3 ways to fix the Nintendo Switch that won’t charge.

Nintendo switch is not charging

Nintendo switch not charging is a major problem that almost every Switch face at some point of using their device.

And if you’re wondering why is it happening and how to get it fixed, here we are with all the possible fixes to the issue of the Nintendo switch not charging or won’t charge. Let’s get straight into the topic.

The issue of the Nintendo switch not charging occurs due to various different reasons and one of which is this glitch where the Nintendo switch fails to charge when you have the attachments So, to make Nintendo Switch start working and charging again, Detach the Joycons, Game card, and SD card and plug in the charging cord and charge it for at least 15- 30 minutes. After that, the Nintendo switch should turn on. And if that doesn’t work, Unplug the charger, hold down the power button down for 30 seconds. Then, connect the charger back on.

Doing this should work for you in most cases but if this fails to work for you, try following the fixes and the steps that are mentioned underneath.

Nintendo Switch not charging fixes.

Here are the possible fixes for the Nintendo Switch failing to charge up or that won’t charge. First up,

Power cycle your Nintendo Switch

Sometimes it becomes necessary to power cycle your device which refreshes the system. In order to Power cycle the Nintendo switch follow these steps:-

  • Hold the power button:- Hold the power button for 15 seconds to begin with and after that,
  • Turn the Nintendo switch back on:- Turn you Nintendo Switch back on with just a click of the power button.
  • Plug in the charger and turn it off:- Plug it in to your charger and then power it off again by holding the power button for 15 seconds once again.

[Note in between:- You have to plug it in before you turn it back off. Because if your plug it in when it’s off the console will just power back on thus preventing the next stop.]

  • Wait for 15-20 minutes:- wait for another 15-20 minutes with the Nintendo Switch plugged in but turned off.
  • Turn if back on once again:- After that 15-20 minutes gap, turn it back on once again and this time is should be back to normal and it should work normal afterwards the power cycle process.

Power cycle your Nintendo Switch often leads to system refresh which is overall good for the health of the Nintendo switch.

And you can often perform this method whenever you get stuck in a similar sort of situation. Moreover, doing this can also lead to better performance if it is compromised somehow.

However, you might not face any performance boost or anything like that just because it is a matter of the device’s health. Moreover, You can power cycle in this way as well which is actually a YouTube video that is underneath.

You can power cycle your switch this way as well.

So, you should only go for the power cycling process only when you get into such situations where the Nintendo Switch fails to respond or work.

Power cycling should be working fine to fix such an issue but if it fails to, You should try the next one.

Try these three methods:-

  • Detach all the equipments :- Detach all the the detachments while plug in the charger for charging. Equipments including, Joycons, Gamecard, SD card.

    Detaching all the equipments such as joycons, gamecard, SD card somehow fix this issue of Nintendo Switch not charging.

    This should work for your Nintendo switch as well the same way it did for other users. Moreover, Turn your Nintendo switch only when your charge it atleast for 15 to 20 minutes.

    After that it should work completely fine and if it doesn’t here comes the other thing that you should consider doing.
  • Unplug the charger, press the power button for 30 seconds:- Unplug the charger and then press the power button for approx 30 seconds and it should probably work and make sure the Nintendo switch of yours is charged up a little before you unplug the charging cord.

    Trying this has fix this issue of Nintendo switch not charging for many other Nintendo users.

    And there are chances that this will work for you as well and one of these two should definitely work. And if this doesn’t work, try the next one.
  • Try performing these Button combinations:- These button combos should work for you as well. Try using the power button along with these ones:-

    Power button + Home button, Power button + Volume up, Power button + Volume down

    Instruction to use all these combo button is that first you have to press the power button for 15 seconds and then press these that are mentioned above.

    Moreover, What you can do is press the power button for 15 seconds and press the power button again(just only click the power button). i.e. Power button(15 seconds) + power button(just a click after waiting for 15 seconds).

    Moving on to the next one.

Check the overall power supply and components.

Look for the overall power supply and the components that help the Nintendo switch to get charged up. Talking about the Power cable, Power adapter, Power socket(wall), and components such as Charging USB port C-type, Power supply chip(motherboard), Power cable’s end and etc. Let’s talk about them in detail with some pointers underneath.

  • Check for the damage in the power cable:- Check if there is any sort of damage in the power cable. Look for any breakage and check both ends of the power cable.

    Also, check the pins inside the end and look for any breakage or incosistency that causes hindrance to form a connection. And in case if there is anything that is not in its place, then, get the USB wire replaced by a new one.
  • Check for the damaged Power adapter and power cable:- Make sure that the original power adapter that you get with your Nintendo switch is working fine and make sure that it is getting proper and enough power supply to charge the nintendo switch.

    Also, look for the damage in the power cable and if there’s any, replace it with the new one to get the most out of it.
  • Check the Power Socket and the Power line:- Make sure the Power socket at your home is completely fine and there isn’t any surcharge or low charge as it can affect your device while charging as well in other terms as well which means it is overall damaging for your console.

    Try to get it fixed with the help of an electrician that locally operates near your area in case your power supply isn’t working adequately.
  • Battery related issues:- There are good chances that the battery health of your Nintendo switch’s battery is not as efficient as it was before. As it ages, becomes inefficient and ineffective.

    Get it replace in case the battery is too old or when it becomes the most ineffective and inefficiant.
  • Power supply plate(motherboard) and other components:- Make sure that the power supply plate inside the Nintendo switch is supplying enough and adequate power to each and every component. Moreover make sure that the connecting components are working fine.

    And by the components, I meant, all the connector and USB port that helps the Nintendo switch to charger. Just make sure that there isn’t any hindrance in between and look for any breakage. If there isn’t any you are good to go.

    Somtimes, Surcharge in the power supply can ruin all the components and the power plate in the motherboard. So, assure the best when the overall Nintendo switch health is concerned and look for the best power line at your home.

    Hopefully considering all these pointer will help you out to figure out what to do and what to take care of.

    However there are less chances that nothing would work for your out of all and If nothing really works out of all the fixes that are mentioned above, You should try these last steps.

Reach out to your nearest third party Repair guy.

You can reach out to your nearest third-party repair guy who deals in repairing all sorts of consoles (including Nintendo Switch of course).

That repair guy can get your Nintendo Switch fixed in no and easily as they are equally trained as the Nintendo’s technicians and repairers. So, you can consider visiting them in such a case.

However, If your Nintendo Switch is under warranty then the only option is to visit or call Nintendo’s customer care. This brings us to our next and the last point to talk about this issue.

Nintendo’s customer care.

As mentioned above, If your Nintendo Switch is new and if it is under warranty then in that case there’s no option but to visit the Nintendo’s service center or call their customer care.

And the reason is simple if your device is new and the battery is showing inefficiency at the very beginning. Moreover, The Nintendo covers other components as well that you can confirm from them over a call as well.

Do not avoid the warranty by visiting the third-party repair guy and that option is for the ones that have their Nintendo Switch out of warranty.

With that said, Hopefully, all the above-mentioned information works out in your case and you don’t face such an issue again. Peace out.

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