice, Steel

Deals 2x damage: Fire, Ground, Rock

Weak Against:

Takes 2x Damage: Grass, Electric

Deals 1/2x damage: Water, Grass, Dragon

Base Stat Total: 490

You can catch Arrokuda as early as Route 2. Arrokuda can later evolve into Barraskewda at level 26.

What makes Barraskewda so over-powered is its 136 speed. There are not many pokemon (including Legendaries) that can outspeed this ugly looking deadly fish.

This fish also has 123 attack to compliment his radiculous speed. But other than that his defenses are beyond trash, not that it need anything else.

You can say Barraskewda is one of the best sweeper in pokemon sword.

To sum it up, Barraskewda is a Super fast, Super Frail pokemon with high attack.

The moveset for Barraskewda might not be as diverse as Gyarados but it can get the job done.

What Move should you teach to Barraskewda?

MoveTypePowerAccuracyBase PPWhere to get it
LiquidationWater8510010Learn at level 48
Psychic FangPsychic8510010TR97
Poison JabPoison8010020TR57
Ice FangIce659515TM67
Best Moveset for Barraskewda in Pokemon Sword

You already know that aside from speed and attack, everything is trash. So you should only teach physical attack.

Liquidation: Liquidation is the best water-type STAB move that Barraskewda can learn at level 48 or if you don’t want to wait so long then you can farm it’s TR in Den 8.

Liquidation has a base 85 power. Combined it with his 123 attack, Barraskewda can dish really good damage. It also has a 20% chance to lower the opponents defense.

Psychic Fang: Psychic Fang is really great move that can provide coverage against Fighting-type pokemons. Believe me, you will need it more often that you think.

Psychic fang has a really amazing 85 base power. and it’s secondary effect destroys light screen and reflect so that can also come in handy where NPC decides to hide behind them.

The only way to teach Psychic Fang to Barraskewda is through a TR98 that can be farm in Den 2.

Poison Jab: Poison Jab is another move that can be taught through TR. You can farm TR57 from Den 29.

This move is really crucial to Barraskewda as being a Poison-type move it can provide coverage against Grass-type and destroy Fairy-type pokemon.

Poison Jab has a base 85 power so it’s going to hit hard and it also has 30% chance to poison which is always welcome.

Ice Fang: This move is here mainly because of all the Dragon-type pokemon in Pokemon sword.

Ice Fang has a base power of 65 that is not good but not bad and it also has a 10% chance to either flinch or freeze.

You can buy Ice Fang TM at Hammerlocke Pokemon Center for 30,000 poke-dollar.

I know what you are wondering: so many TR’s but that what it takes to this UGLY fish, UGLY and Dangerous.

Joke aside, this moveset can provide a lot of utility, so I would highly recommend grinding the TR’s.


Type: Grass/Poison


  • Natural Cure: Roserade can cure its major status conditions cured when it switches out.
  • Poison Point: 30% chance to Poison the pokemon which makes contact with Roserade. 
  • Technician: Roserade moves of 60 power or less do 1.5x damage.

Good Against:

Takes 1/4x damage: Grass

Takes 1/2x damages: Fighting, Water, Electric, Fairy

Deals 2x damage: Ground, Rock, Water, Grass, Fairy.

Weak Against:

Takes 4x Damage: None

Takes 2x Damage: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

Deals 1/4x damage: None

Deals 1/2x damage: Poison, Steel

Base Stat Total: 515

Budew can be caught pretty early in the game on Route 4.

You can evolve the Budew into Roselia as soon as catch it by maximizing the friendship during the daytime, which is really easy in pokemon sword/shield.

You can further evolve him into Roserade using a Shiny StoneOpens in a new tab. that you can get at route 8. That means you can have Roserade really early in the game.

Roserade has a monstrous 125 Special attack,105 special defense, and a decent 90 speed. Although its defense and Hp are on the lower side, it can tank a hit or two if it needs to.

MoveTypePowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
Giga DrainGrass7510100Learns in evolution
Sludge BombPoison9010100TR22
Dazzling GleamFairy8010100TR92
Shadow BallGhost8015100TR33

With its 125 special attacks, Roserade can hit like a truck. Although 90 speed is good there are still a few Pokemon that can outspeed it. And its overall defensive stat is not that impressive. But it can tank a hit or two.

To overcome this problem we are going to use the Giga Drain which also heals 50% of the damage dealt. And it also has decent 75 power. This makes Roserade a lot more versatile and Durable.

Giga Drain: Giga Drain is the only Grass-type move you are going to need. It provides Roserade with a lot more longevity and viability. 

But if can compromise longevity for Pure damage then you can go for Leaf Strom.

Leaf Strom is a really hard-hitting move with 130 base power. It has 90% accuracy and lowers roserade spl. attack every time he uses it and you can farm it in Den 27.

I don’t think extra damage is worth the trade-off. But that just my opinion but if think it’s worth it then you can use it.

Sludge Bomb: This is the best poison type move Roserade can learn. It has 90 base power. It also has a 30% chance to poison the target.

You can farm TR22, Sludge Bomb at den 29.

Before getting this move you can use Venoshock which you can get pretty early in the game.

 Dazzling Gleam: This is a Fairy-type move with 80 base power. Which is effective against Dragon, Fighting, Dark-type pokemon. This provides a lot more versatility.

Dazzling Gleam can be taught through TR92 and it’s time for you to grind Den 33.

Shadow Ball: This is a ghost-type move with 80 base power. It also has a 20% chance to lower the target’s Sp. Defense. 

Again the only way to teach this move is through a TR33. And, it’s time for you to grind Den 43.


Type: Steel/Fighting


  • Inner Focus: Lucario is immune to Flinch and intimidate
  • Justified: Lucario does extra damage if it is hit by Dark Type move
  • Steadfast: If Lucario flinch its speed increases.

Good Against:

Immune to: Poison

Takes 1/4x Damage: Rock, Bug

Takes 1/2x damages: Normal, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Dark

Deals 2x damage: Normal, Steel, Rock, Ice, Fairy, Dark

Weak Against:

Takes 4x Damage: None

Takes 2x Damage: Fighting, Ground, Fire

Deals 1/4x damage: None

Deals 1/2x damage: None

Base Stat Total: 525

Lucario is definitely worth having in your team. It has only 3 weakness Fighting, Ground, Fire, and is immune to Poison-type moves.

He has a solid Attack and spl. attack of 110, 115 respectively. he also has decent defensive stats and with its superb typing, it can definitely tank well.

Finding a Riolu is rather challenging. You can only find it in the Giant’s Cap – Area 2 area with a 5% chance to spawn during Snowstorm weather. But it is definitely worth the hunt.

After catching Riolu you can instantly evolve it into Lucario with Maximum friendship.

MoveTypePowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
Aura SphereFighting8020Learn at its evolution
Flash cannonSteel8010100TR70
Ice PunchIce7515100TM04
Best move set for Lucario in Pokemon Sword

As Lucario has 110 attacks and 115 Spl. Attack. You can teach it both Physical and Special moves. Lucario also has 90 speed so there are not many pokemon that can outspeed Lucario.  Lucario can also tank a few hits if it needs to.

You can check Lucario’s full moveset here.

Aura Sphere: This is the best Fighting-type move Lucario can learn. This also the move Lucario learns on its evolution. 

Aura Sphere is the signature move of Lucario so how can make the best moveset without it.

But jokes aside, it’s a really great move with 80 power. But what makes the Aura Sphere its best move is that it never misses and has 20 base PP. 

If you want a hard-hitting move then you can go for Close-Combat which has a base power of 120. But it will lower Lucario’s spl. defense upon hitting and it has only 5PP.

Another great option is Drain Punch. It has 75 base power but recovers 50% of the damage. 

I would recommend either go with Aura Sphere or Drain Punch. I don’t think Close Combat’s extra damage is worth the trade-off. 

Bulldoze: Bulldoze is like Earthquake with lower power and better secondary effect. It can provide coverage against Fire-type pokemon. You can get it’s TM in the Giant Seat Wild area,

Bulldoze has 60 base power but it’s guaranteed to lower the target”s speed. 

If you feel like it then you can grind the Watt’s any buy another Earthquake TR for Lucario. Or teach Bulldoze to Gyarados and Earthquake to Lucario. Totally up to you. 

Flash Cannon: Lucario is a Steel-type pokemon so it needs to have a Steel-type move. 

Flash Cannon is a Steel-type move with 80 base power. And just like Earthquake, this can only be taught through TR. It also has a 10% chance to lower the opponent pokemon Spl. Defense.

Ice Punch: Ice Punch is one of the 4 elemental punches and is effective against Grass and Dragon-type pokemon.

It has a 75 base power and a 10% chance to freeze.


Type: Dark/Fairy


  • Frisk: On Switch-in, Grimmsanrl identifies all items help by all opposing Pokemon
  • Pickpocket: If Grimmsnarl has no item and is hit by a [hysical move, it steals the attacker’s item
  • Prankster: Grimmsnarl has higher status moves that have higher priority. Dark-type Pokemon are immune.

Good Against:

Immune to: Psychic

Takes 1/4x Damage: Dark

Takes 1/2x damages: Ghost

Deals 2x damage: Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Dark

Weak Against:

Takes 4x Damage: None

Takes 2x Damage: Poison, Steel, Fairy

Deals 1/4x damage: None

Deals 1/2x damage: None

Deals 0 damage: None

Base Stat Total: 510

Grimmsnarl has one of the most interesting-typing being Fairy and Dark.

Being a Fairy-type Grimmsnarl is immune to Dragon-type moves, and as a Dark-type, he is immune to Psychic-type moves. And Pokemon Sword has plenty of both.

The easiest way to get Grimmsnarl is to catch Morgrem in Glimwood Tangle with a 20% Spawn rate at all whether. And then evolve it into Grimmsnarl at level 42.

Grimmsnarl is a solid physical attacker with 120 attack. Although it’s speed it only 60, but his high HP can somewhat makeup for it.

Grimmsnarl movesetOpens in a new tab. is also quite versatile and can provide really good coverage.

But if don’t want Grimmsnarl then Togekiss is a great option. Togekiss has a 545 base Stat total. And just like Gyarados, it is an offensive tank with a good speed stat.

But the only issue is you need to have Shiny Stone to evolve Togetic into Togekiss. And we have already used it on Roserade. And you have to wait to get to Outrage lake to get the second one.

MoveTypePowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
Spirit BreakFairy7510100Learn at its evolution
False SurrenderDark8010Can be teach at any Move Reminder
Brick BreakFighting7515100TM43
Ice PunchIce7515100TM04

Grimmsnarl has a high Physical attack of 120 but a low Spl. attack so you should only teach Physical attack to Grimmsnarl.

Spirit Break: Spirit Break is an amazing fairy type move with a base power of 75. It also lowers an opponent’s special attack. 

If the opponent is a Special Attacker then Grimmsnarl this move helps the Grimmsnarl tank a lot better. Even without the Addition effect this one of the best Fairy-type moves Grimmsnarl can learn.

If you want something more damaging and don’t care about its 90% accuracy then Play Rough with its 90 base power is a great option. Grimmsnarl can learn this move at level 48.

False Surrender: False-Surrender is a Dark-type signature move for Grimmsnarl. It has a base power of 80 but this move never misses.

False Surrender is effective against Psychic, Ghost-type Pokemon. 

Brick Break: Brick Break is a Fighting-Type move that you can teach with can be taught through TM43 that you can get at Route 8. It has a base power of 75.

Brick Break provides very good coverage, especially against Steel-type pokemon. It is effective against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, Dark Type Pokemon. 

Ice Punch: Ice Punch is a coverage move against Rock-type, Dragon-type, and especially Grass-type pokemon. This move can be purchased at the Pokemon Center in front of the Stadium at Wyndon City.

It has a base power of 75 and has a 10% chance to freeze. This move might not be the strongest but it is useful indeed, 


Type: Normal


  • Gluttony: When Snorlax has 1/2 or less of its maximum HP, it uses certain Berries early.
  • Immunity: Snorlax cannot be Poisoned
  • Thick Fat: Snorlax takes half damage from Fire and ice type moves.

Good Against:

Immune to: Ghost

Takes 1/4x Damage: None

Takes 1/2x damages: None

Deals 2x damage: None

Weak Against:

Takes 4x Damage: None

Takes 2x Damage: Fighting

Deals 1/4x damage: None

Deals 1/2x damage: Rock. Steel

Deals 0 damage: Ghost

Base Stat Total: 540

Snorlax is one of the best Offensive Tank you can have in Pokemon Sword. It has High Offensive and Defensive Stats. And there is also a wide variety of moves you can teach your Snotlax like Outrage, Body Slam. Zen Headbutt, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Brick break, etc.

Finding a Munchlax is also not that easy. You can only find it in the Motostoke Riverbank area with a 5% chance to spawn during normal weather.

After catching Munchlax you just need maximum friendship to evolve it into Snorlax.

If possible you should try to catch a Muchlax with Thick Fat Ability. As being a Norma type Snorlax has no Resistances and Thick Fat can help Snorlax tank Fire and Ice Type moves a lot better,

MoveTypePowerBase PPAccuracyHow to get
Body SlamNormal8515100Learns at Lv.28
High HorsepowerGround951095Learns at lv.40
Zen HeadbuttPsychic801590TR69
Thunder PunchThunder7515100TM05

The main role of Snorlax in your team is a Tank. But it also a solid 110 base attack but it has only had 65 spl. Attack. So you should only teach Physical attacks to your Snorlax.

Body Slam: Body Slam is a normal type move with a base power of 85. Snorlax can learn this move at level 28. This is the best overall normal type move you can teach your Snorlax.

High Horsepower: This is a Ground-type move that Snorlax can learn at level 40. It has a base power of 95.

The best ground type move you can teach your Snorlax is Earthquake. But earthquakes can only be learned through TR.

Zen Headbutt: Being a normal Snorlax is only weak to Fighting-type Pokemon. And Zen Headbutt is the perfect counter to Fighting-type Pokemon,

Zen Headbutt has 80 base power and this can teach through TR69 that you can farm in Den 13. It also has a 20% chance to flinch the opponent pokemon.

Thunder Punch: Thunder Punch is the perfect counter to Flying and Water-type pokemon, It has the base power of 75 and has a 10% chance to paralyze.

You can buy Thunder Punch TM at Wyndon city Pokemon Center in front of Stadium for 50,000 poke-dollar.

Thunder Punch is not the most powerful move Snorlax can learn but it can help you in many sticky situations. But you can change this move to Something more powerful like Outrage, Iron head.

If you want some help then comment section is always open for you.

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