4 ways to fix Ps4 slim not turning on

Fix: Ps4 slim not turning on

Since a lot of gamers are facing problems with the ps4 slim not turning on or the Blue Light of Death(BLOD) problem. Here are some ways you can fix this issue where ps4 slim fails to turn on.

Researched completely and Here’s in depth detail about how to solve this issue:-

To fix the problem of PS4 slim not turning on, restart your ps4 slim to safe mode by pressing the power button for a few seconds(leave the power button on the second beep) and then select ‘initialize PS4’ or ‘Initialize PS4(Reinstall system software)’ which will reboot your PS4 slim and by doing that you will lose all your data and information which might be causing the issue of PS4 slim not turning on.

If that doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to lose your data try the underneath given pointers or fixes.

Before moving on further check if your Monitor supports the resolution that you have selected on your PS4 settings. If your monitor supports 1080p then only select 1080p otherwise it won’t turn on.

When to visit the Professionals or Sony’s service center?

Hardware issues, like bad power supplies and broken power buttons, are best left to the professionals or better leave them for the PlayStation’s service center. 

Case 1: Bad HDMI Ports

Ps4 slim is pretty much prone to bad HDMI just because of tcreyits fragility and the low-quality HDMI port.

Try to get replaced the HDMI ports from the professional technician who repairs all these consoles based nearby your location.

However, the screen won’t show anything if it has to do something with the HDMI cable. You can guess with this or the screen will directly show you an error.

Buy or borrow another HDMI cable to make sure that it is not your cable that is causing you in the trouble.

Case 2: Roaches or insects in the power supply

Sounds totally weird but it this true that the Roaches do like warm places like ps4 Motherboard.

They hide in there and walk around the circuitry that shorts two different points which disable the functioning.

It is always better to clean the roaches off the circuit and check if it helps. You have to be lucky enough that the ps4 will work after the cleaning.

Unfortunately, If the circuitry gets damaged there is no fix other than to replace the circuitry. Reach out to your nearest professional technician or visit Playstation’s service center.

This leads us to out next case i.e. Issue with the Power supply.

Case 3: Issue with the Power supply

It is something you will probably have trouble diagnosing definitively without special tools and knowledge. For that reason, you may want to consider consulting with a professional before you try replacing the power supply yourself.

It would be better to reach out to your professional technician and better pay him to do that for you and ask him about if it is true that the issue is with the power supply.

Performing this isn’t much of a task but still this would require professional consultation and for that reach out to your technician who does all this or reach out to PlayStation service centre.

Case 4:Lightning storms or power surges.

Sometimes lightning storms or power surges can burn the internal components resulting in no output.

A lot of fluctuations in the electricity can also do the same and to fix this ask you nearby electrician or can buy a surge protector for the PS4.

Although this doesn’t happen very often but this is one of the main reasons why the PS4 won’t turn on.

Case 5: PS4 Power Button

PS4 Slim is a little fragile and pressing the power button too hard can easily damage the button.

So, it is always recommended that use the power button very delicately and don’t press it too long.

Just because pressing it for too long can put a good amount of pressure on it.

Although it is unlikely that you’ll face such a problem in a lifetime if you take care of the button and do not press it ruthlessly.

But if the button gets damaged the only way is to get the power button chip replaced completely.

Case 6:- Issue with the PS4 slim hard drive.

Try Removing the external hard drive with the help of a professional and if your PS4 slim is in warranty then visit the PlayStation service center only. Any which ways,

With the drive removed, try starting the PS4 as normal and then in safe mode if that doesn’t work. If there is a problem with your hard drive, your PS4 will turn on either using the standard method or the safe mode method. You may be able to shut the console down and reinstall the hard drive at that point, but it’s more likely that you will have to replace the drive.

It would be better if that the professional tech guy does all that for you and help getting the issue fixed for you.

Case 7:- If you’re seeing Blue Light Of Death(BLOD)

Blue light blinks when there is any need to check for the software update or any bug fix but unfortunately in some cases, the Blue light continues to blink forever which is known as the Blue light of death(BLOD).
Which is yet another case of PS4 slim not turning and let’s find out how to cope up with this situation.

BLOD mainly happens because of the three main reasons

  • The main chip of the motherboard (APU):- Accelerated processing unit):- APU integrates a Central processing unit (CPU) and Graphics processing unit(GPU)

    What happens here is the circuitry where the APU is located gets dislocated, cracked, or corroded sometimes.

    These types of damage make the PS4 unable to start properly or show the Blue light of death(BLOD).

    Fix:- If the main chip gets damaged in any way the only thing you can do is get it checked at the service center or the local technician.

    Or you can prevent this from happening by taking care of the PS4 and cleaning it on a regular basis.
  • An issue with the RAM or Faulty RAM.

If the RAM of your PS4 slim is faulty, then you’d also face this issue of blue light of death. And to avoid that, get RAM of your PS4 slim replaced.

Your PS4 slim should work properly after you replace the RAM.

These are the cases of Blue light of death. Fix the RAM and APU issue and you’ll be good to go and can continue enjoy playing the PS4 slim.

If this isn’t your case or couldn’t find out yet how to fix the issue. Here’s the elaborated part of how to fix the issue of PS4 slim not turning on.

How to fix PS4 slim not turning on yourself?

Mentioned-above were the hardware issues that is why it is suggested that to leave them for the professionals only. But if there are glitches and bugs or software issues, or power issues can fixed by you because sometimes they are easy to solve comparatively and by that, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get your PS4 up and running without an expensive repair bill.

So, here are DIY ways that can help you fixing the issue of PS4 slim not turning on without any help of a techy nerd. Here’s how. First up we have.

Try booting your PS4 slim in safe mode.

Safe mode provides minimalistic features/functions that you can operate when the PS4 doesn’t work or shows error to start up normally.

To boot into safe mode, first shut your console down fully. Then push and hold the power button until you hear the console beep twice. After that, finally, you will have to connect a controller via USB and push the PS button.

You probably have a software problem if you can boot in safe mode. And for that, Once you enter safe mode, Try updating your system software or perform a factory reset if nothing works. Moving on to the next fix.

If you are still confused about how to boot up your PS4 slim into safe mode, Here we have embedded the YouTube link that you can follow to safely enter safe mode.

Here’s how to enter safe mode in PS4 slim.

Issue with the Power cable, Try replacing.

sometimes the power cable gets loose from the wall or from the back of the PS4.

It can fall off or not that tight enough to supply the power to the PS4. Or the wall outlet is faulty. You can try using another wall outlet and make sure the power cable is tight enough.

This usually happens with the end that goes into the back of the PS4.

If the cable doesn’t tightly go into the back of the PS4 and stay there on it’s on without putting pressure on it then it could slowly fall out and can cause a connection issue.

If the cable is faulty from the end that goes into the back of the ps4 then you’d have to buy a new one.

And if the plug is faulty, either check the wall outlet or ask your electrician if they can fix this issue.

Buy or borrow another power cable to make sure what’s wrong. If you are confused if it is a wire or a port. Moving on to the next one.

Try power cycling your PS4 slim

Power cycling can help you reset all the bugs and glitches at the moment and can help you in situtations where the console fails while starting up.

Here’s how to power cycle your console, Turn the console off by holding down the power button even if the console seems to be off already. After the lights stop flashing, or about 30 seconds have passed, remove the power cables and let your console sit for at least 20 minutes. Press and hold the power button again, while the console is still unplugged. Then plug the console back in and see if it will turn on.

Try these steps and hopefully it would work and help you to fix the issue. Moving on to the next one.

Change your power socket where you’ve plugged in.

Try changing the power socket where you’ve plugged in the power cable. Also, if you are using a power strip or surge protector, check if that power strip or surge protector is working fine.

Power strips or surge protector that you use to extend the connection sometimes don’t provide the appropriate amount of electricity to the PS4.

The power strip or surge protector on the end of the wall can be faulty as well which causes the improper connection. Avoid using the Power strip as much as possible as it sometimes fails to provide proper electricity.

Try using the direct electric supply as there is no or less hindrance in the Power supply.

If nothing works then probably there’s a need to

Call Sony or your nearest professional.

In case, nothing out of all the above mentioned fixes doesn’t work for you, then, call sony or your nearest professional who does all repairing and servicing work specialised in all the consoles like PlayStation, Xbox etc.

One more thing that you can get it done by the professionals is that get your console cleaned completely if it doesn’t avoid the warranty of your PS4 slim.

With that said let’s end this topic here. Hopefully, it helped you to fix the issue of PS4 slim not turning on.

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