6 ways to fix PS4 to PS5 data transfer error(error code NP 103085-7)

PS4 to ps5 data transfer error

Since a lot of you are facing errors while transferring the data from your PS4 to PS5. Here we are with all the possible fixes that will get you rid of the error NP-103085-7.

Commonly called as “PS4 to PS5 cloud storage error” or “error occurred while transferring the data from PS4 to PS5”. let’s get straight in and find out how to fix this.

To fix the error NP -103085-7 or PS4 to PS5 cloud storage error, Go to settings > Users and accounts > Account > sign-in and then change the email to another one you own and then re-try transferring the data from PS4 to PS5 and it won’t show you the error NP-103085-7 this time.

This will work in most of the case. However, there are other issues as well that causes this data transfer error and their fixes are mentioned underneath.

Before we dig deep into the other fixes, Here’s something unusual happening with some new PS5 users:-

Wanna store PS4 games on PS5 but you never had a PS4 before?

Here’s the exact question:- I never had a PS4, I just got a PS5, I have some saves I want to upload to the Cloud Storage but it keeps telling me, “Unable to calculate space” under my PS4 Cloud Storage, which means that I can’t just simply upload my save games because they’re PS4 games? I have no issues with PS5 saves, ‘tho.

Here’s what you can do in order to fix this:- This happens mainly when you don’t confirm your account in your email(from SONY). Check for the PlayStation account you have entered in your console or on the site to know more about your account status.

6 easy steps you can fix ps4 to ps5 cloud storage error

These 5 steps will ensure that the problem with the cloud storage while transferring data from ps4 to ps5 will never appear again.

Restart your PS5 and try again.

Yes, It does sound crazy but restarting your PS5 works and this worked for many on Reddit and it worked for my friend as well.

Simply restart your PS5 and after that make sure you are connected to the internet and after that follow these steps in order to transfer the data from your ps4 to ps5:-

  • Go to settings
  • then click on Saved data & app settings,
  • after that select Saved data (PS4),
  • then Cloud storage
  • and at last choose Download to console storage.

Literally, just restart your PS5 and retry transferring the data from ps4 to ps5 and you are good to go.

Note:- If for whatever reason it doesn’t work, Reset your Router as well and we wanna make sure that there’s nothing in between that causing the connection issue.

Restore licences of your PlayStation

It sounds weird but when you restore your licenses, it ends up helping fix that connection issue(if any) and then you are able to reconnect to your PS4 saves or cloud storage.

And to do that follow these steps:-

  • Go to Settings,
  • then, Users and Accounts,
  • Select Others,
  • and last but not the least, select Restore licenses.

It does work in many cases just because it is a true cloud storage thing and you should be able to connect to that and restoring your licenses helps.

Consider this as well:- Make sure that your console is activated as primary and If the issue persists, turn off the console and unplug it from the power source for 3 minutes and plug it back in and at last restore licences.

Update your PS4 and check for the data you saved

Go to PS4 saved data and check for these two things:-

  • Make sure the saved files are available there. If not then,
  • Make sure your Ps4 is upto its latest software update

For some reason, it doesn’t show the files when your ps4 isn’t up to its latest update. It could be because of the compatibility or could be a problem with the cloud storage. So, it is better to update your PS4 to the latest update and you are good to go.

Go to setting > Users and accounts > Storage > Console storage > Saved data > PS4 games.

PS:- My advice to you is that don’t sell your PS4 before you transfer all your data and files to the PS5 and in case you’ve already sold your PS4, Try coping up with the person you sold your ps4 to.

Change your email to another one and re-try.

Sounds strange but it actually works as there are chances that the email you are currently using is facing some connection issue with the PlayStation server.

In order to do that, Go to settings > Users and accounts > sign in(email address) and then change the email to another one you own

It will send you a verification code which you have to verify from your email from sony and after verifying your email, re-try transferring your data from your ps4 to ps5 and it won’t show the error NP-103085-7 again.

Reset your PS5

This is what you can go for when all the hope is gone and there’s nothing another left to try as resetting your PS5 will result in losing your data.

Although you can create a backup still there’s a lot of struggle performing a hard reset on the PS5. So, it is better to try other methods at first and if nothing really works for you then only go for the Reset option.

In order to reset your PS5 go to settings > System software > Reset options > reset your console.

You can also reset your PS5 from the safe mode by turning it off and pressing the power button until it beeps twice or pressing the power button for approx 6-7 seconds.

Reminding you again that this should be the last thing on your checklist in order to fix the issue of error Np-103085-7 i.e. PS4 to PS5 cloud storage transfer error.

Also, refer to the video mentioned below to follow the steps correctly in case you get stuck anywhere in between.

PlayStation support

Here’s what PlayStation support suggests:-

  • Boot PS4 and ps5 into safe mode and run the software update on both consoles.
  • If that doesn’t work boot in safe mode again and restore default settings on the ps5.
  • Even If that didn’t work then boot in safe mode and rebuild the database on the ps5.

And If nothing works for you then contact the support staff and they might help you out with the fixes as they can know better about the problem on a call.

That’s that for the topic and I hope that the above-given information works for you to fix the issue. Peace out!

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