12 ways to fix Genshin impact micro stuttering

I noticed Genshin Impact seems to micro stutter randomly but fps drops from 60 to 54 were the same in the spiral abyss and outer world and I wondered it should lag more in the spiral abyss because of all those graphics-intensive attacks animations and stacking numbers.

So I searched Reddit and was surprised by how many players, even with RTX series GPU were facing the same FPS drop issue.

Genshin Impact is stuttering either because of software interference or network/server error. Performance of the hardware is not causing as a high-end spec pc is also facing 60 to 54 fps drops. Genshin Impact is built on the 2017 unity engine so the problem might be low optimization with the latest GPU drivers.

Let’s look in what that means and what we can do to fix this Genshin Impact micro stutter

Why Genshin Impact is facing Micro stutters?

Since the hardware is not the issue then that means the server might be causing a problem. A lot of players on Reddit are having the same issues with the game even if their PC specs are maxed. 

I searched the whole Reddit and I found a Subreddit about Genshin Impact PC stuttering and a user pointed out that the game’s micro stutter syncs perfectly with the device manager refreshing. 

You can try this for yourself, first open device manager and then open Genshin impact and play the game on Windowed mode. Now play the game like you usually do and when the game starts to fps drop then take a glance over the device manager and check if it’s refreshing?

This was also noticed by that Reddit user, I did check mine and yes it was refreshing on device manager when my Genshin impact micro stuttered.

This means that this problem might be because of poor optimization. This game is built on the 2017 version of Unity and according to many technical players on discord, this version is not stable with the latest display drivers of Nvidia and AMD. 

They tried the older version of GPU drivers and it seemed to fix the issue quite a bit but this doesn’t solve the problem because cannot sacrifice other games especially the competitive ones.

Network Error

This might also be because of a local network issue by that I mean software might be interfering with the device manager. 

To check if it is a local network issue, open the device manager and go to software devices and check if there are any apps that are not necessary and keeps refreshing every few seconds.

If there are then you might have figured out your culprit.

Because these type of apps keeps refreshing and since we confirm that Genhsin impact micro stuttering is perfectly synced with device manager refreshes then that means deleting these apps might solve your issue. 

 To delete those apps Go Start > settings and devices, then other devices, and delete all the unnecessary apps.

To make sure that these apps are unnecessary apps and you are not deleting or disabling any Microsoft core apps or any other important driver.

Windows 10 KB5001330 update is causing Fps drops

Who would have thought that Windows updates are causing gaming performance issues again?

According to an Nvidia Staff member, The latest update after March is not working properly with Nvidia and AMD hardware. Yes, this issue is not only limited to Nvidia hardware but also with AMD GPUS.

This was his comment on the issue with the latest windows update.

“If you are seeing a lower performance in games, check if rolling back Windows 10 Update KB5000842 solves the issue,” says NVIDIA staff member “Manuel@NVIDAI.”

To fix this issue you need to roll back to the previous Windows update. Windows Central.com talked about how to roll back to the previous version of WindowsOpens in a new tab. and I highly recommend checking that blog out.

They also stated disclaimer that, be aware when you downgrade a Windows update you also downgrade the security patches.

How to fix Software Interference with Genshin Impact?

This fix is easy and might the main culprit of your problems. Well, there are not many software responsible for crashing Genshin Impact but security software like windows firewall or antivirus and GPU’s control panel software tend to block Genshin Impact’s software sometimes.

Add Genshin Impact in Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall might be blocking a part of the software and to make sure it doesn’t we need to add Genshin Impact in the firewall to bypass it.

  1. To do this Press start and search Firewall and network protection
  2. This will open a tab, then go to allow an app through the firewall and right-click
  3. Another tab will open, from there go to change settings and allow another app
  4. Then click on browse and file explorer will open up
  5. Now you need to find the game in the drive you installed Genshin Impact- select the Genshin impact launcher

This will ensure that firewall doesn’t block Genshin Impact and might fix issues for most of you readers.

Graphics card software might interfere with Genshin Impact

Graphics card software has different graphic profiles which may interfere and override the graphic settings of the game. Nvidia control panel in NVIDIA and Catalyst control panel on AMD.

This is how you can reset the profiles to default settings.

Nvidia Control panel

  1. Open the Nvidia control panel and Go to Manage 3D settings.
  2. Under manage 3D settings, click on restore defaults.

Catalyst Control panel

  1. Open Catalyst control panel.
  2. Under the catalyst control panel, click on Preferences.

Resetting the settings will remove any interference and give back the graphic control to the game.

Update Display Drivers

Since we are already in GPU drivers let’s check if they are up to date. Open GEFORCE Experience if you are using Nvidia GPU and AMD driver suit if you are using AMG GPU.

Then just check for updates and if any updates are pending then thank me later because this might be the biggest tweak that will fix the Genshin Impact crash.

Give more resources to Genshin Impact.

This is to make sure that all the power is going into playing Genshin Impact smoothly. For this, we need to give priority to the game by opening the taskbar.

  1. Keep the game open and open the taskbar (Alt + Cntl + Del)
  2. Go to details and Genshin Impact should be at the top, if not then find Genshin Impact and right-click it
  3. Then click on set priorities and set it to high.

This will allocate more resources to Genshin Impact. While in the taskbar, here is a great tip: check background apps and take up any resources.

I did check mine and discord and chrome were taking way too many unnecessary resources.

Tip: Check your background apps like discord, chrome, etc.

this is a screenshot of my discord performance

As you can see my discord is using 50% of my GPU usage and not only that apps like chrome in the background can also reach very high memory usage.

We can easily close chrome or use different browsers like opera gaming browser Opera GX but to fix discord you need to turn off hardware acceleration.

To turn off hardware acceleration

  1. Go to your discord settings and scroll down to APP SETTINGS.
  2. Under APP SETTINGS, click on Advanced.

Then turn off the Hardware Acceleration

Over heating of storage device might be causing issue.

In my friend’s case, he was having overheating issues. I am not talking about overheating of GPU or CPU I am talking about overheating or you can call it overworking of storage device.

 In his case, his SSD  was facing overheating issues. now if you are dealing with the same issue you then I highly recommend playing Genhsin impact in a cooler place. 

This overheating of the storage devices is mostly seen in laptops, So so if you are playing Genshin on a laptop then either buy a cooling pad with 2 or more fans or play in a cooler room like a switch on the AC when you feel the laptop is overheating.

Cooling your device can easily boost Your 10-15 FPS and I highly recommend doing this even if you are playing any other game.

This cooling pad is Amazon’s Choice awarded and does work pretty well.

Reduce Genshin Stuttering with Manage 3D settings

This is the extreme method because in this case, you are managing 3D settings on the Nvidia control panel to fix the stuttering problem. 

I recommend you to watch this YouTube video he has MX 130 and after doing this fix his fps remained stable at 45 but as you can see the micro starter stopped.

So if you are really want to stop the micro stutter completely then you can try this method and as I said this is an extreme method and might increase the genshin impact’s micro stutters so that was a disclaimer for you. Genshin impact if you are really want to stop the micro stutter completely then you can try this method and as I said this is an extreme method and might increase the genshin impact’s micro stutters so that was a disclaimer for you.

A very Niche solution for very nich problem

This solution is for those people who are using dual monitors 144hz/60hz and genshin impact stutters when you are watching any content on the second screen then this might solve your issue. 

This problem was Noticed by another smart Reddit user. This is his post.Opens in a new tab.

“Whoever is experiencing issues with stutter on dual 144Hz/60hz monitors like me (when watching content on the second monitor), the solution is to use only Exclusive Fullscreen G-Sync mode for this game. Since the game doesn’t support it natively, the way to force it is to use a shortcut to the game exe with parameters “-screen-fullscreen 1 -window-mode exclusive”.

I was surprised by how many people were facing the dual monitor error you can read the comments and might find a different answer for your issue, this is what I like about the Reddit community. 


Vikram has been an awesome gamer since he was young and budding noob. He is a good damage dealer but takes the Sub-DPS/Tank/Support role so that the team can win and he is doing that again by supporting/Solving and finding answers to the bugs and problems even if it takes him hours of forum searching and multiple discord VC interactions with strangers.

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