4 ways to fix Blade and Sorcery’s infinite load error.

fix: Blade and sorcery application infinite load error

A lot of Blade and Sorcery game players including me and my friends have faced this issue of infinite load. But here we have a quick fix to this issue and we’ll talk about the factors as well. Let’s get into it without further ado.

Infinite load happens because of a few reasons and one of which is that you have not deleted the old saves from U9 and probably U8. And to get rid of or to fix this infinite load error, Delete the saved files from the game, and to do that go to file explorer > My games > Blade and sorcery > Saves > Default > Delete all the saves(Crazy long weird names like 22bd88a8-4c86-4a04… and goes on). Delete all these files that have the same name format and do not delete the other ones. After that, empty the recycle bin.

This is one of the solutions and a quick fix to the issue and it is covered in a detailed format underneath. This should work for you and if this doesn’t, then we have covered other solutions as well that too in a detailed format.

But first, let’s first know why this infinite load error appears while loading the Blade and Sorcery game.

What causes infinite load issues for Blade and Sorcery?

Here are a few reasons why the issue of infinite load might happen to your while loading the game Blade and sorcery. First up:-

Unnecessary Mods

Whenever you download mods, you download the complete file of mods and that file can contain some unnecessary mods as well that cause such glitches. So the best of doing it is to download the mods one by one and by doing that you’ll only download the mods that you really need. And by doing this you’d be able to find the real culprit(mod) that’s causing you this issue.

Delete all the mods if you are facing this issue of infinite loading while opening the blade and sorcery. Moreover, the file named vortex has something to do with this glitch as on the community tab I’ve observed many talking about the vortex file. moving on next.

Game integrity is not up to date

If you upload numerous patches on the Blade and sorcery or any other game, the Game integrity gets disturbed. Based on the overall size increase of the game, the steam will throw this error at your device and this results in infinite loading.

Old saves causes glitches

Old saved data from the previous season i.e U9 and U8 can cause you in such trouble. It is always better to clear all that data from time to time. Moreover, try deleting the currently saved data as well which will help you clean files from time to time.

Third-party Anti-Viruses.

Overprotective third-party Anti-viruses sometimes cause you this trouble. This is because few games communicate with outside servers and that’s what triggers these anti viruses.

Disable the real-time protection while you load the game or probably disable the anti-virus.


DeepGuard, a security feature belonging to F-Secure Internet Security is known to cause issues with games downloaded through steam that include multiplayer components.

If you store the game in a different directory

The infinite load error might happen if the game is installed in a different directory than the default library location.

These are the main reasons why this infinite load error occurs. With that said, let’s now move on to how we fix them and never see such an error again.

Fixes(Trouble-shooting steps).

Here are some verified troubleshooting steps that can help you to fix this issue of infinite load on the blade and sorcery game. Continue reading and start following the steps side by side and doing this would probably fix the issue.

Delete unnecessary mods

There are chances that you might have some weird and unnecessary mods that are still in your mods folder causing glitches and issues.

So, what you’ll want to do is locate your mod folder, for that, go to steam and there, right-click on Blade and sorcery and then click on properties.

Open properties from steam to locate mods.

After opening properties, click on local files and then click on browse and this will lead you to the file extended folder of Blade and sorcery.

After opening properties, click on local files and then click on browse and this will lead you to the file extended folder of Blade and sorcery.

This will lead you to the file extended folder of blade and sorcery where you’ll see the blade and sorcery data, click on that.

click on Blade and sorcery data to open files.

After opening blade and sorcery data, click on streaming assets and this will lead you to the mods.

click on streaming assets after you open the blade and sorcery data.
Opening streaming assets will lead you to mods.

After you open the mods folder, you’ll see a lot of crazy mods. Delete all of them except for the Readme folder and probably the issue of infinite load would not be there anymore if you load.

And later if you want to download the mods, you can download them manually one by one. And by that I mean do not download mods in bulk and do not use vortex to download mods as it is causing such problems.

Also, only download the latest season’s mod i.e, U10 and U11 if it is available in your region. And here’s the discord link where you can find U10 only mods as there’s a specific mods corner on the server.

Doing this should work for you to remove the infinite load error and if this doesn’t then you should the next troubleshooting step.

Verify the game’s Integrity

This is especially applicable for the steam users to verify the game’s integrity. Just because you might have changed something while modding that you didn’t know and an increase in the size of the file somehow disturbs the integrity.

Here’s how we can verify the game’s integrity, Open steam and once again right-click on Blood and sorcery to open properties.

Open properties by right-clicking on the blade and sorcery game from steam.

After that, Once we are back in properties, click on local files and there you’ll see verify the integrity of game files, click on that.

Once we are back in properties, click on local files and there you’ll see verify the integrity of game files, click on that.

What this does is, It finds any type of missing or incomplete files and returns them to their original format in the game. If anything did fail, it is going to rebuild it for you. All you have to do is close after it verifies and you are good to go.

Just click on play on the steam and the game should be ready to be played. Following these steps should work for you and this might fix your issue and you’ll be good to go. Moving on to the next troubleshooting step.

Delete the unnecessary saved files

Delete all the saved files that are not at all useful. Here’s how to do it, Open files explorer from the dock and then search and open Blade and Sorcery.

Open the blade and sorcery folder from the files explorer. Do not get confused with two files, the one at the top is for oculus.

After that, you’ll see the folder named as saves, click on that.

After that, click on saves to see all the saved files.

Opening saves will lead you to a new folder, Default, open that and you’ll see a ton of saved data.

Click on the folder default.
After you open the default folder you’ll see some files and delete the files that are named just like the two files at the top.

After you open the default folder you’ll see some files and delete the files that are named just like the two files at the top. These two at the top are basically your saved files, delete them and get rid of them. This is how you delete the character save folder.

For safekeeping, make sure you go to your recycle bin and empty the recycle bin just in case. Moving on to the next one.

Re-Install Steam

Steam sometimes crashes some applications and it is a glitch which is probably because of some files we store in steam. Although this was never confirmed by the developers, but there’s an ongoing bug that causes crash of the application to the users.

So, Uninstall the steam application and then reboot your computer if you’re not prompted to do so automatically.

At the next startup, click hereOpens in a new tab. to download the steam application and click on install steam now to proceed and to continue using the application.

And then, open SteamSetup.exe and follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall the Steam gaming platform.

Disable Deepguard

A lot of tech enthusiats use F-secure as an extra cybersecurity solution have reported that it causes game to crash. This is because of the Deepguard feature that F-secure has to offer. Apparently,Deep Guard is known to block a lot of games installed from steam.

So, to disable Deepguard,

  • Open F-Secure Internet security and click on Computer Security.
  • In the next window, click on Settings and go to Computer > DeepGuard.
  • Finally, uncheck the box associated with Turn on DeepGuard and save your changes.

After you uncheck the box, open Blade and sorcery again and check if this works. Moving on to the next one.

Move the game folder to the original steam directory

Manually move the game folder to the original steam directory and to know how to move the game files and entire libraries properly, Follow the underneath embeded YouTube video and perform it side by side.\

how to move the game files and entire libraries.

Check for third-party Anti-virus interference.

Check and make sure that there isn’t any third-party anti-virus interference that’s interrupting the game to load properly.

If there’s anything that’s bothering the Blade and sorcery to load then temporarily or permanently disable that 3rd party anti virus that’s interfering the game to load.

However, keep in mind that this particular error can also be caused by an external firewall. These things are tricky to pinpoint as culprits since their security rules will remain in place even if you disable the real-time protection.

With that said, let’s conclude this topic here and hopefully this has helped to get rid of this issue of infinite lag on Blade and sorcery game. If you have queries, then, you can reach out to us. peace until then.

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