3 easy ways to fix the ps5 controller button sticking.

FIX: Ps5 dualshock controller button sticking

Button sticking on the controller is a major issue that gamers face(hardcore intense gamers majorly). Also, few gamers who press the controller buttons very rough and hard face such an issue.

Most gamers find it a little difficult to get back the controller button in the exact original shape once they get this button sticking issue. So, here we are with some ways you fix the controller button sticking on the PS5. Here’s how:-

Fix 1: Rub Isopropyl around the ps5 controller button that’s sticking.

Rub the 91% Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol around the button that’s sticking on the PS5 controller. In order to rub the Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, use a q-tip and rub it gently around the button gaps.

In easy words, settle your PS5 controller down and then dip the q-tip in the Isopropyl, and once done rub the alcohol around the button that’s causing this button sticking issue.

After you are finished, push the button about 50 odd times to make sure that the button is working fine. The button should work perfectly fine.

Repeat the process once again if the button is still sticky even after trying this method or if your button stops sticking and then starts sticking in a few hours or days.

What if the button is still sticking?

If the button keeps sticking after a few hours or days, you can always repeat the process as maintenance. However, If your button doesn’t stop sticking then in that case you might have an issue with the conductive rubber pad underneath the button.

And cleaning or replacing the conductive rubber pad would require the PS5 controller to be disassembled in order to fix it. Which isn’t recommended until and unless you know the trick to performing this fluently.

You can learn the trick of how to disassemble and then re-assemble the controller from YouTube. I am leaving a video link underneath so that you can perform disassembling and assembling in order to fix the issue of the button sticking on the PS5 controller.

Otherwise, It is better to ask the expert to perform the task of cleaning or replacing the conductive rubber part. So, you can pay them in order to get your issue resolved without risking much.

Note 1:- This method of rubbing 91% Isopropyl works on four face buttons, D-pad, the Menu button, the share button, the PS button, and the microphone mute button.

It doesn’t work for the rest of the buttons(i.e sticks, bumpers, triggers, and trackpad button).

Note 2:- Make sure your controller is turned off while performing this method.

Fix 2: Use WD-40 and spray it around the sticky button.

Use a WD-40 is a great lubricant, degreaser, and rust remover and can be used around the PS5 controller button that’s sticky.

You can just use it directly around the buttons and wipe the excess using a towel. Once done, press the button continuously for about 40-50 times and let the lubricant settle down to the bottom where it gets sticky most of the time.

Repeat the process after every week as maintenance or repeat this process when the button tends to stick again. Also, you can use the straw to create some gap around the button so that the lubricant can work even better.

In order to create some gap around the button, cut the straw in half and insert the half-cut straw around the button. Move the straw around the button so that it will create some gap and clean it.

Doing this will help you out to clean the four-face buttons, D-pad, the Menu button, the share button, PS button. Moreover, it doesn’t work for the sticks, bumpers, triggers, and trackpad(i.e. same as the Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol).

And if doing this isn’t working out to fix the issue of the PS5 controller button sticking, try the next method. Although doing this will most likely fix the issue.

Note1:- Reminding you again, Make sure that the PS5 dual shock controller is not connected and make sure it is not turned off.

Note 2:- You can either use Isopropyl or WD-40 to clean all the dust also acts as a great lubricant. Use the one that is feasible for you. There’s nothing hard and fast.

Fix 3: Disassemble the PS5 dual-shock controller and clean it manually.

Disassemble the PS5 dual-shock controller and then clean it manually using the alcohol pad, pry tool, and a screwdriver. However, before you even try make sure you tried fix number 1 and 2, and in case those fixes don’t work for you, then only try this step.

First of all, I personally don’t recommend doing this but if you are someone who has done such a thing before and you’re pretty sure where you are headed, then only try disassembling the PS5 controller. 

Otherwise, the best option is to either call SONY’s customer care and ask for the replacement and there are fewer chances that they will replace you with a new controller as of now just because this problem is something that needs to be addressed by SONY and the team. Hopefully, they’ll look forward to it as soon as possible.

However, You can give your PS5 controller to the technician that locally operates and works as a specialist of such consoles and controllers. They can provide you with the general controller maintenance service which will definitely solve the issue of button sticking and after some time you can timely maintain it by yourself following fix 1 and fix 2 which are mentioned above.

In case you have decided to clean the PS5 controller by yourself then underneath is the YouTube link where you can learn how to step by step disassemble the PS5 controller and then reassemble it.

step by step how you can fix the button sticking on the ps5 controller.

That’s that for the topic and I hope that this blog solves all your button sticking-related issues and the best way is to maintain your controller buttons from time to time just like you do it with the cars you have in your garage.

And for more such gaming-related fixes and solutions visit our different sections of various different consoles and PC where we cover all the latest issues with their fixes.

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