Best controller settings for COD: warzone on PS5.

PS5 best controller settings for COD warzone.

A lot of COD: Warzone players/fans face this issue of finding the right controller setting for PS5. So, here we are with the best controller settings so that you can enjoy playing fluently. And by fluently I mean becoming a killing spree.

Here are some of the best COD: warzone controller settings for PS5 that you could use to help you improve efficiency and accuracy on the controller.

Recommended PS5 controller settings for COD: Warzone

First up we have:-

General settings

Here are some general settings that you can adjust according to your playing style. There’s nothing much about general settings but however, but there are a few things that you need to consider in order to improve accuracy and efficiency.

General settings
BR button layoutDefault or tactical(depends on your style).
Stick layout presetDefault.
Invert vertical lookDisabled.
Deadzone0.05(Depends on your controller, However, the range is generally around 0.05-0.06).
Horizontal stick sensitivityEither go with 6 or 7(again, depends on you).
Vertical stick sensitivity6
ADS sensitivity Multiplier(low zoom)1.00
ADS sensitivity Multiplier (High zoom)1.00
Aim response curve typeStandard
Controller vibrationDisabled
General settings.

These are the general settings that you can implement and here’s an explanation of all these preferred settings.

  • BR button Layout:- In the BR button layout, Either use default or tactical movement. This would depend on the type of controller you use.

    For instance, if you use a default controller then only you can use tactical movement just because it allows you to map the crouch/ slide button to the thumbstick, so you can be quick without ever needing to move your thumb.

    However,  If you have something like a Scuf or another controller type that lets you remap your buttons, you can just leave this on the default setting.
  • Deadzone:- 0.05 is recommended. However, It depends on your controller. Moreover, the range is generally around 0.05-0.06.
  • Stick sensitivity:- For stick sensitivity, it depends on the player to player. 6 is the recommended stick sensitivity for both horizontal and vertical movement and adjust accordingly from there. However, few pro players stay at around 6-8 which is again in the recommended zone. So, try it for yourself and find the right stick sensitivity point for you.
  • Controller Vibration:- If you are new to the game, then, you can enable the controller vibration to get that memory of visual to the actual feeling of what time to kill. However, once you get used to with this you don’t need controller vibration as it somehow disturbs you from aiming due to that extra little excess movement due to vibration.

Weapon settings

Here are some weapons settings to consider or to make changes according to your playing style.

Weapon settings
Aim AssistStandard or precision
Weapon Mount ActivationADS + Melee
Weapon Mount Movement ExitEnabled
Aim Down Sight BehaviorHold
Steady Aim BehaviorHold
Equipment BehaviorHold
Use/Reload BehaviorContextual tap
Depleted Ammo Weapon SwitchEnabled
Armor Plate BehaviorApply All
Weapon settings.

These are the weapons settings and it is almost the same as the default with a few/fewer changes. And now let’s discuss them in a little more detailed format.

  • Aim assist:- With the Aim Assist setting, you’ll likely just want to keep it set to Standard. However, Many pros use Precision for fast and snappy aim, and if you feel like you’re a very accurate shooter, give Precision a try.

    With Precision, the aim assists slow down and only kicks in when close to an enemy player, while Standard gives you a wider area of effect to lock on your opponent.

    Other settings have nothing much to do about but the next change that is very important is the use/reload behavior.
  • Use/Reload behavior:- An important part of the weapons settings is making sure you’re setting the Use/Reload Behavior to Contextual Tap. This allows you to open doors and pick up items so much faster, leaving you with less time being vulnerable and scavenging.

    Moreover, you’d be able to make the decision to tap to reload or use as a priority whenever needed and this works faster than using the auto-reload/use.

Movement Settings

Movement settings
Slide behaviorHold
Auto move forwardDisabled
Automatic sprintDisabled
Vehicle camera recenterEnabled
Parachute auto-deployEnabled
Movement settings

These are the movement settings that need to be adjusted accordingly and the rest you can adjust yourself according to your use. Underneath is the explanation or reflection of the table above.

  • Auto sprint:- Few pro players use Auto tactical sprint but the recommended is to disable this so that you can have control of things and can perform better.
  • Parachute auto-deploy:- Parachute Auto-Deploy is something most pros and content creators are setting to Disabled. This allows you to manually deploy your chute lower to the ground, basically meaning you can reach the ground much faster.

With all the settings/ changes mentioned above, we can conclude this topic here and talk about the other settings, There’s no need as such to talk about the other general, audio, and account settings. But still if you are curious about what should be the ideal settings then, in that case, I am linking a youtube video underneath you can refer to that.

Refer to this video for other general settings which I didn’t mention just because they aren’t useful as such. 4:51 is the timestamp that you need to put attention to.

The other settings are something that you can yourself adjust according to your preferences and gaming style. Moreover, If you have any queries or doubts, you can reach out to us. with that said, Let’s conclude this topic here. peace.

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